Steffron James

REALTOR® SimpliHOM Murfreesboro
Mar 17, 2021
I recently purchased a home in Murfreesboro with Steffron’s help. In today’s real estate market, it can be tough finding the right home and placing a successful offer. Steffron made it super easy! He’s very knowledgeable, well connected, and listens to your needs and wishes.

Once the house was under contract, Steffron facilitated all of the other tasks, such as scheduling the inspections, final walk through, and closing.

I believe that it is helpful to work with someone with experience, especially in a hot market. I purchased a home through Steffron 18 years ago. And when we decided to move, I was hoping that he was still working in our area. Fortunately, he was. And just a few weeks later, the whole transaction is complete.

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