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I started in the aerospace industry and shifted to Tesla so I could help accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

I strive to provide the perfect customer experience and develop long-lasting relationships with the people I guide to energy independence.
Jul 7, 2017
U.S. Foreign Service Office (Retired), U.S. Department of State
Provided below is the strongest acclamation for a presentation delivered by Joseph Hall on July 4, 2017. This message has been addressed to Ms. Lindsay Hertzog, who is Mr. Hall's supervisor.


Dear Ms. Hertzog,

At my request, Mr. Joe Hall, Tesla Energy Advisor, has provided your name and
e-mail address as his supervisor.

Yesterday, on July 4, 2017 - Independence Day - Mr. Hall provided a superb, comprehensive, detailed, and fascinating presentation on Solar City's solar panel program. The presentation was likely one of the finest technical presentations ever delivered in my professional career. Clearly, Mr. Hall possesses in-depth knowledge of not only solar energy, but also the objectives and background of Tesla. He displays a total commitment to the company and its founder, Mr. Elon Musk, coupled with a distinct sense of enthusiasm.

From the start, Mr. Hall demonstrated his professional commitment to understand the client's objective for wanting a solar panel system at his/her home. Of course, this is a major commitment that requires acquisition of knowledge and an understanding of solar technology. Not only did Mr. Hall provide a stunning set of facts; he also tailored the advantages of solar energy to the individual characteristics of my home in Potomac, MD. He even analyzed my current electric bill at the same time. This analysis happened to provide additional value-added, because oftentimes, such bills are complex and difficult to understand.

Afterwards, Mr. Hall examined my property and noted the placement of trees and the direction of the sun. With Tesla's and Solar City's amazing software, he showed the passage of daily sunlight on my property, the likely placement of solar panels on the roof, and factored in the location of the trees. Most importantly, he calculated the anticipated benefit of installing a system here and reduced the conclusion into easily understood figures and facts. Added to this was a detailed presentation of options offered to the homeowner: outright purchase of the system or the use of a leasing agreement This portion of the presentation was accompanied by a productive discourse on the pros and cons of each approach.

Based upon my experience yesterday, It is fully evident that Tesla-Solar City provides outstanding training to its staff and is fully committed to its mission on sustainable energy. Mr. Hall's presentation was succinct, effective, and to the point. Moreover, he succeeded in elaborating on the finer technical points and making them comprehensible.

Fortunately, a friend of my wife happened to be present. She has already had a highly positive experience with Solar City. Clearly, the installation of the system has worked in terms of bottom-line benefits and value-added to her property.

Both myself and my wife as well as our friend will be pleased to pass Mr. Hall's name to any homeowner interested in solar energy. You can rest assured of that. That is our commitment that mirrors the keen commitment of Mr. Hall to Tesla/Solar City technology and its expansion in the market.

Based upon my observation, Mr. Hall is a ready candidate for further training and executive responsibility, Please give him every consideration for advancement in the future.

Should you wish to contact me for further information, my office number is
202-331-3602. I work for the Amer. Nat. Standards Institute (well know for ANSI standards), and will be pleased to elaborate on Mr. Hall's brilliant performance.

Best regards,

Ross Quan
U.S. Foreign Service Office (Retired)
U.S. Department of State

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