Maggie Metcalf

President, County Manager Ticor Title Portland
At Ticor Title Company of Oregon, we believe that our best asset is our employees. We are a Fortune 500 company that encourages autonomy and entrepreneurship. We empower our employees, invest in their success and provide training and leadership opportunities. As a 23 year veteran who started with the company pulling plat maps, I can attest to the opportunities our company provides. Here at Ticor Title Portland ideas are shared and encouraged. Our management team takes pride in growing for the future and I feel fortunate to be a part of that team. Our team success is born from a culture of building relationships and fueled by providing the highest level of professional services for our clients.
Sep 4, 2018
AVP - Sales Manager
Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others, and I believe that Maggie is someone who truly measures her success by her ability to help others to grow and improve. She has a unique ability to lead a team not only by influence and example, but also by the way she encourages us to have faith, confidence and belief in ourselves. She has gained trust from her team by offering solutions when needed, and also by teaching and empowering her team to look within ourselves and realize that we are capable of finding and owning the solutions for our business.

Growing her career from an entry level position, to now working as President, the story of Maggie’s successful career is truly a testament that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” She is never one to hold back when an opportunity is presented to her, no matter how challenging. I have learned from her to always say YES when an opportunity is presented and the path will be opened. Maggie always operates with the highest level of integrity. She is a very effective communicator and is diligent and purposeful in the way she runs our organization. Not only is Maggie fabulous at her job - she is also super fun to be around, has a quick wit, a growth mindset as well as an extremely positive and optimistic attitude! I am very grateful for the influence Maggie has had on my life, both personally and professionally!
Aug 14, 2018
Sr. Escrow Officer
Maggie, what is there not to love about Maggie! I went thru a very tough year medically and had to have 2 major surgeries and was off work for a total of 7 weeks after just moving back from Maui and I had only been back for 8 months. Maggie stood behind me all the way not just with work and holding my position but with true love, compassion, thoughtfulness and support personally. She actually came to my house to visit me after the first surgery and that meant that world to me, that she would take time out of her busy day to come see me and sit with me just to make sure I was alright. That is a boss that I want in my corner!

Work wise, Maggie is firm but fair and has nothing but the best intentions for her employees and the company. She is thoughtful in so many ways and cares deeply about each of us.

Thank you Maggie for being the amazing woman and leader that you are!!!!!!

Aug 14, 2018
Escrow Operations Manager
I have had the pleasure of working with Maggie for almost a year and a half. Maggie is truly an amazing leader and empowers her management team on a daily basis. She is a true believer of investing in the personal and professional growth of our entire operation. Her energy and smile are infectious! I cannot imagine working anywhere else!
Jun 28, 2017
Operations Assistant
Maggie is one of the most encouraging and empowering individuals I have met. Her passion for helping people grow and accomplish their goals is apparent in the way she runs our organization on a daily basis. Maggie's breadth of knowledge, consistent positivity, and sense of humor are unparalleled. She makes it easy to want to come to work everyday!
Jun 26, 2017
NCS/NTS Business Development, AVP
I met Maggie three years ago and I’ve had the privilege of working with her this year. She approaches people, opportunities, and challenges with great energy and enthusiasm. I appreciate her responsiveness, organization, and solution-oriented focus. Maggie has shown me that she cares very much about the success of our organization and works very hard to create opportunities for her employees to succeed and thrive.
Nov 18, 2016
VP/Sales Manager
Maggie is an inspirational leader who has a positive approach to life and work. She is a colleague who I can count on to collaborate with on growth initiatives, problem solving, and culture building. Maggie is a great asset to our company!
Aug 26, 2016
Senior Commercial Sales Executive
Maggie is awesome always cheering us on, supporting us in reaching our goals and makes herself available to meet with employees and clients. She takes time to get to know us as individuals and recognizes our achievements.

She and the other managers provide a very positive work environment.
Don't hesitate to come join our team!
Jun 15, 2015
Administrative Assistant
I take great pride in recommending Maggie Metcalf. I've had the privilege of working closely with her over the last three years and have come to know Maggie as a fabulous and fun leader. Maggie embodies a commitment to outstanding performance and exemplary customer service. A motivating leader, Maggie also enjoys making the work-experience actually fun! We work hard, and we know our goals, with the customer being always at the forefront of our minds. More than just work, however, Maggie fosters the workplace as an encouraging team-environment where we can achieve together, and celebrate our successes together. For me, this is the place to be. Rock on Maggie!
Aug 13, 2014
Senior Escrow Officer
Maggie is high energy and always finds the positive to encourage her team. She is a resource, a sounding board and not afraid to try new things. She is loyal and supportive, always with the goal of having her employees succeed. She empowers her team and appreciates all that each person brings.
Jun 27, 2014
Chicago Title Sales Executive
We are lucky to have Maggie leading our company. Her dedication to our operation shines through daily. She cares about her employee’s success and our individual goals. She is incredibility supportive and is always happy to jump in and help whenever we need her. Maggie is approachable and open to hearing ideas and suggestions. I appreciate that she works hard and likes to have fun too. Under Maggie’s leadership I feel valued, supported and in great hands.
May 7, 2014
Sr. Escrow Officer, Lake Oswego Unit
My testimonal for Maggie,

Maggie brings a ton of energy to the table as our County Manager. With Maggie managing us we are in good hands and for me it is so wonderful to have a manager that once did the job I do every day. She gets it and that is what we need as employees. I feel this company is going the correct direction and it is because of Maggie making great decisions. We are truly blessed to have her here managing our company.
Apr 28, 2014
Escrow Officer/Branch Manager
I have worked with Maggie for a few years now and have come to really enjoy and respect her management style. She is a very hands on manager that really relates to both her employees and clients. Her dedication to the customer service levels are unsurpassed and she always has a smile on her face!
Apr 25, 2014
Escrow Officer/LPO
Having Maggie as my County Manager was a wonderful experience. She had such enthusiasm and positive energy it truly propelled us forward and helped us to raise the bar.

I especially appreciated that she treated everyone equally and the "rules" were the same for everyone and not just a chosen few. She is fair and open to listening to your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and when needed constructive venting.

You would be fortunate to work on her team!

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