Santana Jones

REALTOR® SimpliHOM Tennessee
Apr 30, 2024
When seeking a realtor, it's essential to find someone who truly grasps your needs and is willing to go above and beyond. I discovered just that in Satana Jones at SimpliHom Nashville. Satana attentively listened to my preferences and concerns, ultimately locating the perfect home for me. He remained accommodating and patient throughout the process, even when I wasn't at my best, never showing a hint of frustration.
Mar 19, 2024
Reflecting on the past month since moving into our new home, I feel compelled to underscore just how pivotal Santana's role was in this life-changing journey. Now, more than ever, it's clear that there could have been no better choice for a realtor. Santana not only met our expectations but exceeded them, ensuring we achieved everything we wanted in a timely manner.

This achievement could not have been realized without his expertise, patience, and unwavering support. His ability to navigate the complexities of the housing market with ease and ensure that all our needs were met is something we are profoundly grateful for.

Adding to my earlier sentiments, my appreciation for Santana and the entire team deepens with each day spent in our new home. Their exceptional service and dedication have not only helped us find our perfect home but have also set a new standard for what we expect from real estate professionals.

Thank you once again, Santana, for making our dream home a reality. Your unmatched professionalism and dedication have truly made a difference in our lives.

With heartfelt gratitude and warmest regards,
Jan 16, 2024
Santana was great to work with. His main priority was getting me the best deal and he did just that. He checked in daily with me to ensure I was moving along in my journey smoothly and made sure I was comfortable the whole way.

I highly recommend Santana as your next realtor!
Jan 11, 2024
I met Mr. Jones threw a Mutual friend. He was very polite and easy-going. Selling your house can be very stressful. Mr. Jones was laid-back and easy to work with. He works hard to provide for his beautiful family in a low-key manner. I think we became friends and I definitely would use him again.
Oct 25, 2023
Santana “Sold It” Jones provided exceptional service during the sale of my home. From start to finish, he was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am thrilled with the results!
Santana demonstrated a deep understanding of the local real estate market. He provided valuable insights on how to prepare and present my home for sale, which played a crucial role in attracting potential buyers.
What truly set Santana apart was his dedication and commitment to making the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible. He helped me sell my house within an astonishing 9 days of it being active on the market! Santana went above and beyond by assisting me with a few home repairs, ensuring that my property was in the best possible condition for potential buyers.
His communication and responsiveness were impeccable, which gave me tremendous peace of mind throughout the sale. He utilized a variety of channels to showcase my home, which undoubtedly contributed to the quick sale.
I highly recommend Santana “Sold It” Jones to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. He is a true expert, and someone who goes above and beyond to exceed their client's expectations. I'm grateful for his assistance and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future.
Thank you, Santana, for making the sale of my home a positive and successful experience!
Jun 3, 2023
Santana is kind, courteous and takes his job very seriously. He is just not an average real estate agent. He excels at his job, he has been so helpful throughout my home buying process. He gave really valuable insight and has shown deep understanding of the emotions that homebuyers go through before a big purchase. He is prompt and gets job done quickly. I am so glad I had not just an real estate agent but really a trusted friend on my side who cared for me.

Thankyou Santana :)
May 15, 2023
He was kind and responded quickly. He made my first time home buying experience easy.
Apr 5, 2023
Developer Investor
Santana is smart, savvy, and hardworking. He was tentative to my needs and mad the process of selling my property smooth and easy. He communicates well and has a strong understanding of the market and where things are going. He is patient and professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the future.
Thank you Santana!
Feb 19, 2023
Santana Jones, is FANTASTIC! The home buying process can be overwhelming and with Santana as my agent I felt an immediate calming presence with his expertise and open communications. Santana was in constant communication with me regarding each step and did not hesitate when I made any suggestions. If you want to be supported throughout your home buying process call Santana!
Aug 7, 2022
New Home Owner
A trustworthy and honest realtor! Full of energy and committed to integrity... we were new to the market without a clue of where to begin. Santana told us the truth about what we needed to do and how long it would take us to get it done. We followed his advice, and he helped us navigate the processes we did not understand. We are thoroughly enjoying our new condominium and ready to endorse this man, mentor, and friend to anyone in search of a GOOD realtor.
Mar 3, 2022
CALL HIM!! Friendly and professional! You need a realtor that has your best interest at heart!! I couldn’t ask for more. No one will work harder for you. Hire him, you deserve it!!!

