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Rosland Capital is a leading precious metals firm based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2008 by industry veteran Marin Aleksov, Rosland helps its customers make better-informed decisions when purchasing gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

Rosland Capital has teamed up with several world-renowned brands under exclusive license, including Formula 1® and the PGA Tour, to create limited edition collectible coins that commemorate notable events in each organization’s history. Rosland Capital provides excellent customer service with strong ratings on consumer review sites. Rosland Capital has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

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Recommendations (737)

Aug 27, 2023

Michael & Linda Bruckner recommend Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


The timely follow ups and updates. Heather’s personal involvement from start to finish helped make the entire transaction seamless. Thank you.
Aug 27, 2023

Sue S. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

What a great experience working with…Heather Ho

What a great experience working with Rosland Capital and Senior Account Representative Heather Ho. Having no knowledge of how precious metals worked, she taught me the important role the gold/silver precious metals industry play. Her years of experience in this field was apparent during our first meeting. I will be sharing my experience with Rosland and Heather's name with colleagues.
Aug 15, 2023

Bruce G. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Insurance Sales

I am 81 years young today. It has always been my lifetime wish to purchase precious metals. I wanted something I could touch. Heather Ho contacted me and on the very first conversation Heather demonstrated her product knowledge in a way that I could easily understand. I told her what I wanted so she could explain the pros and cons to me. That she did in plain simple English. She became a person that I will always keep in contact with for many reasons. Five stars on Earth, Unlimited stars in the Universe.
Aug 2, 2023

Gordon P. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Marine

Ms. Heather Ho was very helpful. She walked me thru the process of buying my precious metals. Made the whole process very easy, thank you!
Jun 26, 2023

Laura Nystrom recommends Chase Greenich - DIRECT (800)662-7353

I recently, needed some urgent help regarding my precious metal's gold and silver backed IRA with Rosland Capital. I reached out to my agent Chase Greenich with Rosland Capital. I mentioned to Chase that I am moving from California Coast to Lodi, CA to help, my elderly mother of 88 yrs who is all alone and in need of my help. I explained to Chase who answered my phone call as he always does right away, that I was already in escrow and, would need my IRA for escrow monies to close on escrow date of 7/3/2023. Chase, stated that he would begin my IRA conversion to cash, then I would be able to wire the funds to my account. I did not realize that I would even need to be under a conversion but, with Chase he helped me understand that there was a process and assured me that he would begin the conversion right away so that I could meet the escrow closing date. Talk about an agent who is there when you need him! Chase, is the best of the best! Top Gun!
May 31, 2023

Harrison F. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Entrepreneur / Retired Sergeant Detective

Heather Ho has been my expert at Rosland since 2013, now my proven expert. Five stars plus. An enormous help to me. Thank you Rosland Capital for Heather.
May 10, 2023

Sydney V. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Qigong Nurse

Heather Ho is not only the epitome of an expert in her field, she doesn't hesitate to check herself, and be thorough. She's professional and an absolute joy to deal with every time. I would like to mention my working relationship with her is ongoing and now at six years.
May 10, 2023

John Figueroa recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired I.T. Specialist

It was your sales person Heather Ho that made the difference. She gets a 10. When I am ready to buy again, I will be asking for her.
May 10, 2023

Mary White recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Nurse

I met Heather Ho on the phone approximately ten years ago when I called Rosland Capital to inquire about possibly purchasing some precious metals to round out our financial portfolio. Heather was the epitome of professionalism. I was extremely impressed by her knowledge and her willingness to teach me what I needed to know as I considered venturing into a new investment opportunity. Over the past 10 years Heather has repeatedly amazed me as she continues to demonstrate her commitment to her customers. If I call Heather with a question or need help, she always returns my call even if is long after her normal workday. I appreciate Heather as she has never left me hanging. Heather is kind and patient and always willing to freely share her knowledge. She is the best of the best!
May 5, 2023

Satisfied Customer recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Heather Ho is a top shelf agent. She explained all my options in easy to understand terms. Very professional and wonderful to talk to. My purchase and delivery was spot on. I highly recommend anyone at Rosland Capital.
May 5, 2023

Francis W. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Mechanical Engineer & Retired Business Owner

