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Ticor Title offers clients the most comprehensive real estate services in the nation. From title and escrow services to mandatory disclosure, you can count on Ticor Title for your important real estate needs. Ticor Title has a solid track record of serving its clients with accuracy and efficiency, and has unrivaled financial strength to back you and your client's policy.

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Recommendations (25)

Oct 1, 2019

Chelsea Peitz recommends Seana Fields

Natl Dir of Social Sales

Seana's passion for adding value to her clients, prospects and the stakeholders in the real estate business has been one of the best stories throughout our company. She is constantly learning and on the leading edge of technology, business practices and has a growth mentality like few I've met.
Sep 13, 2016

Tamara Altman recommends Shirley Gilbert

I cannot recommend Shirley and her team highly enough. I worked with them to buy my first house and they were so amazing!! Incredibly responsive, thorough, informed, informative, and kind. I would use no one else for my escrow services in the future. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with them.
Jun 21, 2016

Sally Conrad recommends Shirley Gilbert

Real Estate Broker

Shirley has exceeded my expectations in every single transaction that she has completed for me, and my clients. She is extremely responsive, competent, tenacious, and an excellent communicator. I know my clients are in trusted hands when I open escrow with Shirley! Keep up the excellent work.
May 23, 2016

Dustin Caldwell recommends Shirley Gilbert

Professional Mobile Notary

I have completed 100's of files for Shirley, there is really no one in the industry that I enjoy working with as much as her! She is always professional and still remains a pleasure to work with. I look forward to helping her close many many more transactions!
Feb 26, 2016

Hannah Robertson recommends Ellie Ludy


Ellie is a true professional. Her experience as a real estate agent gives her great insight as to what I need down to the last detail. She is helpful every step of the way and is always looking for ways to help. She is very personable and great to work with. Ellie is a true advocate for me and I know I can count on her and her team. I highly recommend Ellie for your title needs.
Feb 18, 2016

Anthony Wilkins recommends Ellie Ludy

Loan Officer

Ellie is committed and enthusiastic at her job. She is sincere and cares for her clients. She plays an instrumental role in my business and whenever I need her she is there to respond in a timely fashion. Next time you are in need of services from a title company or a genareal question about real estate, give her a call! Ellie has years of experience and can wear every hat in the real esate business.
Feb 17, 2016

Naomi Thorne recommends Ellie Ludy


Ellie is absolutely wonderful - I highly recommend her. Not only is she great at her job but she's also kind, hardworking, and extremely helpful. Ellie has become my "go to" for all things title related and has provided me with farms that have really helped my business - she is also my "go to" for advice as she has vast experience and the most creative ideas! My partner, Katherine Thorne, and I can't thank Ellie enough and definitely credit a lot of our success to her input. I consider myself so fortunate to have connected with Ellie and look forward to a long and successful relationship with her and Fidelity!
Feb 16, 2016

Meghan Duffy recommends Ellie Ludy

Realtor and CPA

Ellie is wonderful to work with. She goes above and beyond for her clients and provides the highest level of service with an exceptionally happy and energetic energy that can't help but rub off o. Everyone around her. I highly recommend Ellie.
Feb 14, 2016

Debora January recommends Ellie Ludy


Give Ellie a call, and she will provide fantastic customer service. She gave me very helpful tips and materials that will help me stay on top of my business. I was extremely impressed!
Feb 12, 2016

Beth Ellis recommends Ellie Ludy

Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential, SF and Marin

Cannot say enough remarkable things about Ellie and how she's helped me. She's kind, thoughtful and a wonderful professional with many years of knowledge under her belt. She obviously understand the Title business, but she also has an intimate knowledge of the real estate industry. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.
Dec 9, 2015

Marian Dalke recommends Shirley Gilbert

Loan Consultant

Shirley has been a trusted name here in the Salem area for many years. I have had the pleasure of working with her for 25 years. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and is able to work through many different scenarios with ease and professionalism. I attend my closings and am always confident in Shirley's ability to explain each document to my clients and her personable approach provides ease and trust.

I definitely recommend Shirley as a pro-active and trusted escrow agent!
Dec 9, 2015

Shelly Samson recommends Shirley Gilbert

Broker - REMAX Integrity

Shirley has provided a level of excellence that is valued and hard to find. She is very competent and committed to doing whatever it takes to educate our clients, accommodate difficult scheduling conflicts and most of all, close our deals accurately and punctually. She is an asset to the real estate industry in Salem, Or.
Dec 7, 2015

Melina Tomson recommends Shirley Gilbert

Principal Broker/Owner

I've been working with Shirley for around 10 years now. There are so many good things to say about the quality experience that she gives to clients during what can be a very stressful time for home buyers and sellers.

First, she does a great job of explaining documents to clients so that it doesn't feel quite so overwhelming. She is very personable which puts clients at ease which is very important. My clients have only said good things about working with her.

Second, she is proactive so there aren't any last minute glitches that come from title and escrow. Whether it is having to deal with American Embassies and sellers signing out of the country or buyers physically in a moving van across the country when loan documents hit escrow to be signed, she takes it all in stride.