My experience: My lease was ending soon (a little over a month) and I needed to move fast. HE DID THE IMPOSSIBLE! I closed 10 days before my lease ended!! Santana showed me just shy of 20 houses in less than a week. As a first time buyer, Santana educated me on important steps in the process which made me feel confident in my decisions along the way. He is quick to respond and listens to your needs/concerns. He was in tune with what I was looking for and what fit my budget. I’m officially moved in and so proud of my new home. I could not be happier and I will be recommending Santana to everyone!

My situation was unique but Santana is also helping a friend of mine! They are not in a hurry to buy and have also really enjoyed working with him. He will work at your pace and I’m confident you’ll be happy working with him!!
Mar 3, 2022
My family had initially planned to move from California to Tennessee in early 2021. We were referred to Santana, and after some set backs, we didn’t end up searching for homes until late 2021-early 2022. Santana managed to keep in touch with us the entire time & once we were ready to go house hunting he was highly responsive, and helped us find what we were looking for. The process was relatively pleasant and easy. Santana is easy to talk to, personable, and professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.
Aug 9, 2021
Santana is one of the most extraordinary realtors I have ever came across. He was so patient and professional… with his help and hard work I was able to close on my first house! Sooner than expected! Thank you
Aug 5, 2021
He saved my family!
Santana is one of the most genuine, honest and hardworking person I’ve ever met. He put my family needs first, very professional. Timely, and always working around the clock to help us find out dream home. After months in this harsh market! We were able to close on our first home thanks to Santana! He is awesome??????
Aug 1, 2021
Santana was up with us to 11pm, going between two (2) different offers to make sure we got the best and most solid deal on our home we were selling. That meant a lot to us and we’re grateful our home is now SOLD!
Jun 3, 2021
Santana put me at ease in the home buying experience and was a pleasure to work with! He always kept me informed on next steps and checked in with me regularly on how the process was going. Santana was also always available for showings and questions. I would recommend Santana to anyone looking to buy or sell their home! A cool guy and an excellent agent!
Apr 11, 2021
Santana is a great realtor! If I ever had a question he always responded in a timely matter. Even after closing he’s checked in to see if I had any issues. I would definitely recommend him for your home buying process!
Feb 10, 2021
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
We were so fortunate and blessed to have Santana Jones as our realtor. Purchasing a home is already tough but doing it during a pandemic had its own challenges. Santana never stopped working on our search to ensure that we were able to purchase a home that checked off all of our boxes. I recommend him to anyone who will listen. It’s not simply about having a realtor, but a realtor who is supportive and has so many resources. Santana has a wealth of connections and provided us with many options to choose from for credible resources. It was such a help to have someone that understood our wants and needs while looking for a home and provided insight into everything from flooring and HVACs to school zones and recreation areas nearby. Also, if Santana didn’t know the answer to a question we had, which was rare, he found it for us in a couple hours. I whole heartedly recommend him. We are so happy that #SantanaSoldIt
Jan 26, 2021
Director of Equity and Inclusion
I worked with Santana to purchase my fourth home, so I've worked with many realtors, but have never found one as responsive, supportive, knowledgeable and diligent as Santana. He went above and beyond to ensure I had the research I needed on the communities I was interested in, saw the properties that were promising, and helped me get my DREAM HOME! I had a tight timeline, and he worked urgently to ensure I found the perfect home, got an incredible deal, and advocated for me every step of the way. I can't recommend him highly enough for those searching for the perfect place for them in Nashville!

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