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Rosland Capital is a leading precious metals asset firm based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2008 by industry veteran Marin Aleksov, Rosland has helped its customers around the world make better-informed decisions when purchasing gold, silver, platinum and palladium for inclusion in diversified asset holdings. 

Rosland Capital has teamed up with several world-renowned brands under exclusive license, including Formula 1® and the PGA Tour, to create limited edition collectible coins that commemorate notable events in each organization’s history and can serve as valuable physical additions to a person's holdings. Rosland Capital provides excellent customer service with strong ratings on consumer review sites. Rosland Capital has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

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Recommendations (713)

Nov 24, 2022

Robert Enns recommends Chase Greenich - DIRECT (800)662-7353

Chase was very helpful, personable and well experienced in the financial world as it relates to investing. Rosland Capital is blessed to have Chase as a representative. We would recommend him to any of our friends.
Nov 7, 2022

Laura Nystrom recommends Chase Greenich - DIRECT (800)662-7353

I converted my 401K IRA with Chase Greenwich. He is excellent to deal with. He return's my phone calls right away. He answers all of my question's and keep's me in the know of what the Gold market is doing. I would refer him to anyone. Chase, is very nice to deal with!
Oct 13, 2022

Cheryl L. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Business Owner

Heather has been extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful with every purchase.
Oct 12, 2022

Jack E. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Veteran

Heather Ho has been my representative at Rosland Capital for the last seven years. She has lead me through a number of situations where I didn't know what I was looking for and has helped me pick out items I have always been satisfied with. Anyone interested in buying silver or gold, I would always recommend Heather Ho. She is a very high asset to Rosland Capital.
Sep 15, 2022

Bruce P. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Police Officer

I contacted Heather Ho at Rosland Capital after going to "my bank" to make an investment. I was basically thrown out of the bank's investment office because the investment guy only took large sums and couldn't bother with my small investment. As soon as I talked to Heather, she welcomed me and she advised me on many facts and figures for my gold investment. She covered the details so well that I was convinced this was going to be "my" investment person. I made my small 30k investment during this first call with Heather. She was so knowledgeable that I knew right away I couldn't get a better person to do my investment. Then to prove I had made the right choice, Heather contacted me almost every day to update me on the progress of my funds investment. I'm glad to have found a real professional to take care of me!
Aug 10, 2022

Mark P. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Orphaned Account Holder

I appreciate Heather's willingness to take me on as a new client, my previous agents having moved on. My confidence in the eventual positive outcomes for my precious metals investments has been enhanced. Her knowledge and personability make for a pleasant and again, confidence-building customer experience. I look forward to the same in all future activities.
Aug 8, 2022

Bill Wheeler recommends Chase Greenich - DIRECT (800)662-7353


I contacted Rosland Capital after seeing an ad on Newsmax regarding gold. I was contacted by Chase Greenich and after telling him I was interested in getting some gold coins he walked me through everything took care of everything and I have had three transactions with him since then and he has taken care of everything including keeping me abreast of what is happening in the gold market it has been a pleasure dealing with Chase I would recommend him to anyone.
Jul 22, 2022

Kevin T. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Detective with DC Metropolitan Police

Sales executive Heather Ho was extremely helpful with my purchase and her knowledge of the product was above what I expected. She certainly knows what it's all about. Without Heather’s very professional approach I would not have made the purchase. Many thanks.
Jul 18, 2022

Brad M. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


My experience with Heather Ho was most gratifying. She was polite, cordial, knowledgeable, and asked to the point questions so I knew exactly what her point was. She reviewed what I was looking for and delivered options with numbers to back it up. I was very impressed with Heather and when I feel the need to call her she'll be waiting. Fantastic service completely.
Jul 12, 2022

Chanel C. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Disabled Veteran

Exceptional! A company with heart and integrity. My purchase of gold via their Account Representative, Heather Ho, has already paid back in high dividends. Heather's ongoing, reliable customer support is a great comfort. I just called her for advice on Silver purchased from another company since my concern was getting the best "Buy-back" rate from a well known, yet bankrupt organization. I'm a 100% Disabled Veteran that totally relies on people who I can trust. I'm grateful that Roseland is a strong firm that can afford Account Representatives with her high caliber level of expertise who genuinely care's for their customers. I also realize how important a firm's reputation is in terms of predicting whether they'll still be around when it's time to contact them for a reliable "Buy-back." I genuinely feel like I'm in good hands with Roseland.
Jul 1, 2022

Rob W. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Federal Employee

My wife and I extremely pleased with Heather Ho. She is very professional, thorough, and has the goal of getting to your needs/wants. We are more than pleased with Heather and look forward to doing future transactions with her.
Jun 6, 2022

Myron Z. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Educator

Back in 2018 we lucked out in our first foray into precious metals landing, as we did, into Heather's care. In 2022 we have returned to Heather by choice. She has earned our repeat business. And if the need should arise again in the future, we will return again (and yet again). Heather Ho is a true professional. With endless patience she walks you through the entire process taking the time to explain the specifics of each step you take. Both the positives and negatives of each option are fully explained allowing each customer to make the choices best for them. Despite requests to hear specific items repeated two or three times, Heather patiently reviewed them with me. If you've decided to make the choice to transfer a portion of your IRA/Savings into precious metals, make sure you also choose Heather to be your Account Representative. And Heather works at Rosland.
Jun 6, 2022

