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May 16, 2015

Anonymous recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Tina and her team did great work! The transaction was smooth with no surprises and they made it stress free for my client by coming to my office. Thank you!
May 12, 2015

George Grissom recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Real Estate Broker

Tina has been an invaluable part of our team. She has been pivotal in the success of more transactions that I can remember. What ever it takes to get the deal closed, she does it... and then some.
May 1, 2015

Brian Bergquist recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

President of Pacific Coast Financial

We are in the process of closing our second transaction with Tina Ostlund at Ticor Title. Tina has been great through every step of the process. It sure makes everything easier when you have a person like Tina handling your closings! I would recommend Tina for all of your escrow needs!! She is fantastic! We could not be happier with her service!
Jan 26, 2015

Angela Balducci recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Sr. Processor

Tina is great to work with. I've been working with her for 7+ years now. She is on top of her files and make sure they close on time. Highly recommended for escrow services!
Dec 22, 2014

Joyce Lowe recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood


I would like to highly recommend Tina. I have worked with her for a number of years now and have been nothing but pleased with how professional she is and how she makes every effort possible to make sure my transactions close on time. When she moved from another company I moved with her that's just how good I think she is. I have been selling real estate since 1987 and have worked with a number of different escrow agents and she is one of the BEST. Please don't hesitate to work with her, you will be glad you did!
Dec 17, 2014

Todd Morton recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Mortgage Originator

In twenty five years as a Mortgage Originator, I believe Tina Ostlund to be the best Escrow Officer I have ever worked with. She truly understands the relationship between the borrower the lender and Realtors, which makes her an important part of the team. Tina is always proactive , professional and accurate. I know I can count on her to make loans close timely and keep clients happy. The escrow process is far too important not to have the most professional closer. Tina and her team are also a valuable resource for information which I sincerily appreciate.

I HIGHLY recommend Tina, and always my choice for escrow. She is absolutely a pleasure to work with!
Dec 12, 2014

Suzanne Craft recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Loan Coodinator

I first met Tina back in October of November 2010 when I was doing mobile notary signings. I could tell immediately that she was incredibly professional and great at her job. Having past escrow experience prior to this meeting, I understand the stress of the business and how important it is to manage that stress well while working quickly and efficiently. A few months later, I got a job as a Loan Officer Assistant at Sterling Bank and began sending all my loan officers business to her. I now work at Caliber home loans and continue to send all my refinance business to Tina and whatever purchase business I can as well. I have now been working with her for over 4 years and never had one complaint. She treats my borrowers amazing and always gets the job done better than I could ever ask. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and I know my clients are always in great hands! We are always getting sold by other Title companies to use other escrow agents but I would never work with anyone but Tina when given the choice!
Dec 3, 2014

Paul Favro recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Real Estate Broker and Investor

Tina is absolutely great at what she does! I use her exclusively any chance I can. Her professionalism, knowledge, and customer service skills are the best, bar none. When it comes to surrounding yourself with a team to close deals Tina needs to be a part of it. As a real estate broker it's important to build a team that you don't have to look over or worry about, having Tina on my transactions gives me all the confidence in the world that we will close.
Nov 7, 2014

Alicia Hoare recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Loan Officer

I have worked with Tina for 8 years and she has always done an amazing job for me. She is pleasant to work with directly and I have always had positive feedback from my clients as well. I feel lucky to work with such a professional.
Nov 7, 2014

Alycia Edmonds recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Loan Officer

I have been working with Tina for about 6 years now. If you need a closing done right, this is who you send your clients to. She makes my job easier by helping with a smooth transaction and always being ahead of the game. She always gets us our HUDs quickly and done correctly, answers questions timely, and she's a smiling face that signs clients and makes them feel comfortable and confident with their transaction.
I've continued to follow Tina wherever she goes, as I know it's going to be the best spot for my clients as long as we have her to turn work with. Thank you, Tina, for being my go-to escrow resource for so long now!
Nov 7, 2014

Shannon M recommends Ticor Title Lynnwood

Loan Officer Assistant

I have been working with Tina for about the last 2 years and I wish I could work with her on every transaction! Tina is great with communication and is always so quick to follow up. When you are trying to coordinate last minute signings or estimated HUD corrections it's so great to have someone so on top of everything. My team loves working with Tina and I also recommend her to Real Estate Agents we work with.

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