Caleen Chamberlain

Escrow Officer Ticor Title Las Vegas
I have been in the title/escrow business since 1994 and have loved every day of it. My team and I have the experience and knowledge to complete your escrow in a professional and timely manner. I am experienced in ALL types of real Estate Transactions. I am committed to helping YOU look good to your clients so they will refer you more business. Please don’t forget my name when writing your next offer!
Jan 4, 2019
I can’t say enough good things about Caleen! Her communication is second to none, she always keeps me updated on my files, answered any questions professionally and quickly. She has exceeded all my expectation on how an escrow officer should handle the job. It’s a lways a pleasure working with her and her team!
Jan 4, 2019
Owner - Pacific Rock Real Estate LLC
Wow what can I say, Caleen has been amazing to work with. Her team has handled all my transactions this year and we did not have one hiccup. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Escrow Officer. She is one of the best.
Jan 4, 2019
owner of
Caleen and her team do outstanding work. We buy several properties on a monthly basis and our close times are typically less than 10 days! We have sent Caleen and her team several crazy deals and she always comes through with flying colors! Not to mention some good laughable stories as well! Our sellers can be very difficult but she handles them with utmost professionalism. If you need someone to get the job done than Caleen Chamberlin is your go to Escrow officer!
Mar 1, 2018
Seller, Residential Home
Caleen provided very efficient & quick services. Thanx!
Apr 25, 2017
Caleen is simply the best!!! She handled the
Escrow of one of the most important people in my life, my son. Thanks from us both!!!
Nov 2, 2016
Owner New Horizons Home Solution LLC
Caleen has helped my company on many closings and is always professional and knows what we need. In my business closings need to close quickly and efficiently and she has not disappointed me. She is a very knowledgeable and answers my every need. Thanks Caleen.
Mar 6, 2015
I wouldn't hesitate in the least to recommend caleen to any of my fellow realtors---- she has done an excellent job on our current escrow!! will definitely use caleen again!
Dec 31, 2014
Realtor to the Stars
Caleen did an absolutely wonderful job with my short sale closing. She was very responsive with HUDs, payoff requests, and working with all parties involved keeping them all informed of the process. I couldn't have done it without her professionalism, expertise and grace under fire.
Dec 12, 2014
Just love her! Once I open escrow I know it is in very capable hands. Caleen communicates with me every step of the way. My clients love her as much as I do. She makes my job easy.
Aug 20, 2014
Loan Processor
Caleen is AWESOME! She is knowledgeable, works quickly and efficiently.
Love working with her (and of course her team)!

Aug 19, 2014
Loan Officer
Caleen Chamberlain was an absolute joy to work with. We had a very difficult customer, whom she handled with the utmost professionalism. She kept me informed every step of the way, and did everything in her power to please the customer. I would recommend Caleen highly to all my clients
Jul 29, 2014
Home owner
Caleen was very helpful and professional.
Jul 26, 2014
Loan Officer, US Bank Home Mortgage
I was introduced to Caleen Chamberlain at Ticor Title here in Henderson approximately one year ago. In my 15 years of experience in the lending industry, I can't recall ever working with an agent that delivers better overall quality in escrow services than she delivers. Caleen is prompt, friendly, and she and her team at Ticor put a personal touch on real estate transactions that make the customer experience the best it can be. I refer and recommend Caleen Chamberlain to clients and colleagues every opportunity I have. Caleen Chamberlain always delivers.
Jun 23, 2014
Caleen Chamberlain handles herself in a very professional manner with great communication skills through the whole transaction. My clients were very happy and so was I .
I will definitely be using Ticor Title and Caleen Chamberlain again.
Jun 19, 2014
Home Mortgage Consultant
I have been in the mortgage business for 23 years now, and in my opinion, she is the best Escrow Officer I have ever dealt with. She is quick, efficient, curteous and very thorough! I would deal with her on every escrow if I could.
Thank you Caleen for many years of service in our industry, and to me!
Jul 1, 2013
Real Estate Agent
Caleen is an excellent escrow officer, I have used her for years now & she never ceases to amaze me getting these deals closed. I've always had great communication with her & the Ticor team, very courteous & always professional. Thank you for all your hard work!
Jul 1, 2013
Reverse Mortgage Specialist
As mortgage professional, we have a multitude of options when it comes to selecting title/escrow partners. At one point or another, I have used most of the larger and a few smaller companies. When I was a multiple platform LO - convention, private, FHA - my preference was Ticor Title; now as a exclusive HECM Reverse Mortgage specialist, I have found the relationship I developed at Ticor provided a unique opportunity for me to ask that they be able to provide someone intimately familiar with HECM;s.

Caleen Chamberlain and her team have accommodated nearly every request I've had. More often than not, her inability to satisfy a request was because it was unfair or I didn't give her adequate time to accomplish it. Caleen is an indispensable part of of my business success.
Jul 1, 2013
Sr. Loan Officer/Cobalt Mortgage
In regards to Caleen Chamberlain, I have done serveral mortgage loans with her in the Las Vegas area and always refer to her.
She is very professional, always there when needed and I refer any clients to her from Reno if they needed someone. I would recommend her to anyone in the mortgage industry.
Jul 1, 2013
Sr Loan Processor
Caleen Chamberlain is the best. Always courteous and prompt. She is very responsible and very responsive, never lets an email or phone call go unanswered. I use Caleen every chance I get for escrows.
Jul 1, 2013
Loan Officer
Caleen Chamberlain has by far provided the best service to our Office here in Reno, NV. We transact many mortgages in the Las Vegas, Henderson Area. She is incredibly responsive and her customer service surpasses any and all of our needs.
I am a Loan Office with Land Home Financial Services, Inc. And I highly recommend adding such a stellar Escrow Office to your tool belt!
I must add, that in this area of Southern Nevada, we had gone through 3 other Title Companies before finding this jewel!

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