Cordy Craner

Escrow Officer Ticor Title Southern Oregon
Cordy Craner has been in the Title/Escrow field for over 27 years in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. She has extensive experience in closing all phases of Residential and Commercial real estate transactions. She holds certifications in Washington as a Limited Practice Officer and in Oregon as a Certified Escrow Officer and is a member of Oregon Escrow Council, Washington State Bar Association and Rotary. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, gardening and fishing (when John, her husband, baits the hook).
Aug 31, 2019
Thank you much Cordy Craner for getting this Cabin closed in 2 weeks, and for my clients to be able to enjoy for Labor Day weekend.
Aug 14, 2019
Cordy and staff are an important part of my business. I could not do this without such important team members. Team work makes the dream work.
Aug 2, 2019
Cordy and her team is the best!
Jun 28, 2019
Cordy Craner is a wonderful asset to each transaction we have worked on together. She is approachable, kind, funny, and most importantly full of valuable knowledge. She and her team are always quick to respond to every issue. Thank you Cordy!
Jun 28, 2019
Cordy and Ticor are always my first choice to use if I am given that option. I know anything that comes up will be handled in the best way possible.
Jun 12, 2019
Cordy Craner has always proven over and over why she is among the best Escrow Officers in Southern Oregon. Always willing to tackle what seems like in impossible task but goes right after the issue or get in touch with the person who can help the transaction proceed forward to closing!
Jun 3, 2019
Cordy is an asset I can't live without. Thanks to her an her team for always doing such an amazing job.
May 3, 2019
Love Cordy Craner and her team. They make the whole experience so pleasurable for all my clients. Thanks Kathy
May 1, 2019
Way to go Cordy! I really appreciate you and Mike McDuffy who also did an outstanding job on this transaction! Thank you so much! Raelynn Barker, Broker Finish Line Real Estate, LLC 201 W. Main St. Suite #1A Medford, OR 97501 Licensed in Oregon State
May 1, 2019
Cordy is very professional and knowledgeable. She is friendly to my clients and is s friend as well.
Apr 27, 2019
Cordy Craner always goes above and beyond. WE love working with her!!!
Apr 25, 2019
Cordy did an excellent job with my first time home buyers! We even had an out-of-state co-borrower. Everything closed on time!
Apr 20, 2019
Best in the west
Apr 1, 2019
Cordy craner went beyond expectation signing the buyer at 6:30 am because the buyer had to work at 7;30. She explained the documents to the first time buyer clearly. She a great escrow officer.
Mar 23, 2019
When I send an escrow to Cordy Craner at Ticor Title, I know that no matter how complicated the transaction, she will go the extra mile to help me get it done. Her dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism set her apart from others. All that and a joyful attitude at the closing table makes it easy for my clients. Every interaction with Cordy is a pure delight! Joseph Suste, Principal Broker, Real Estate for You.
Mar 16, 2019
Cordy Craner and her team always go above and beyond for me and my clients. I try to use them as much as I can.
Mar 7, 2019
This was the hardest transaction I have had in my career and it wouldn't of closed without Cordy and Mike. I don't ever want to use anyone else!!
Feb 8, 2019
Ticor Title was an integral part of us being ready to close within 13 days from accepted contract on this financed transaction! That's a big deal!
Feb 7, 2019
Cordy Craner with Ticor Title was professional and efficient through out the escrow. She accommodated my Seller and that is important to me. I look forward to working with Cordy Craner again.
Jan 27, 2019
Every once in a while circumstances cause a file/transaction to stretch over several years and this transaction was one of those. Extended times aren't usually good however, when things get tense I can count on Ticor to partner with us and our goals to make the transaction a positive experience for all parties. Their experience shows and brings comfort to those tense moments.
Jan 26, 2019
I know there is nothing to worry about when Cordy is the escrow officer. She is amazing, nothing ruffles her. I love it when she says no big deal we will get it done!!!
Jan 19, 2019
I have worked with Cordy for years. I value her experience and professionalism.
Jan 9, 2019
I Highly recommend Cordy and her staff! They allways get things done on time even when faced with some of the most difficult situations. Most importantly they are very responsive, time after time again and again!
Dec 20, 2018
Cordy and her team are amazing. I always love when I get to work with them.
Dec 8, 2018
This particular transaction was not normal in any way with the involvement of HUD, a Community Development Block Grant,and a Non-Profit. With so many unknowns and moving parts in the process, the Ticor team made the process seem utterly smooth even though behind the scenes it was surely a struggle. On the clients end and on my end it was a 5 star performance!! Thank you Ticor!

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