Heather Campbell

REALTOR® SimpliHOM Hendersonville
Nov 14, 2021
Local Business Owner
Heather has been both professional and friendly! She always knows where to get the info we need and makes communication a top priority. We highly recommend working with Heather!
Nov 3, 2021
Retired, President, Reed Promotional Media.
I had the pleasure of having Heather work for, and with me as the manager of one of the largest swimming and fitness facilities in the state of Illinois.
5 pools.
750 member familys.
Not a job for the faint of heart.

I was President of the Board of Directors, and I hired Heather to Manage the Complex…with no experience.
Just guts, drive, ethics, and exceptional people skills.

She excelled.
And proved her worth and dedication every single day.

Work ethic?
And the ability to ‘get it done’?

That’s Heather.

I would trust her without hesitation…
Good people are hard to find.

Exceptional people are even rarer.
That’s Heather.

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