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Recommendations (50)

Dec 11, 2019

Eve Cohen recommends Susan Sims

Chief Financial Officer

Susan is that rare agent who is ONLY in the deal for YOU. She never forgets who she is negotiating for and she is always available for answering questions, scheduling needed improvements and just being a friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Nov 5, 2019

Eric Albert recommends Susan Sims

Susan is tremendously helpful, listens very well, and is incredibly patient and supportive. And when you need her for something, she puts in 110%. She's gone far above and beyond what we expected of a realtor every single step of the way, and is continuing to help us out with details related to our new house after we've closed. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a phenomenal realtor around Los Altos and Mountain View.
Jul 30, 2019

Lubos Parobek recommends Susan Sims

VP Product

I've both bought and sold a property with Susan, and she never ceases to amaze me with her proactive approach and attention to detail. Throughout the sale of my last property Susan handled every detail and made the sale a smooth and painless experience. I could rest easy knowing she'd handle everything, and get me the highest possible value for my property.
Apr 26, 2019

Jim Yeh recommends Susan Sims


Susan is very diligent and dependable in helping us to find our new home. She is very responsive to our needs and always manages to answer our questions and to provide us with whatever information we needed. Communication was excellent, not just between us and Susan, but also between Susan and the selling agent. Susan went above and beyond, personally delivering our offer to the buyer and reading our letter aloud to the sellers themselves. Her hard work and experience helped us to land the hone of our dreams and we will gladly work with her again in our future hone endevours. Susan, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. Jim & Joyce.
Apr 9, 2019

Howard Hartenbaum recommends Susan Sims


I've been working with Susan since I moved to the Los Altos area 15 years ago. She helped me buy three and sell two properties thus far. She is patient, professional and even keeled during the stressful process of dealing with multi million dollar transactions. In each case she helped me get a fair deal that I felt confident in and there have never been any surprises. Her advice has always proven to be on the mark, such as holding out for a higher offer when selling. If I do another real estate transaction, I absolutely will ask Susan for her assistance again.
Dec 31, 2018

Lisa and Steve Horowitz recommend Susan Sims

Susan Sims did an excellent job from start to finish. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. Her warmth and professionalism inspired our confidence and dispelled any anxiety we had about selling our Los Altos house while living in the Los Angeles area. Working with a team of skilled and dependable people, Susan managed the many details and issues involved with our sale calmly and efficiently, while keeping us well advised and promptly addressing any questions or concerns we had along the way. Susan is the best. We highly recommend her.
Jul 23, 2018

Dorothy Wang recommends Susan Sims

Susan Sims has been a great agent to work with. She follows the real estate market and knows about the area very well. She is not pushy, let us take time to get familiar with the market. When we got interested in a house, she gave us valuable information about the house, its pro and cons, and let us make informed decision. We finally got a house we really like. After we purchased the house, she helped us get connected with a reliable handyman who then directs the necessary repairs of the house. Overall, Susan has been very pleasant to work with, and she guides us through the process and make it a happy experience for us.
Jun 22, 2018

Elaine Yen recommends Susan Sims


Susan has helped us on two occasions; once to purchase a property and most recently to sell a property.
Years ago as "newbies" to the area, Susan was able to provide us with a wealth of information with regard to purchasing the best property to meet our needs. She explained how the market on the West Coast worked and was tireless researching properties that would fit the bill. We did find a property that worked so well for our investment needs. After that, she was also helpful when there was work to be done at the property. She also has a wealth of resources to get the job done.
Most recently, Susan was able to help us sell this same property. Because we don't live in the area, Susan helped to bring the property to show at its best. There were repairs to be made, painting to be done, cleaning, staging and more. Susan had it all under control. She was great about keeping us abreast of what was going on at all times, provided us a schedule, and researched nearby properties for sale prior to our open houses.
I can't say enough about Susan's knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic. Should you be looking to purchase a property or selling a property, Susan is your agent. She will put everything she has into finding what's right for you.
Mar 3, 2018

