Debbie E. Reitenbach

AVP/Senior Escrow Officer Ticor Title Clackamas
Over 34 years of experience the Real Estate industry, specifically in Title and Escrow, has provided me with extensive knowledge of both Commercial and Residential transactions, REOs and Short Sales. I have been with Ticor Title Company for the past 22 years.

I value the loyalty of my clients and strive to serve each of my customers with respect, integrity and confidentiality. I firmly believe that with prompt responsiveness and creativity there is a solution to every “problem” that may arise. Performing with accuracy, reliability and good humor are the three traits I find to be most important and most effective!

Favorite Quote: Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical… Zig Ziglar
Jun 16, 2020
Principal Broker
Debbie is always been there for my clients and my business. I don’t have to stress about my transactions as she is always on top of everything!
Her team is great, going on 25+ years together.
Karen Gardner Johnson, Premiere Property Group., LLC, Principal Broker licensed in Oregon
Jun 10, 2020
Debbie was very professional and helpful during the closing process of the sale of my house...especially during these crazy times of this pandemic. I would recommend her to any future clients. Julia Rich
Jun 1, 2020
Real Estate agent
Debbie was great to work with and was ready for closing even with all the issues we ran into along the way.
May 30, 2020
Debbie was exceptional to work with especially during these interesting times. She always made herself available to my wife and I and her response time to our inquires was quick and efficient. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend working with her to anyone that needed her expertise.

Thanks Debbie!
May 29, 2020
Debbie was wonderful to work with when purchasing our new home. She has great communication, timeliness, and was very friendly. We gave birth to our first child during this time which could have been chaotic. However with Debbie's help, everything went quite smoothly and with little stress. We will work with her again!
Apr 6, 2020
Principal Broker
Debbie Reitenbach is very professional and great to work with. Very organized and gives attention to every detail. I highly recommend working with Debbie R!
Apr 2, 2020
Debbie was very professional and did a great job guiding us through the signing. We would recommend Debbie and Ticor Title to anyone.
Apr 2, 2020
Realeste Broker
Debbie was great to work with, She was very knowlegable and great with My Clients!!
Brad Wyatt
Feb 24, 2020
Real Estate Broker
I have been entrusted my clients to Debbie Reitenbach for a number of years and she is fantastic! Her customer service is above and beyond! I highly recommend her as a skilled and competent escrow officer, I know I can rely on Debbie for any situation that may arise.
Feb 17, 2020
Real Estate Broker, Premiere Property Group, LLC, Licensed in OR
Debbie and her team were fantastic! They went above and beyond in ensuring that my client was given professional, efficient service throughout the transaction. I would highly recommend Debbie for your escrow needs!

Feb 14, 2020
Real Estate Broker
I have worked with Debbie for many years, and she has consistently proven herself to be professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. I always know that my clients will be in good hands with Debbie. She is by far one of the best escrow officers I have worked with over my 15 year real estate career. Debbie is the best of the best!
Feb 6, 2020
Principal Broker
Debbie and Melanie have always take care of my clients. They are true professionals!
Dec 8, 2017
Loan Processor
Debbie, we feel that you and your team are amazing to work with and most notable of how responsive you were at every aspect of the transaction. I am looking forward to working with you and praise to everyone how much you and your team are phenomenal. Most appreciative of all you do!
Mar 24, 2016
I am in the process of selling my house and found out to my surprise that a preliminary title showed a trust deed in favor of a bank. The loan was paid off in 2005.
Debbie contacted the title company and then the bank to get the release on my behalf. I appreciated her efforts going above and beyond in her work.

Debbie always answered all my questions promptly and courteously. It was truly a pleasant experience working with Debbie. I would definitely recommend Debbie and her team as the escrow officer.

Feb 1, 2016
Real Estate Broker
I have been working with Debbie for 9 years, and she has always come through for my clients, even in difficult, complex transactions. I highly recommend Debbie and her team! They are dependable, experienced and fabulous to work with! Thank you, Debbie!
Jan 26, 2016
I just wanted to take a moment to tell Team Debbie how much I appreciate the Extra Effort that you put forth to get this Transaction completed. We had a very short window to get this done and with your effort 3 different families were able to get moved yesterday (Monday).
The buyer’s agent in Sandy called me yesterday afternoon and said she couldn’t believe that we pulled this off to get Cherryville funded and recorded this quickly.
Thank you Debbie and thank you to all that had a part in getting this done.
May 5, 2015
Debbie was able to contact the buyer who was on a very, very difficult work schedule involving overtime and get a rapport and a connection with him. And I am forever grateful to her for this. She followed thru with meetings and signings all over the place to make this deal happen in 10-11 days. I whole heartedly recommend her and I wish I lived in Lake Oswego.
Feb 27, 2015
Real Estate Broker, Windermere Stellar Real Estate
Debbie has done Windermere Real Estate work for me as well as Personal work for me.
Nothing is ever left undone and she knows what is to be done consistently, early on. e-mails, telephone calls everything is answered ASAP. Everyone at Ticor makes sure that
you are taken care of and treated almost like family. I feel very grateful that Debbie has had
the time for me She is the BEST.

Jun 19, 2014
VP Mortgage Banker 55921, Summit Mortgage Corp.
I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and understand how important it is to have a dependable escrow agent and team to help complete the loan process in a timely manner. Debbie Reitenbach and Melanie Gill are just that team and you can count on them to deliver exceptional service every time. Her and her team have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle any situation that comes up in the loan process. They pay attention to detail and accuracy to make sure every transaction is smooth and successful. I have entrusted my clients with Debbie and Melanie for many years and so should you.
Jan 6, 2014
Principal Broker, Premiere Property Group LLC
I have worked in real estate locally for about 37 years and I can tell you when it comes to dependability, attention to detail, follow through, problem solving, and an ability to successfully work with a variety of personalities, I whole heartedly recommend Debbie to all my clients.
Jan 6, 2014
Oregon Real Estate Broker
I feel like Debbie has done excellent work for me and for my clients! She has bent over backward in some cases to make sure we closed on time. She has always been thorough and accurate in the files we have worked on together, in this line of business that is extremely important!

Honestly, Debbie has always gone so far above and beyond that I would recommend her to anyone!
Oct 16, 2013
Real Estate Broker
It is my pleasure to recommend Debbie Reitenbach, Escrow Officer, to close your real estate transactions. She is so knowledgeable in all aspects of the closing process.

Debbie is very proactive during the transaction so there are no surprises on the day of closing. She is respectful to my clients who may have questions and does not hurry things along to fit her time line.

It is a pleasure to work with Debbie and I look forward to our continued business endeavors.
Oct 15, 2013
Principal Broker
To Whom it may concern:
I encourage any Realtor to use Debbie Reitenbach for their Title/Escrow person. Debbie is very knowledgeable and very professional. If you add her to your team, she will always impress your clients and make you look good.
I did!
Liz Carpenter
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Equity Group
Oct 15, 2013
Loan Processor
Debbie Reitenbach and Melanie Gill are an amazing team to work with. They go above and beyond in giving the best service around. I always feel confident that our clients are being taken care of !
Oct 15, 2013
Broker, Soldera Properties
As a Realtor, it is important to work with professional, competent "team members." I count Debbie Reitenbach and Ticor Title as part of my "team." Knowledgeable, experienced and so pleasant to work with would describe Debbie's service to me and my clients. I feel blessed to have Debbie as my escrow officer of choice!

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