Third, she is great for answering all of those questions I have when something unusual pops up on a title report. She has such a breadth of experience that there really isn't too much that she hasn't seen in her many years in title and escrow. Her knowledge base is great to tap into when needed.

Shirley is just an exceptional escrow officer, and I have no qualms about recommending her to anyone.

Dec 5, 2015

John Tate recommends Shirley Gilbert

Principal Broker

It has been my privilege to work with Shirley Gilbert for over 10 years. I have been consistently impressed over those years with Shirley's competency, skill, knowledge and demeanor. She always been positive, encouraging, helpful and very friendly. She has a great sense of humor while keeping the highest level of professionalism. She truly is one of the very best in her industry and it has been a pleasure to work with her. I can always count on her to be on top of all of the myriad of details in any transaction and she has never dropped the ball one time in all the times I have worked with her. i highly recommend her to all.
Dec 3, 2015

Kim Windfeather recommends Shirley Gilbert

Real Estate Broker

Shirley is truly amazing! The best escrow officer in Salem! She amazed me the first time I saw her in action, and she continues to impress me. She's quick, efficient, communicates, knowledgeable, and is a joy to work with. I always know my clients are in excellent hands when she's at the helm. I'm happy for the new journey her and her family are about to embark upon, but it is sad times for those of us who will be without her. She will be greatly missed!
Dec 3, 2015

Darryl Woods recommends Shirley Gilbert

Branch Manager / Mortgage Originations

Once in a great while there comes a person who always provides stable, consistant, and reliable results. And in doing so allows you to create an excellence of service to your clients. Ms. Gilbert is that person. For over 10 years Shirley has afforded those opportunities to me. I will always be indebted to her.
Dec 3, 2015

Linda Tipton recommends Shirley Gilbert

Real Estate Broker

I have known Shirley for years and she has been one of the best escrow officers in Salem. Always on top of things, has the experience and knowledge to handle almost any situation . Very happy for her new endeavor but she will truly be missed.
May 24, 2014

Patrick Tacy and George Gray recommend Shirley Gilbert

Retired realtors

We have worked with Shirley for more years than she might want us to mention. In the process she has become a true friend. She has always gone the extra mile in meeting our needs as well as our clients. She would meet us early or stay late to make sure the job was done. Efficient, hardworking, and personable only begin to describe Shirley. We highly recommend her.
May 10, 2014

Tania L. Turnell recommends Shirley Gilbert

Real Estate Broker

Shirley Gilbert has been my Escrow Officer for about 13 years...and yes, I would use her again! As you know, there are certain bumps in the road with every Real Estate transaction and Shirley has helped me solve quite a few of them. She has a warm and greeting personality and always makes my clients feel important and that of course reflects nicely on me. I would highly recommend her for all of your escrow and closing needs.
May 8, 2014

jake buckendorf recommends Shirley Gilbert

real estate broker

I have been closing with Fidelity for 13 years. Shirley Gilbert has been a great escrow officer to work with. Her support staff is second to none and Shirley has never let me down, not once! I Enjoy working with her and always look forward to writing her name on my contracts as the closing officer.
May 8, 2014

Jim Bedingfield recommends Shirley Gilbert

Sr Loan officer

Shirley is by far the best escrow officer I work with . Her love of what she does shows in every closing.
May 8, 2014

Steve Parker recommends Shirley Gilbert

Sales Manager

I have worked with Shirley now for almost twenty years and she is the major contributing factor to why I still use Fidelity National Title and reccomend their services. Shirley is very
commited to provideing excellent customer service and goes way above and beyond to make sure everyone involved in the transaction is well informed. She is very accurate and
understands the finer points real estate finance and title and escrow. She is always my go to person for questions regarding title and escrow and always makes my customers feel
well taken care of. I can't say enough good things about her.
May 8, 2014

Dana Burk recommends Shirley Gilbert

Principal Broker

Shirley helps create our Celebration at the closing table. We have sparkling cider and chocolate. Shirley puts clients at ease by going over the most important documents first, the Settlement Statement, HUD1, their payment and their Deed of Trust for buyers. Then they sign the stack of papers. We toast at the end and take pictures with the happy clients. We always go over the documents in advance to make sure there are no surprises for the client and to make sure Shirley has all the documents she needs. Since we attend all our closings, she knows to let us schedule it so we can be there as well as the lender if they use one of our excellent local lenders. I enjoy working with Shirley and her team to make it a wonderful experience for our customers.
May 8, 2014

Jay Seymour recommends Shirley Gilbert

Mortgage Loan Originator

Shirley Gilbert rocks! She's great at her job; professional, yet friendly. She makes you and your client feel as though you're her only client, which is a rare thing.

Shirley is outstanding in the closing room as well; fully explaining everything to the level each individual client requires.

You simply can't go wrong using Shirley for your escrow needs.
May 8, 2014

Scott Price recommends Shirley Gilbert

Mortgage Banker

I have had the pleasure of working with Shirley for almost two decades. Her level of professionalism and service is inspiring. It is readily apparent that Shirley always puts the needs of the client first and will go to great lengths to accomplish a positive outcome. I highly recommend Shirley and the Salem branch of Fidelity National Title. Trust me; there is a difference!!!

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