Archana Verma recommends Susan Sims

We were referred to Susan by a colleague of my spouse. We had a daunting task of finding a home in the Bay Area while living in a different state. Susan made the task infinitely easy for us with extreme thoroughness, complete clarity and exhaustive communication with us. It is quite unprecedented for us to have been able to make a purchase decision at such a fast pace. We believe that Susan's expertise and very generous availability for quick communication turn around with us at every step , was one of the biggest factors in expediting our search and closing a deal. Susan's prompt and generous help after the closing of the purchase was even more incredibly helpful to us to tie the loose ends post-purchase from a distance. We whole heartedly recommend Susan to anyone who is hoping to work with someone who offers the best of both worlds - thorough professionalism and generous accessibility. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any more questions we can help answer.
Oct 23, 2017

Jennie Goldenson recommends Susan Sims


I have bought and sold many homes before, and Susan is by far the best realtor that I have ever met. She listened to our goals, needs and budget, and then designed a plan for updating our home and getting it market-ready. She knows the market like no one else. We had some pretty tricky circumstances (divorce, etc) and Susan just made it all so easy. She allowed us the flexibility to be as involved as we wanted to be, and was in constant communication about the process (which is something we had requested). She is the most honest, hard-working, and experienced realtor in the Bay Area. I'm pretty sure she doesn't sleep. In the end, Susan sold our home for top dollar. My ex-husband and I both give Susan our highest recommendation.
Oct 12, 2017

Koelli and Rohit Mungee recommend Susan Sims

Susan is an absolute pleasure to work with and a true professional with valuable experience and a warm personality. Susan's in depth knowledge of the bay area market and Los Altos in particular helped us find our dream house. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in the area!
Jul 7, 2017

Emily Wu and Drew Hoffman recommend Susan Sims

Executive Recruiter and Fundraising Consultant

We would highly recommend Susan to anyone considering buying or selling a home. Susan is highly professional, experienced, responsive and great to work with in general. She understands the market and will be a pleasure to work with!
Nov 26, 2016

Julia Martino and Cassio Conceicao recommend Susan Sims

We have known Susan Sims for 15 years, and when it came time to purchase a property, did not hesitate to ask her to help us. She is an extremely trustworthy and caring person who goes out of her way to be kind and compassionate. Working with her, we had no doubt that she had our best interest at heart. She exceeded our expectations with her professionalism as well as her excellent people-skills, taking time to listen to our needs, help us understand the market, coordinate viewings of properties, and, ultimately, negotiate our purchase. We highly recommend her as a realtor and would be happy to speak to anyone who wanted more information about working with her.
Oct 25, 2016

Nikhil and Amy Sharma recommend Susan Sims

In a competitive real estate market as the Bay Area's, it can be difficult to represent a buyer. What it takes to be successful is patience and willingness to listen to your buyers. Susan demonstrates these qualities remarkably, even pushing us away from some houses that she didn't feel were in a appropriate area for us. When many agents push buyers towards anything that will result in a sale, Susan took the extra time to make sure we found exactly what we wanted. Throughout the process, she made us feel heard and respected. My wife and I fully recommend her to anyone interested in securing a home on the peninsula. We ended up with a beautiful home in a charming part of Redwood City. Home sweet home!
Jul 22, 2016

Jay and Dani Pliskow recommend Susan Sims

Susan was so wonderful to work with! She was knowledgeable, patient, attentive, responsive, and reliable-everything you would want from your realtor. We felt supported by Susan from the beginning step to the last step of the home-buying process and even beyond as she helped us with contacts for contractors etc. I would highly recommend Susan as a realtor to anyone seeking.
Jul 18, 2016

Howard Hartenbaum recommends Susan Sims

I have been working with Susan Sims for many years. In 2005, she helped me sell a house in Mountain View and also buy a house in Los Altos. Now again in 2016, she helped me buy a house in Los Altos Hills and sell the house in Los Altos she helped me buy in 2005.

Susan is a real pleasure to deal with. She is very patient and always optimistic. Most importantly, finding the right house to buy, making (and losing) multiple offers, finally buying, and then going through a selling process, is stressful. Susan is relaxed and supportive, never pushy or trying to push me to make a decision or take an action that I am not comfortable with.

There are always minor challenges that come up in the house buying/selling process, and Susan navigates them well. She exceeded my expectations for level of service and support, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants a professional on their side, looking out for them.

