Julie Sorrels

Escrow Officer Ticor Title Las Vegas
Starting in this industry in 1992 I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of different aspects of our real estate market. I love the challenge of the Escrow world and the fast paced dynamics of getting a deal closed. I feel customer service and communication are key to a smooth and successful closing and will always do my best to keep everyone informed.
Mar 3, 2020
Old Friend
Julie is a great Escrow Officer. I miss her.
Mar 29, 2018
Over the years, I have done business with many title companies. Without any question, Julie's professionalism surpasses all I have come across. She oversees an engaged team that truly understands the needs of their clients. They answer questions in a personal and expedited fashion. Her fee schedules are simple and reasonable, without hidden agendas. I would recommend Julie to anyone, including, but not limited to seasoned professionals, 1st time home buyer, 1st time home seller, FSBO transactions, etc.
Mar 23, 2018
Realtor, Business Owner.
I have engaged Ticor Title, Julie Sorrels, over the years for property closes as well as a host of Title information. She (they) are always on their game. Quick responses. Suggestions for most efficient processes of marketing and lead generation. Always respectful of time management for myself and our buyers or sellers. I highly recommend using all of their services in the Real Estate community.
Oct 5, 2015
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Broker Sales Person
Julie Sorrels is always friendly and professional. She returns my calls and or emails quickly. And it is always a pleasure to accompany my clients to their closing appointment because I feel confident that it will be an enjoyable experience.
I appreciate that in such a high stress business, she and her team stays calm and just gets the job done!
Thank you for "all you do" to help make my job easier. Barbara O'Neill
Oct 5, 2015
CR Realty Services, LLC
Julie has been a wonderful agent to work with over the years. She hold together a really good team to get the job done. Julie will always be successful at what she does because she does it so well.
Oct 4, 2015
I've done business with Julie for years. She's as thorough as they come. When it comes to Title making sure you have an escrow officer and team that covers everything and gets ahead of any problems is critical to getting everyone across the finish line. What really makes her special though is her ability to communicate with clients in a positive and progressive manner. Buying and selling real estate can be an emotional process. She's tactful and personal to make sure whoever she's communicating with feels comfortable and confident in the process. Julie's a true professional. I'm happy to refer her and her team anytime!
Oct 2, 2015
Mortgage Specialist
Julie leads a great team, all of whom are positive, professional, and on their game. She is a great asset to the real estate community and I highly recommend her for your transaction.
Sep 28, 2015
Branch Manager at Anchor Mortgage
We have been using Julie for the majority of our escrows for several years now. She is always available, by phone or email, and is extremely dependable. Julie has a great attitude and that shows through when she meets with our clients. I trust Julie 100% to handle our escrows with the upmost professionalism. I highly recommend Julie and her team.
Sep 28, 2015
Julie is very easy to work with and always upbeat. Something very important to me is that I am comfortable asking questions to the person I am working with. She gives me quick responses and makes me feel as though every question I ask is important (and not dumb). I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Julie. I feel so lucky to have this relationship. It is one less thing I have to worry about in my Real Estate World! She will get the job DONE!
Sep 28, 2015
I have worked with Julie and her team for years! She is my "go to" escrow officer of choice. She is always professional and friendly and is a great communicator. The team answers calls and emails promptly and I am confident that my buyers and sellers are in good hands when it's time to close the deal!
Sep 24, 2015
Broker with BHHSNV
I have known and worked closely with Julie and her team for over 10 years. Her team/ escrow unit has been together for so long and work as such a tight unit. Julie's years of knowledge and experience make her a star among escrow officers and her ability to be solution oriented to solve challenges makes her one of the best. Communication is critical in our business and getting a quick response makes me as a broker look great. Escrow is the last step of the buying/selling process and a critical time for professionalism. I cannot recommend Julie and Ticor title enough!!!
Sep 23, 2015
Real Estate Sales Executive for Berkshire Hathaway 1978
Throughout the many changes and growth in the Las Vegas Valley real estate industry over the past 20 years, one thing has remained consistent, tried & true...the professionalism & excellent service provided by Julie Sorrels. Her title & escrow knowledge is second to none & the kindness she shows to each & every customer is invaluable. Here's to 20 more my friend!
Sep 23, 2015
I have been in the Real estate Business in Las Vegas for over 35 years both in Commercial and Residential. I have been a Residential agent with Windermere Properties for the past ten years and I have worked with several Title/Escrow companies in town but none like Julies Team. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, prompt and friendly. They communicate promptly and return calls immediately. Julie, Jennifer, Erica and Zulema are just amazing.
Sep 23, 2015
My name is Rory and I met Julie Sorrels back in 2002 when she was the escrow officer in my very first Nevada Real Estate transaction. I was so impressed with her skill set, that I've made her my number one “go to escrow officer” ever since. Julie and her team have successfully closed hundreds of my transactions. She never over promised and was more than attentive to all aspects of each and every one of our escrows through the years. No matter how large or small the transaction was, she is always attentive to detail and responsive to my inquiries. She goes beyond my expectations in terms of cost saving efficiency and the speed with which we accomplished our mutual goal, that being a successful COE..
What I appreciated most about working with Julie is her ability to cut through the predictable politics of any project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected result, time after time. I highly endorse and recommend this professional. Trust her! You won't be disappointed.
May 22, 2013
I have been using Julie for nearly 10 years for title and escrow services. She is always very responsive and no matter what the situation, keeps a positive attitude and serves with a smile. She is one of the best and I recommend her to anyone considering using her services.
May 21, 2013
I just started working with Julie this past year. I am so glad I found her. She is quick. She is efficient. She is nice. She is conveniently located. She has a great title rep. She doesn't have junk fees. She has all the answers. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks Julie!
May 20, 2013
President, Anchor Mortgage Corporation
We have worked with Julie and her staff for over five years and have closed hundreds of files with her team. They are fast, professional and very efficient. If any issues arise with the file they are always on top of getting answers and solving problems. The measure of a good Escrow Officer and team is not on the easy, cookie cutter deals, but on files that have issues and how they respond and work through the problems to get the deal closed. We work with several title companies, because on purchases we don’t direct the deals, but when we have a choice we always pick Julie Sorrels at Ticor Title because they are the best at what they do.

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