Jason Bruch

Sales Executive - Carson City/Gardnerville Ticor Title Northern Nevada
Oct 16, 2019
Sales Executive
Put Jason Bruch in a room with anyone, and chances are he will be able to relate somehow. Simply put, Jason can talk to anyone. He communicates with empathy and truly cares about those individuals he works with. This universal appeal transcends to Jason’s clientele, as he works with realtors and lenders from all walks of life while consistently providing value-added solutions. Jason has simply dominated a nuanced market by taking a versatile approach as what works for one client in Carson City and/or Gardnerville might not work for another. He is always available to assist his clientele by being highly responsive and utilizing a service-oriented approach from day one. Jason’s ethical and genuine character is what truly sets him apart from other sales executives in Northern Nevada. He is a family man who holds true to his values with honesty and integrity being most important. Jason would never compromise his values to gain business, and his clientele respects him for remaining steadfast. He is well-liked throughout the industry as evidenced by his recent election to affiliate director of Sierra Nevada Realtors. Jason’s unique skill set, positive and engaging personality, and tireless dedication to his clientele sets him apart in the title and escrow industry.
Nov 2, 2017
Jason Is an amazing sales rep, he is always available and has been a huge player in my businesses growth and success. Jason is very detail orientated.
Dec 22, 2016
Realtor, Nevada Premier Properties, LLC
Clients of mine have employed Ticor Title to assist them in buying and selling residential properties in Carson City, Nevada. Jason Bruch has repeatedly answered complex questions and supplied documentation with valuable details so clients did proceed to finalize their real estate contracts swiftly and timely. I rely on Mr. Bruch and the professionals at Ticor Title to support my efforts.

Reliability is the Key that unlocks the door to my Real Estate business. You can rely on Jason Bruch. I have learned that over and over.
Mar 21, 2016
I have had the pleasure to work with Jason and get to know him personally. Jason takes time to make sure his clients are taken care of. He has great follow through and I can count on him and his team when I need them. Jason is a good person and goes out of his way to help others.

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