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Security Title offers our customers the very best and most complete service in title insurance and other related escrow services.

Our professional staff is widely recognized for the depth of knowledge and experience brought to each transaction. Our commitment to customer service is exemplified by our constant refrain: “Attitude is everything.” With 40 offices located throughout Maricopa County, Security Title is the premier choice in Arizona’s escrow and title insurance industry.


Recommendations (1801)

Jan 9, 2020

Monique Walker recommends Lisa McBeth

Real Estate Professional

Lisa and her team perform with the utmost integrity and professionalism. They go above and beyond to service their clients. In the 'sometimes' messy world of real estate transactions; they are able to function at a high level within a stress-filled environment.

We have a great partner in Lisa McBeth !!!
Jan 7, 2020

Jill Rother recommends Lisa McBeth

Realtor, Rother Real Estate Group of Keller Williams

Lise has been an amazing marketing rep And it’s been such a pleasure to work with her. She has stepped in and helped me whenever I ask and takes the time to follow up with me to make sure we can do all we can for our clients.
Jan 4, 2020

James Nawrocki recommends Beth Ramirez

We have been using Beth Ramirez for about 3 years now. Her attention to detail and communication skills is what I love the most. She is a constant professional!
Jan 2, 2020

Kelly Moore recommends Elva Palmer

If I could work every escrow through Elva Palmer at Security Title, I would! She and her team are dedicated to delivering high quality, personalized customer service with integrity. She has always gone above and beyond to take care of my clients and me and always exceeds expectations. With this team, I never have to worry about anything getting missed.
Jan 1, 2020

Jill Gerber recommends Rhonda Gaul

From the very start of working with Rhonda and her team I knew I was home. 32 Years in the business have taught me that the people whom you choose to work with and associate yourself with are critical to your reputation and to the way your business is performed. From Susan Cunningham to Rhonda, Natalie, Brenda and Sandra a circle of incredible work ethics, responsiveness, knowledge, courtesy, business partners and friendship is formed every time with every transaction and the circle is never broken! I cannot say enough about working with these woman! It makes my job so mush easier!
Jan 1, 2020

Matthew Cerchiai recommends Beth Ramirez

I worked with Beth Ramirez, her and her team were amazing!
Jan 1, 2020

Tracy Motley recommends Susan Sowers

Susans office is amongst the best title companies I've had the pleasure to work with. Communication, knowledge and professionalism is high on the list when I talk to anyone about this title company. Would recommend Security Title to all my clients friends and colleagues if they want the job handled right. Their professionalism and friendly environment add to a easy transaction for any of my clients when making a major purchase of a home. They get a 5 out of 5 stars in my book.
Dec 31, 2019

Julian DiLeano recommends Melissa Offenburger

We all know what crunch time is. Melissa Offenburger never falters under pressure, and always delivers on her words and goes beyond what's expected. When I open escrow with Melissa I feel I'm the only escrow on her books, though we all know that's not the case. Bottom line: excellent customer service, excellent communication skills and the the ultimate closer.
Dec 28, 2019

Patricia Stricklin recommends Beth Ramirez

Beth Ramirez is one of the best escrow officers in Arizona. She knows her industry well and is great at communication. She helps make the transaction a smooth one.
Dec 28, 2019

Theda Portanova recommends Beth Ramirez

The escrow officer went over and above to make sure that the transaction went smoothly and closed on time. She was very professional and cared about my clients.
Dec 28, 2019

Lisa Gilbert recommends Beth Ramirez

I always thoroughly enjoy working with this team at Security Title. They are professional in everything they do. I would recommend this office to anyone!
Dec 28, 2019

Magdiel Jara recommends Mary Ann Valdez

Veronica Wyant was helping Mary Ann Valdez while she was out of the office and Veronica was really helpful and was able to make the closing date on time. Really Appreciate it and thanks again for all your help!
Dec 28, 2019

Alesheea Nabors recommends Susan Sowers

Communication and response time is the key to every Real Estate contract. Security Title Agency delivered both. They took great care of my Client and he was extremely satisfied with the company as well.
Dec 27, 2019

Gayle Kenderick recommends Susan Sowers

Susan and her team are amazing! My client had recently been hospitalized and had mobility issues. They took great care of him and worked around his issues. I highly recommend them.
Dec 26, 2019

Sandy Salazar recommends Kim Felix

Great team to work with!
Dec 25, 2019

Mandi Sater-Flores recommends Mary Ann Valdez

Wow Mary Ann is truly the best! We closed on this home that was in an HOA and had financing in 7days!! Fastest closing EVER that included these terms! MARY ANN nobody could ever compete with the service she provides us each and every time. Thank you for the amazing service you continue to provide us each and every time.
Dec 25, 2019

Mandi Sater-Flores recommends Mary Ann Valdez

Mary Ann is the best. I love each and every time I get to work with her. She is so reliable and full of useful knowledge!
Dec 24, 2019

April Barnett recommends Mary Ann Valdez

Mary Ann Valdez is very experienced and we have used her in many transaction including many other locations. She has a direct number that we have used when we need a quick response. She has saved us many dollars with her vast experience.
Dec 24, 2019

Amy Gray recommends Andrea Kosloski

Beth Ramirez and Andrea Kosliski did a wonderful job with my clients and my transaction. They scheduled a notary to come to the lender's office which was nearer to my client's home, saving them a long trip to the other side of town for final signing. They were friendly and knowledgeable throughout. Highly recommend!
Dec 24, 2019

Douglas Eggleston recommends Melissa Offenburger

Melissa regularly jumps through flaming hoops backwards to close escrows in a timely manner when needed. Her personality and professionalism is complimented by my clients. Repeat clients request her by name when I ask if they have a preference in title companies. Melissa is a valuable asset to my business.
Dec 24, 2019

Cathy Doyle recommends Jan Dooley

Jan is an excellent Escrow Officer. Her experience, knowledge and communication skills are top notch. Always friendly and accommodating.
Dec 23, 2019

Mark Neal recommends Yolanda C Valadez

This transaction was a mess. Power of attorney, delays, last minute changes, etc. But the team was on it. Good ending to a potential disaster.
Dec 22, 2019

Philip Huerta recommends Kim Felix

The closing at Security Title was quick, efficient, and courteous. I look forward to working with SecurityTitle again.
Dec 22, 2019

Louisa Ward recommends Renee Ruiz

Renee Ruiz at security Title is such a kind and professional escrow officer. After 25 years in Real Estate, I have rarely witnessed such a thorough job of going over the documents with the client.
Dec 20, 2019

Roxanne Pierson recommends Elva Palmer

Elva showed utmost professionalism from beginning to end of this transaction. She was on top of the transaction, communicated well and kept me in the loop. She went above and beyond to make this smooth transaction for my clients.

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