I'm sure there are times when Susan thought "this guy is a pain in the butt" but she never changed her demeanor towards me and I greatly appreciate that. I know I am a difficult person to work with as I want things done my way, and Susan kindly was flexible enough to make it work for me.

If you want someone that works on your team, for your interests (not their own) then Susan is a perfect choice.
Jul 6, 2016

Amy Eilberg recommends Susan Sims


Susan's work on our behalf was extraordinary. Her careful listening led her to understand just what we were looking for, which allowed us to spend our limited viewing time seeing only homes that we really liked. She was high-energy and efficient, and used her relationships with colleagues to get us more information about the various homes. I recommend her most highly.
Jun 13, 2016

Robin Leiman recommends Susan Sims

Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategy

When other agents around town tell you how much they enjoy working with your agent, you know you've got a good one. Susan exemplifies professionalism, patience and perseverance.
Jun 6, 2016

Lex A. recommends Susan Sims

We told Susan that we were interested in buying in a particular area. Weeks later, she brought us an off-market home (not MLS) that she had discovered through her professional network.
Susan was supportive in every step of the negotiations, recommended great service providers, and made the process as easy as could be.
Yes, she is hard-working, perseverent and professional, but she also goes above and beyond. Without her efforts, we never would have ended up buying
May 16, 2016

Lubos P. recommends Susan Sims

Buyer - Sunnyvale, CA

Susan helped me purchase a condo in Sunnyvale. This is the 3rd house/condo I've purchased/sold and so have worked with several real estate professionals. Susan is definitely one of the best I've worked with. She has an extensive knowledge of the market in the lower Peninsula (Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View, etc.), and was able to help me find and evaluate several properties. She listened carefully to my requirements and was able to provide lots of different options that were a fit for my budget. She was also very thorough and proactive through the purchase and closing process to make sure everything went smoothly and nothing fell through the cracks. Lastly, she was always extremely responsive to my e-mails and phone calls.
May 9, 2016

Elaine Yen recommends Susan Sims


We quickly learned that Susan is a dedicated realtor who has a number of contacts and exceptional knowledge of the area we were looking to purchase a property. We worked with Susan from New England (via email) and while visiting California. She quickly got a handle on what we were looking for and  showed us many properties. When it appeared that our ideas were changing, she quickly picked up on that and carefully advised how we should proceed. She was tireless and at the ready anytime we called upon her. When in the process of closing, she was there to call upon the sellers and lenders for our benefit. We highly recommend Susan as a professional and friendly real estate agent who will work hard to find just what you're looking for. 
May 2, 2016

Ping Guo recommends Susan Sims

Susan helped us to sell our house last year. She knows the local real estate market very well so she priced the house at a very good price, which drew lots of traffic to the open house. She is also an expert at staging the house so the house looked very charming. When it came to accepting the  offer, she advised us what to consider and we finally picked an excellent offer. We really appreciated the help and service Susan provided.
Apr 25, 2016

Lynn Kennerly recommends Susan Sims

Buyer - Los Altos, CA

Susan recently helped me buy a townhouse in Los Altos and couldn't have been more helpful and easy to work with. Her experience and knowledge of the local real estate market were very valuable in the buying process. We encountered more than a few bumps in the road and Susan was right on top of it  to get them resolved quickly. She is responsive, extremely personable, and was a pleasure to work with. I'm happy to call her not just my agent but a friend!
Apr 18, 2016

P.S. Plumer recommends Susan Sims

Buyer and Seller

Susan does an excellent job representing her clients and looking out for their best interests. She understands the market and is extremely patient. We looked for over three years before buying and the few times we considered making offers on houses we didn't really want, she encouraged us to wait for the right place...which we eventually did. She also sold our home well over asking in a fairly soft market.
Apr 11, 2016

Tommy Tsai recommends Susan Sims

Buyer - Palo Alto, CA

Susan helped us find our lovely home in Palo Alto. Simply put, she was amazing to work with. Throughout the year-long period of searching for our perfect home, Susan's local expertise really shone through. She was extremely patient and diligent, and never pressured us into making a decision we were  uncomfortable with.
We were extremely happy with Susan, and have been recommending her to all of our friends looking for a home in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Menlo Park and other nearby areas.

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