Kathie F. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


I was comfortable with Heather the first time I spoke with her. She really knows her business. She was very knowledgeable and although I am in no position to make big changes in my life, I felt that she knew my position and respected my feelings. I would recommend Heather to anyone who wants to purchase gold.
May 26, 2022

Phillip W. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Property Manager

From the very beginning, Heather's immediate response time is what impressed me most. She stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire process, which can be very daunting to the novice. She walked me thru the process, assisted with my company to transition the IRA rollover seamlessly, gave me every available discount and then some. She followed up every step of the way, answered every question and followed up after the process was completed to make sure I understood what was done, and that I was satisfied. I highly recommend Rosalind Capital in general and Heather Ho in particular if you want top quality service and peace of mind with your investments and your future!
May 21, 2022

Alton R. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Insurance Agent

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the superior service that has been given to me by Heather Ho of Rosland Capital. She knows her area of service as well as anyone I have ever known. She follows through on every transaction and leaves nothing to chance. I've made multiple purchases from Heather both inside and outside my IRA and have been repeatedly impressed each and every time not only by her honesty but by her care and concern. To her supervisors I would say she is a tremendous asset to your company. Heather Ho is as phenomenal of a representative as they come and deserves any additional compensation you might give her. She would be an excellent supervisor in higher management. Thank you again Heather for the unparalleled guidance and customer service you've given me all these years.
May 18, 2022

Donnetta P. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


Heather Ho was very very helpful in my husband and my purchase of gold coins. She was very patient, explained everything, and returned her phone calls as promptly as she could. All in all, a very pleasant, honest and sincere lady to do business with. I would do business with her again. Thank you Heather.
May 11, 2022

Tracy H. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Consultant & Artist

Heather Ho has such high energy in her voice that I enjoy each experience of buying products through her. I trust that she will be meticulous in the paperwork and wrap up the transaction in record time. I'm so glad to know Heather handles all details!
May 11, 2022

Thomas & Mary Alice F. recommend Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Environmental Engineer

Heather is not only a 5-star representative, but also a 5-star personality. Her knowledge and experience with these purchases is just outstanding. We highly recommend Heather to anyone looking to learn about metals and to learn what to buy today.
May 11, 2022

Thomas P. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Natalie's father

Prior to her traveling, my daughter asked if I could review and improve the organization of her financial files. I doing so I believed her account file with Rosland Capital was incomplete. I phoned her Account Representative, Heather Ho, to help fill in the gaps. Heather was extremely helpful! Over the course of an hour, Heather not only tracked down the missing information, but emailed detailed instructions for my daughter to better manage her account electronically. Throughout our discussions, Heather was very patient and courteous in responding to my many questions. She represented Rosland Capital in a truly dedicated and professional manner. Many thanks to you Heather!
Mar 29, 2022

Jane A. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Draftsperson

When I contacted Roseland to get information about purchasing gold/silver, I spoke with Heather Ho. I told her I wanted to invest and I had many questions since I had no previous experience making such a purchase. Heather was very helpful and explained in great detail the different types of purchases possible and what I could expect as far as values of gold/silver, the different types of coins, etc. There were emails and phone calls exchanged between us over a period of weeks since I had questions and needed more information in order to be comfortable with any purchase I might decide to make. Heather was very patient with me and took the time to explain everything I was questioning and would ask me if I understood what she had explained. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I understood correctly and she was always happy to go over whatever my concerns were. She was always pleasant and courteous and helpful. I am glad that I was connected with Heather when I originally called and I am pleased that the entire transaction went smoothly and exactly as she had explained. Overall, the whole experience went smoothly and I would advise anyone interested in investing in gold or silver to call Heather Ho.
Mar 22, 2022

Candy McDonald recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

I would give Heather Ho 5 stars for her service. She literally gave me hours and hours of her time educating me on metals price history and precious metals IRA so I could make very informed purchases. Heather stays with you during every step of the process so all transactions happen seamlessly! She tracks all deliveries from shipment to delivery to ensure all products are delivered safely to customers. She is also very generous to existing customers by providing gifts when they refer clients to Heather for gold and silver purchases. Best customer service I have ever received for any product I’ve purchased!
Mar 21, 2022

DD Fortenberry recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Pharmacist

I have been dealing with Rosland Capital for the past 5 years. Have been blessed to have Heather Ho as my representative all this time. I do not know about the other representatives at Rosland Capital, they are probably good. But if you want the very BEST, ask for Heather Ho. Heather has done the best for me when getting gold & silver in part of my IRA. She has been extremely helpful in getting my RMD's over the past several years. When you talk to Heather, she goes out of her way to make sure everything is the best for you. I consider it a wonderful blessing to have had Heather as my Rosland Capital representative over the past 5 years.
Mar 19, 2022

Harriet C. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Hairdresser

Heather made the process very simple. She explained patiently many times to make sure I understood. I will be dealing with her in the future. Too bad you only have 5 stars I would give her 10.
Mar 5, 2022

Maureen & Ken C. recommend Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Financial Advisor

As a former Financial Advisor, I have only rave reviews for Heather Ho and Rosland Capital LLC. From our first phone call to receiving our purchase Heather was on top of every aspect of our business transaction; phone calls, emails, text messages. We were completely comfortable investing our hard-earned money and very satisfied with Heather Ho as a competent, intelligent professional. We will continue to do business with Heather Ho and Rosland Capital. I would highly recommend them.
Mar 5, 2022

Ron A. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Sales

Heather Ho of Roslyn Capital has been extremely helpful on the last two problem areas dealing with the RMD.

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