Heather Ho at Rosland Capital is a real pro in handling precious metal accounts. She knows her stuff and is quick to teach newcomers and those of us with limited knowledge the pros and cons of purchasing precious metals. She is consistent, trustworthy and dependable. Her work ethic and customer service is superb. Heather will quickly become your friend as you begin to work with her and place your first few orders with Rosland Capital.
May 4, 2023

K. Shea recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Military

Knowledgeable and always professional. Every time I make a purchase Heather always ensures I get the most metals for the money I have to spend. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always able to answer my questions. Finally, she is always professional. A true asset to the company.
May 4, 2023

Robert Guthrie recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


We were impressed with Heather Ho. She was polite, extremely knowledgeable and answered every question we had. We believe Heather is an asset to your company and would recommend her to anyone.
May 4, 2023

Richard Kimbell recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Estate Attorney

Transferring a traditional IRA to a self-directed, physical gold-backed IRA takes someone with a deep and thorough knowledge of the mechanics of making it happen. Heather Ho clearly has that knowledge. I'm sure my account was not a large one for Heather, but it did not make any difference to Heather. She treated me like a millionaire!
Apr 27, 2023

Allen R. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Captain Ron

Heather Ho is an amazing rep!!!! She handled my transaction with professional and responsible actions. I would ask her to handle any of my accounts without a question! I really don't know what else to say except why trust anyone else when you can access her talent! If I could give her 1 million stars, I would!
Mar 30, 2023

Chuck shanlian recommends Tannis Yamamoto


Tannis is a very attentive and caring professional! I trust her judgement and advice. If you’re thinking precious metals give her a call I suspect you will feel the same way I do!!!
Mar 22, 2023

John T Figueroa recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Heather Ho is a star in the precious metals arena. She will take the time to educate a would be client. She is friendly, courteous and professional. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to buy gold or silver. Thanks Heather
Mar 21, 2023

James S. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Medic

To who this may pertain to. I felt compelled to give a review to Heather Ho as she has been so kind to me in my meager purchase during Covid. Since I have consulted with her another couple of times. Each time she has seemed more interested in my well being and my investment, than trying to make a commission sale. This day and time is a rare and fresh breath of air. Thank You Rosland for having people you feel like you can trust. A happy small investor.
Mar 21, 2023

Jonathan T. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Military / Commercial Diver

Heather Ho is a great help with my questions and better information made simple to understand for myself with precious metals for retirement. When it's time to hang up the hat and accept its time for retirement, thank you Heather for your help along the way with your quickness to answer a call. Thank you for your service.
Mar 21, 2023

Robin U. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Heather has been a true blessing to me with her knowledge of Gold and silver! I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to secure there money for the future!
Mar 14, 2023

Bruce Dibell recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Regarding Miss Heather Ho, she anticipated every question I had and answered them. She relieved all of my anxiety. She was very personable. I could not be happier with this transaction. The coins are very high quality. And I am thrilled !
Thanks Heather YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!
Jan 25, 2023

Dr. Joseph Podany recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

General Surgeon

Once again, Heather Ho exceeded my expectations. Her patience is very commendable and appreciated since I am neither very computer literate nor am I an expert in financial matters. I recommend her with no reservations!
Jan 7, 2023

Mark Peden recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Engineer

Again, Heather does a great job, this time in a follow-up discussion. Touching on quite a few topics related to my metals, my understanding has been greatly enhanced. Sensing her busy customer support load, I appreciate her timely response and unrushed support. It appears gold and silver are going to do very well and I feel confident about being able to parlay my investments when the time arrives.
Dec 9, 2022

John P. recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Commercial Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur

This was my first time buying from Rosland and it was Heather Ho who made the whole experience so easy and wonderful. She was so thorough, precise, helpful, informative on every little detail possible. I would not hesitate for one minute to use her again because that's how good she is. Thanks again Heather for the most pleasant and wonderful experience!
Nov 24, 2022

Robert Enns recommends Chase Greenich - DIRECT (800)662-7353

Chase was very helpful, personable and well experienced in the financial world as it relates to investing. Rosland Capital is blessed to have Chase as a representative. We would recommend him to any of our friends.

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