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Recommendations (685)

Feb 18, 2020

Debbie Pool recommends Jamie Baker

Home Owner

My husband and I agree that closing with Jamie was the best ever. She made it easy and fun. It's a pleasure to work with such a great professional!
Feb 15, 2020

Tiffany berg recommends Jamie Baker


Jamie Baker did a fantastic job. Completed the transaction in a timely manner. Always responded to any need quickly! I would use her again and again. Thank you Jamie
Feb 14, 2020

Deborah Ostroeski recommends Jamie Baker

I had the pleasure of working with Jamie on two closings in 4 months. Jamie answered all of my questions promptly and with the ease of a true professional. She is a very personable woman. I was a novice buyer and I knew I was in good hands with Jamie. I highly recommend!!
Feb 14, 2020

Angela Koregelos recommends Jamie Baker

Jamie did an excellent job when I recently sold my condo. In fact, the sale was scheduled to close while my husband and I were out of state, and Jamie arranged for a notary to meet me at the hotel with papers ready. Everything went smoothly.
Thank you Jamie!
Feb 14, 2020

Vanessa Young recommends Jamie Baker


Jamie is amazing! Always on top of things and keeps us all informed. She is my go to for a quick easy closing. Thanks Jamie, here’s to many more.
Feb 14, 2020

Tami C recommends Jamie Baker

Financial Svc

Jamie is very professional and courteous. She is a pleasure to work with!
Feb 13, 2020

ROBERT MCLELLAN recommends Jamie Baker

President McLellan Writing Team

Jamie was great to work with and professional and personable. My wife Laura and I would recommend her services to anyone in Ashland.
Feb 11, 2020

Gustav recommends Jamie Baker


Jamie is a life saver! The caregivers I depend on were waaay stressed over this home purchase, Christmas, and other stuff I don't understand. I'd see them jabber and worry. But whenever they were doing stuff with Jamie, they seemed at ease and had time to go for a walk. So, I really appreciate Jamie making it easy for them. Thanks!
Feb 11, 2020

tom winter recommends Jamie Baker

Jamie was very professional and personal. Got us through our transaction quickly and accurately.
Feb 11, 2020

Anonymous recommends Jamie Baker

Jamie was awesome! She worked with our realtor and under a time crunch to close escrow by the end of the year.
Feb 11, 2020

Karla Jefferson recommends Cordy Craner

Cordy is the best, I know my clients will walk away with knowing what each document they signed means and have any questions that they have answered. I wish I had Cordy on every transaction I do.
Feb 11, 2020

Sterling Tennen recommends Jamie Baker


Jamie made the process of selling our home very easy and professional.
Feb 11, 2020

Daniel Belenky recommends Jamie Baker


Great job. It all went smoothly.
Feb 11, 2020

Ute conly recommends Jamie Baker

I found Jamie to be a huge help in the complicated process of selling my former home from the distance. She arranged everything well, always answering my questions promptly and completely throughout it all and made everything go smoothly. Thank you, Jamie!
Feb 10, 2020

Jill Lange recommends Jamie Baker


Jamie is amazing at what she does. Communicative, responsive and available to both me, as the buyer's agent, and to my buyers. I highly recommend Jamie, her team, and her company to anyone in need of an escrow company. Thank you Jamie!
Feb 10, 2020

Stephanie Lent recommends Jamie Baker

Oregon Real Estate Broker

Jamie Baker does an outstanding job with each and every transaction we do together. She responds quickly, offers excellent customer service to both my clients and me, answers all questions promptly, and goes above and beyond to ensure our closings happen on time. I highly recommend her! She is very professional and always gets the job done in a timely manner. Thank you Jamie!
Feb 10, 2020

Linda Haxton recommends Jamie Baker

Real Estate Broker

Jamie Baker and her team are great! Jamie have been very responsive to all our escrow needs and will even communicate on evenings and weekend if it is timely and necessary. She will go the extra mile to make sure our clients are well taken care of and at peace with the process. When closings occur, she is always ready with the file and plans ahead so that last minute hiccups are dealt with. I also appreciate all her constant updates during the escrow period so we are all on the same page and not worried something was missed. She is a hard worker and dedicated to her professionalism even when things get very busy and stressful. Thanks Jamie!
Feb 10, 2020

John Batarick recommends Jamie Baker

Operations Specialist-Fee Coordinator

Jamie Baker was outstanding to work with on our mutual client's file. She was knowledgeable and helpful. She communicated quickly and efficiently and all in all, was absolutely great to work with! I definitely would recommend her to anyone.
Feb 10, 2020

Susan Ramamurthy recommends Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker did a great job. Everything about the sale of our house went smoothly and quickly.
She kept us updated via e-mail efficiently. Highly recommended!

Feb 7, 2020

J. Adam Bogle recommends Jamie Baker

Principal Broker

Jamie has been handling escrows for my clients for over 15 years with great professionalism and proficiency.
She goes above and beyond to make the experience a quality one, and always has a good attitude, even when I ask her ridiculous questions or when I have specialized requests.
Feb 6, 2020

Marianne Padilla recommends Jamie Baker

Owner of Marianne Padilla Real Estate

Jamie and her entire team did an amazing job for my client and I . I highly recommend them. They are knowledgeable and very responsive...fast and efficient!
Feb 6, 2020

Heidi Wahl recommends Cindy Fox

Cynthia & Amber make the best team......low-stress, efficient and always go above and beyond.
Feb 5, 2020

Anonymous recommends Jamie Baker

Jamie did a great job and was always quick to reply to any questions!
Feb 5, 2020

Ron Newsom recommends Jamie Baker

Jamie did a great job handling the close of my house here in Brookings, Oregon.
She was there to answer any questions, in a quick and timely manner. I would recommended her services.
Feb 5, 2020

paul hill recommends Jamie Baker

property owner

Jamie handled two sales transactions for us. One was for a large, expensive residential property that involved a number of easements and restrictions and took over two years to sell. The other was a small cottage with a 2/3 acre lot. In both cases, Jamie was thorough, thoughtful, very helpful and courteous and willing to work with us to get any issues resolved. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a capable title officer to handle real estate closings in the Ashland area.

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