Merrilee Cornia

VP of Sales / Ticor Title Portland Ticor Title Clackamas
As Sales Manager for an incredible team of Sales Executives at Ticor Title - Portland, our key focus is to provide a superior experience for every customer on every transaction. Our Team truly listens to the individual needs of the Realtors, Builders, Investors, Lenders, Buyers and Sellers that we are fortunate to work with. Providing quality, personalized service is what sets our team apart from the rest. We know that our customers have a choice where to do business, and we are grateful every time they choose us! We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and look forward to working together!
Apr 13, 2018
Regional Executive Land Devlopment and Builder Services
Merrilee is one of the most outstanding sales managers that I have had the opportunity to work with: she continually provides me with innovative tools to help advance my business platforms for my current and prospective Ticor builders, developers and real estate agents.

Apr 5, 2017
Real estate broker
Merrilee is absolutely fantastic!! She is so helpful and very good at assisting my needs to further my business. When I requested her help she went over and above getting me started on my business plan and was really worth my time! I would give her a 100% A+ Rating!!
Jun 17, 2015
Real Estate Broker
Words cannot express how much I appreciate Merrilee! Not only is she a brilliant marketing asset! She always goes above and beyond! We have a ball brainstorming new marketing ideas & I always trust her to execute everything from the creative to a finished product that has always exceeded my expectations! I consider Merrilee a close part of my team & don't know what I would do without her thoughtful personality & support!
Jun 15, 2015
Premiere Property Group Realtors
Cindy and I greatly appreciate having Merrilee as part of our team. She has helped us so much in our business. She has some great ideas for us to promote our business. She has given us some great technology ideas and resources. She is always there for us. Thank you so much, Kevin and Cindy Pfeifer
Nov 9, 2014
Real Estate Broker
I have nothing but the most positive respect for this Clackamas based office. They are a huge asset to my business and are an integral part of how I do business professionally & ethically.
They continue to out perform other escrow offices in my opinion. Dodie's team is always 2 steps ahead of me and looking for a solution before there is a problem. My clients and co-operarting brokers are happy as well. Keep up the great work and taking care of our clients.
Sep 7, 2013
Ticor has provided me with the best service I have experienced in a long time. Merrilee is always there anticipating what service we might need. Laura Kidd went out of her way, on very short notice, to help me on a home I was listing in Gresham. I was so impressed I started using her for closings. She is very professional, a great communicator, pays attention to detail an d follow-up. They are the best to have on your team!
Apr 9, 2013
Principal Broker, JFB Realty, LLC
Merrilee Cornia is filled with enthusiasm, and zest for her job... she has excellent communication skills and as well as being very professional. She immediately answers my requests and helps me to find necessary answers.. If you team her up with Sherry Hurliman, my favorite escrow officer at Ticor Title, then I have an unbeatable team keeping an eye on my transactions . Merilee has my recommendation!

Jan Ferguson-Bresee
JFB Realty, LLC
Apr 8, 2013
Sr. Loan Officer
Merrilee, is the best in the business. I have known Merrilee for 11 years and she is professional and represents Ticor Title at its best!

Donald Hefflinger
Apr 8, 2013
Principal Real Estate Brokers
We don't believe there is any such thing as a "worry-free transaction"... but, with Ticor Title it certainly lessens the amount of stuff we have to worry about! We don't have to worry about needing estimated HUDs for short sales! We don't have to worry about clear titles! We don't have to worry about sellers that may be using a power of attorney or an estate representative! We don't have to worry about seller or buyer net sheets! We don't have to worry about trios. We don't have to worry about mailing lists and/or bulk mail labels! We don't have to worry about the phone being answered when we call! Thanks to Ticor, Merrilee and her team of escrow officers THAT part of our business IS worry-free!
Apr 8, 2013
Senior Mortgage Advisor
I have worked with Merrilee at Ticor Title for the past 6 years. Merrilee is always there to help with my marketing ideas and does so with such a zest for life. She keeps herself well versed in todays market and all its changes. I would not hestitate in recommending Merrilee Cornia.
Apr 7, 2013
Principal Brokers
Ticor Title Clackamas goes above and beyond in every transaction. They are my "go to" escrow team! They are quick, easy to work with, knowledgeable, & friendly. They always do the right thing no matter what the situation. We are so lucky to have Dodie's escrow team on our real estate team. Merrilee is the greatest title rep in the industry, she is known for her smile, personality, willingness to help, and taking care of her agents. We love Merrilee and all the service and personal attention she provides us. We find value in everything Ticor Title does for us. If you are not using Ticor Clackamas you should! It's a refreshing change from the competition out there.
Apr 6, 2013
Real Estate Broker
I would like to say that it is a pleasure to work with the professionals at Ticor Title. In the ten plus years that I have been a realtor I have worked with many title companies and with two exceptions all transactions were handled well. Working with Ticor Title though makes my job easy. From late night signings to excellent contact throughout the process lets me do my job without having to be concerned about the title portion, Their Business Development Specialists, computer gurus, and escrow officers are always available to answer questions and set up special programs on my computer to help me maximize my time.
Apr 6, 2013
Principal Broker, Realtor
Where to start with Merrilee? She is instrumental in helping me with my marketing. I am going paperless and as "on line" as possible. She has creative ideas to help my business flourish. I can't say enough what a wealth of support and help she is.
Thank you Merrilee!
Apr 6, 2013
Principal roker
I have worked with Merrilee Cornia, our Ticor Representative, and Sherry Hurliman, Escrow officer, for over 10 years. I have always found service to be excellent, and any customer service needs were addressed immediately. EScrow issues were also brought to my attention before they became major problems. I couldn't be more pleased!
Apr 6, 2013
Principal Broker/Owner for Cornerstone Group NW at Keller Williams Realty
Merrilee and her crew at Ticor are THE best! We work exclusively with Dodie Herrly and would not ever dream of changing. All work is done above and beyond all expectations, it's quick and it's accurate. We run a TON of sales through Dodie at Ticor, especially difficult short sales. Dodie and team take extra good care of us and our clients no matter how difficult the transaction is. They are simply AMAZING!!
Apr 6, 2013
Principal Broker, Better Homes & Gardens Realty Partners
Merrilee has been a standout from the start and a huge asset to our Team and our real estate business as we expand our online presence and enhance our image with social media. Her wealth of knowledge continues to be a resource that we make use of on a regular basis. Besides the fact that she is joy to work with. We are proud to include Merrilee on our Team!
Apr 5, 2013
Real estate Broker
I was initially impressed with Merrilee Cornia enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I met her six years ago as my Ticor Representative.
Merrille Cornia is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. She has my highest recommendation.

Andrew Quiroz
World Wide Realty

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