Trevor Harralson

REALTOR® SimpliHOM Tennessee
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Sep 19, 2023
Owner of Broadway Mortgage Group
I had the pleasure of working with Trevor from SimpliHOM, and I cannot recommend him enough! As a mortgage broker, it is crucial for me to collaborate with realtors who prioritize strong communication and exceptional professionalism. Trevor exceeded all my expectations in these areas.

From the moment we connected, Trevor demonstrated a remarkable level of dedication and commitment to ensuring our client's needs were met. He went above and beyond to provide outstanding service, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to find the perfect home for our client.

One thing that truly impressed me about Trevor was his unwavering focus on maintaining open lines of communication. He consistently kept me informed throughout the entire process, ensuring that I was always up-to-date with any developments. This level of transparency and attention to detail was instrumental in establishing trust and making the entire transaction seamless.

Trevor's professionalism was evident in every interaction we had. He handled all aspects of the transaction with utmost care, ensuring that our client's best interests were always at the forefront. Whether it was negotiating deals, coordinating inspections, or addressing any concerns, Trevor displayed a level of expertise that is truly commendable.

Working with Trevor has been an absolute pleasure, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. His dedication, strong communication skills, and professionalism have made him stand out among the many realtors I have worked with. I highly recommend Trevor from SimpliHOM to anyone looking for a real estate professional who will go above and beyond to ensure a successful and satisfying experience
Jun 11, 2024
Trevor was a fabulous realtor! Super personable with a real eye for detail. Highly recommend!!!

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