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Ticor Title offers clients the most comprehensive real estate services in the nation. From title and escrow services to mandatory disclosure, you can count on Ticor Title for your important real estate needs. Ticor Title has a solid track record of serving its clients with accuracy and efficiency, and has unrivaled financial strength to back you and your client's policy.

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Recommendations (148)

Jun 24, 2022

Ezequiel Gonzalez recommends Susan Cerri-Buck

Buyer agent

Susan Cerri-Buck,

I definitely want to say you did an amazing job in our transaction with Mr. Rick. I love the fact that you had very good communication skills with my clients and I through this transaction. This deal was very smooth and very fast. I was extremely happy with your service and I really like the fact that you were on top of things and making sure both parties have everything they need it so we can close escrow on time to make the buyers happy. I’m looking forward for our next deal with you!
Feb 17, 2022

Jenna Camarillo recommends Susan Cerri-Buck


This was my first experience working with Susan and she was so pleasant, answered all of my questions, had wonderful communication throughout the transaction and got the job done without hiccup! I would absolutely love to work with her again in the future. Thanks again!
Jan 27, 2022

Andre Nainggolan recommends Samantha Mascola


Samantha and her team were amazing with their communication. I’ve had many transactions with her from both sides and it’s always a pleasure.
Dec 22, 2021

Scott Rivera recommends Samantha Mascola


Samantha is consistently great! Always keeps us informed of what is going on in each transaction.
Dec 22, 2021

Teresa Taylor recommends Samantha Mascola

Real Estate Agent

Our real estate company has used Samantha Mascola as an escrow agent for many years and she always does an outstanding job. She communicates the status of the transaction, anticipates issues and conveys what we can do to circumvent those issues. She is friendly, personable and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!
Oct 12, 2021

Marvin Bush recommends Cecile Shanklin


Cecile does such a great job taking care of clients. She is always available for any questions or concerns and always has a smile on her face. I would highly recommend her and Ticor Title when buying or selling your home.
Sep 9, 2021

Nancy L Venable recommends Mandi Rodriguez


Mandi is exceptional. I appreciate her professionalism, her knowledge, & her easy going nature. She has the perfect temperament to deal with us stressed-out agents. She is my "GO TO" escrow officer from now on.
Sep 9, 2021

Nancy L Venable recommends Mandi Rodriguez


Mandi is exceptional. I appreciate her professionalism, her knowledge, & her easy going nature. She has the perfect temperament to deal with us stressed-out agents. She is my "GO TO" escrow officer from now on.
Sep 6, 2021

Sonia Derryberry recommends Mandi Rodriguez


I am so Happy with the escrow services Mandi provides, she updates me frequently on our transactions, she is friendly and takes Great care of my clients, we are all Happy customers! 5 Star Service beginning to end!
Aug 30, 2021

Jacob Marquez recommends Mandi Rodriguez

Team Lead

Mandi is responsive and thorough. She responds in a timely manner whenever I reach out if she doesn't answer the phone first. She is very professional and keeps the emotion out of it.
Aug 29, 2021

Terrye Steiner recommends Mandi Rodriguez

Real Estate Agent

Mandi was a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable and responsive to calls and email.
Aug 28, 2021

Valerie Marquez recommends Mandi Rodriguez


Mandi Rodriguez is doing an excellent job on working with our Escrows. Mandi is very responsive with phone calls and emails. I will recommend Mandi to my fellow colleagues to use her to do their escrows. Thank you Mandi for all your work!??
Jun 30, 2021

Anna Mellon recommends Mandi Rodriguez


Mandi is very pleasant to work with, even in our most stressful moments here sweetness and willingness to help shines through. Thank you Mandi for everything you do.
Apr 8, 2021

Michelle Frost recommends Mandi Rodriguez


Mandi was awesome during our transaction. I have never had the pleasure of working with her until now and she was amazing. Always on top of things, quick to respond with any questions. I really hope we can work together again. Thank you for such a smooth transaction.
Apr 8, 2021

Brad Barnett recommends Mandi Rodriguez

Broker Associate

Mandi got things done quickly---thoroughly---and cheerfully!
Mar 17, 2021

Jose Villarreal recommends Cecile Shanklin

Cecile Shanklin

Cecile thank you for great service to our industry excellent service always there with expertise that solve our challenges continue your great service to our fellow constituents.
Mar 15, 2021

Suzette Garza recommends Cecile Shanklin

Office Manager

Cecile, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You have been amazing to work with, and we appreciate your fast, professional and thorough services to our office. Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service!
Mar 9, 2021

Mohammad Hammad recommends Cecile Shanklin


The best in the business. Thank you for being kind and quickly responsive through all the escrow process. 10/10
Jan 25, 2021

Dennis Smith recommends Cecile Shanklin

Licensed Land Surveyor

Cecile, you have been great, I hope were were going to keep doing business for a long time. Thank You for your quick turn around and prompt service.
Jan 25, 2021

Michelle Cobb recommends Cecile Shanklin

Office Manager

Love working with Cecile! She is fast and professional - and always looking out for us!
Jan 21, 2021

Lori recommends Cecile Shanklin

Great and very timely
Dec 18, 2020

Pamela Fein recommends Cecile Shanklin


She is so awesome! Helps me with my farm, condo/PUD info...does this quickly...She is my go to person....always willing to help me!
Nov 20, 2020

Bill L Williams recommends Cecile Shanklin

Very courteous, thoughtful, and extremely helpful.
Sep 21, 2020

Prolan Fandialan recommends Cecile Shanklin

Cecile was very helpful to me even when I'm not really a client. She did the research and everything. She's a very amazing person.
Aug 28, 2020

Deborah Fenton recommends Mandi Rodriguez

Owner/Broker of Fenton Real Estate

Mandi is very helpful and skilled at her job. Efficiency and organization are reflected in her work. That is why we will continue to use her! She goes above and beyond in her customer care. It's good to have her as our transaction partner!

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