Marie Warren

AVP Builder Services Manager Security Title Agency Arizona
Manager of the Builder Services Department with Security Title Agency. I have over 35 years in the title insurance industry with 23 of those years in Builder Services.
Dec 10, 2015
President, Golden Heritage Homes
I have known and worked with Marie for over two decades. She has always been there to help us out in any way possible. I have always valued Marie for her professionalism and knowledge. There has never been a "problem" that Marie cannot solve and it's that kind of relationship that makes life just a little simpler. I have been thankful more than once that Marie has handled our filings through the years.
Dec 9, 2015
Private investor
While in the process of attempting to sell 10 home site lots in Peoria, AZ I became aware that it was necessary to file a public report with the AZ Department of Real Estate before we would put individual sale contracts into escrow. I became aware that this is a complicated process which involves the gathering of a considerable amount of information about the real estate. My real estate broker, Jim Frazey put me in touch with Marie Warren at Security Title Agency. Marie took control of the project immediately gathering all the required information from public sources, past owners of the property and from Jim and me. Marie drove the process, preparing the multi page form and pushing the various sources to provide the needed information. In all the process took about 30 days to complete. Without Marie's dedicated effort this challenging task would not have been completed nearly as quickly or as easily. I would recommend her to anyone looking for title work.
Dec 8, 2015
Ms. Warren is incredibly responsive and reliable. With the complex public reports and at a high volume like we have, I do not know how she manages to keep up with all the details, changes, status, etc. of everything we have going on. I feel like we are her only client. I would highly recommend Marie and her agency for public report services in the future.
Dec 7, 2015
Land Investor

With my having quite a few (way too many) vacant lots in several AZ communities for sale, I first met Marie Warren a couple of years ago when I learned that I needed a Public Report prepared and then submitted to and approved by the AZ Real Estate Department. Marie Warren provided invaluable knowledge and expertise throughout the lengthy and complex process. Equally important, she was always so very kind and cordial each and every time I needed to communicate with her. Marie is very much a real professional, making someone like me feel comfortable and confident throughout the time it took to complete the Public Report.
Though I am wanting to sell all of my property as soon as possible, I am sure that I will very much miss 'working' with Marie and hearing her kind words of reassurance and encouragement.
I would highly recommend Marie Warren, a person who I now proudly refer to as 'friend.'
Dec 7, 2015
Senior VP GW & Associates
I have known and worked with Marie over the past decade on several projects. Marie is "Out Standing" in her field and goes the extra mile, even on her own time if necessary to get the job done. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced, Marie has been there to help solve and complete some of our most complicated projects. Detailed, Organized and responsive, Marie gives the support needed and always good to know she's only a phone call away...!
Dec 7, 2015
Marie's attention to detail, follow up and expertise with all things title related has been a huge asset to our company. She works as a partner with us instead of just someone hired to do a job.

Dec 6, 2015
American Builders & Developers, LLC Vice President
Marie is the best. Marie got our Public Report approved 1 day after she submitted the application. That speaks well for the quality of the submittal, I strongly recommend Marie for any title company work you may have.
Von Dix
Dec 2, 2015
I have worked with Marie Warren for over a decade and have always appreciated the Builder Service that she provides. From public report applications to title reports to other related title work to communication with the Arizona Department of Real Estate, she has always gone the extra mile to provide the information timely, accurately, and with a wonderful can-do service mind set. Marie is exceptional at what she does and is a pleasure to work with.

Tom Abraham, CPA
(480) 753-7567
Dec 1, 2015
Associate Broker
Marie Warren is the "best of the best". Her knowledge of her field is stellar; her expedience in completing the job is amazing! I would highly recommend Marie to anyone who files subdivision reports. Her attention to service sets the bar very high. It was a pleasure working with her and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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