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Security Title offers our customers the very best and most complete service in title insurance and other related escrow services.

Our professional staff is widely recognized for the depth of knowledge and experience brought to each transaction. Our commitment to customer service is exemplified by our constant refrain: “Attitude is everything.” With 40 offices located throughout Maricopa County, Security Title is the premier choice in Arizona’s escrow and title insurance industry.


Recommendations (284)

Nov 7, 2021

Neil Page recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda Gaul and Nattalie Moore of Security Title are two excellent people in terms of their pleasant personalities in addition to their knowledge and efficiency in the escrow process..
Oct 29, 2021

Jill Gerber recommends Rhonda Gaul

I have worked with Rhonda, Natalie & Brenda for years and I am never disappointed. Add Susan Cunnigham to the mix and you have the perfect Escrow Team EVER! I do my best to request them with my listings as well as ALWAYS picking them for my buyers! Do you think I appreciate them? You BET!
Oct 29, 2021

Rachel Mckinnon recommends Rhonda Gaul

Thank you Rhonda Gaul for a seamless transaction, from start to finish, couldn't have asked for more. The professionalism and communication were top notch and I look forward to working with you again soon.
Oct 4, 2021

Christian Stallman recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda and Natalie are my go-to title partners! I like working with the BEST!!!
Oct 2, 2021

Granvel Lockhart recommends Rhonda Gaul

The Great and Excellent service me and my wife received from, Rhonda Gaul and her team was Superior.. She constantly communicated with us and kept us informed and updated throughout the Transaction. Due to the much appreciated Service the Transaction was done precisely and very smoothly.
Sep 30, 2021

Beverly Barendt recommends Rhonda Gaul

Security is my favorite and most trusted Title/Escrow company. Always professional and friendly.
Sep 23, 2021

Terry Jacobsen recommends Rhonda Gaul

Excelent communication and prompt payment.
Thank you Rhonda!
Sep 18, 2021

Danielle Thompson recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda Gaul And her team are amazing! They communicate every step of the way and reply to messages seems like instantly. Would Refer them to all my clients as the number one choice. Thanks so much For a fast smooth transaction.
Sep 4, 2021

Darla McCormick recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda Gaul and LeAnne Madro were the escrow officers on a VERY difficult transaction. My buyer went along with the seller's request to use Security since it was a dual transaction for the seller. Rhonda worked on the beginning of the transaction and went on vacation and LeAnne took over. The transaction was seamless and there were A LOT of obstacles to overcome. I would highly recommend both of them.
Sep 3, 2021

Gary Gregory recommends Lisa Robeda

My escrow officer, Lisa Robeda has been doing escrow/title work for over 40 years and it shows. Her professionalism is outstanding. She explains patiently to the client(s) and they are very happy/satisfied with her. I wouldn't want to close any transactions without her!! Great job Lisa!!
Sep 2, 2021

Kathleen PLLC recommends Lisa Robeda

Lisa was excellent. She was very responsive, accurate, and was wonderful with my clients.
Sep 1, 2021

Jill Gerber recommends Rhonda Gaul

I cannot say enough about the service, professionalism, attitude and the response time of Rhonda Gaul & her team. Every time I have to use another title company I cringe and up front I tell that company that I expect the same service that Security Title gives me. They never can live up to the bar!!! Rhonda, Nattalie & Brenda are a fantastic team. Add my rep Susan Cunningham to the mix and why would I go anywhere else???!!!
Aug 20, 2021

Janelle Qualm recommends Rhonda Gaul

I loved working with Rhonda and her team. The transaction went very smooth. Rhonda responded to all my emails quickly and always answered my questions. She was very courteous and professional. She provided great customer service.
Aug 10, 2021

Ralph Montyoa recommends Rhonda Gaul

Working with Rhonda Gaul and the entire office was a great experience for myself and my clients.
Aug 5, 2021

Cherie Malkoff recommends Rhonda Gaul

Always a pleasure working with Rhonda!
Aug 2, 2021

Christian Stallman recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda Gaul is simply amazing. Highly knowledgeable! Impeccable communication! She is a true partner to help get my transactions done! Plus she will always make you smile when you talk to her!
Jul 29, 2021

Michelle Sausedo recommends Rhonda Gaul

Always excellent service from Rhonda Gaul and her team!
Jul 22, 2021

Brewer Johnson recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda Gaul and Security Title provide professionalism, great communication, and reliability.
Jul 2, 2021

Kerra Alvarez recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda is so kind! Professional! And just an overall pleasure to work with! I?m grateful for all her hard work!
Jun 27, 2021

Cory Acton recommends Lisa Robeda

Lisa is great!! Love working with her
Jun 13, 2021

Deborrah Parkans recommends Rhonda Gaul

Natalie and Rhonda were great in this transaction. Rhonda went above and beyond to get this closed. If this transaction had been at another title company or with a less experienced escrow officer , it would not have closed. Knowledge and experience got this closed.
May 30, 2021

Jill Gerber recommends Rhonda Gaul

I have worked with Rhonda and her crew for many years now and she is ALWAYS my Escrow Officer of choice. Whenever possible I send my transactions to her. I also tout her professionalism, knowledge and the high level of service she offers to every agent I know. Being able to see Rhonda, Natalie & Brenda in person for the first time in over a year was wonderful! Hugs all around! I am also looking forward to seeing Susan Cunningham in person as she too is an example of the one of the shining stars I work with at Security Title.
May 28, 2021

Jaylene Clausen recommends Rhonda Gaul

Rhonda Gaul and team were outstanding with communication with my client. Always information and explained each step of the way. Great to work with!
May 24, 2021

Kathy Mitchell recommends Rhonda Gaul

It was a pleasure working with Rhonda Gaul. She was quick to reply to emails. I will definitely use Rhonda for my next transaction
May 22, 2021

Mary Miller recommends Rhonda Gaul

Very happy with this escrow officer, and would be happy to do another escrow with her -- although mainly work in the East Valley.

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