Candy Church

Senior Title Officer Ticor Title San Diego
Aug 26, 2015
American Consumer Mortgage, Inc.
I have been working with Candy Church for way way too long. Seriously....There is better TO in the whole State of California. I have done loans from Davis to Chula Vista border. Candy is the best.

Last week I was getting beat up, spit out, chewed up and manhandled by this lender in New Jersey who refuses to pick up and talk on the phone. For 3 days we were unresolved and Candy stood by me and she held her ground and God Bless her because I was doing battle on a loan we have spent literally months working on. I was floored at how we were being treated by New Jersey, yet Candy was a complete professional and she explained legally they why what and how's. She was pure genius and I am so happy to have her in my corner.

I have followed Candy and I will not use any other title officer. She is truly the best.

I just thought you should now how special this amazing woman is. I have been in this industry 28 years....I know how good good is

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