Adrienne Hosea

REALTOR® SimpliHOM Murfreesboro
Nov 15, 2021
We would like to express our gratitude and immense appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication Adrienne showed us every minute she helped us in selling our home. From the moment she accepted the responsibility of being our realtor, she always showed us her many abilities and strengths of professionalism, knowledge of reality and her special caring personality she brings to the table that puts her head and shoulders above the rest. We always felt secure in knowing Adrienne had our best interest in mind and she always followed through on every action necessary to get the job done and for us to be able to reach our final goal of selling our home. Adrienne is a very hard and conscientious worker who exudes confidence and we are so grateful she was our realtor. We highly recommend Adrienne and know she will continue to provide excellent realtor service.

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