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90% of your clients will research you online before they call. What are they finding on first page search on you? Is it awesome? Or are there links you don't control that diverts visitors to sites that advertise your competitors? Take control with Reach150 first page search results!

  • Your prospects see your praises as a first impression when they are doing research
  • You are taking control of your search with the best possible content: Recommendations



Promoting oneself on social can be like bragging at a cocktail party. So if you are like most people, you stay away altogether from talking about your company or services on social.

Instead, picture this: your client just shared their recommendation of you on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. That's not bragging, it's letting their friends and colleagues know how great you are. Reach hundreds of prospects without even needing to know what a social network is.

Now that is the right way to promote on social networks: Amplified!

See Example Posts on Facebook

See Example Posts on LinkedIn

A customer is four times more likely to buy when referred, according to a Nielsen study. How are you managing your referral network? Are you making it easy for your partners to refer business to you?

  • Create a strong open and public presence of your referral partners
  • Show prospective clients that you can help navigate them thru other important purchases that are linked to your service offering

Is collecting testimonials a painstaking task? Or are you using a tool, but it's stuck in a site and you can't get it highly visible online? Testimonials are meant to be shared, not collected!

  • Use an easy tool to help manage the process while maximizing client response rate
  • Get the testimonials highly visible on search, social and your web properties

Online reputation is the impression prospects get when they do research on you. While a bad review may sting personally, it does not define you. In the closing stage of a deal, clients are looking for reasons to do business with you. Focus on getting your true offline reputation well-represented online to close deals.

  • Overwhelm minor negative or irrelevant content with a large volume of real client accolades
  • Replace an unfriendly or non-relevant link from first page search with your Reach150 page

References from existing customers is the #1 most influential marketing content according to a recent Gartner study. How are you managing your references? Do you have a wealth of past clients to pull from on a moments notice? Or is it a scramble every time to make a referral connection to close your deal?

  • Give clients a broad visibility to references and let them self select the best ones
  • Make connecting to your references easy and confident

Most feedback processes are built on improving the weak aspects. But the truth is, clients bought from you because of the great things you did. Focus on knowing what you did really well, and do more of that. Do you know what you did last week that delighted your clients and turned them into your fans?

  • Increase customer satisfaction by knowing what delights your customers
  • Give everyone their individual positive feedback loop to drives highest level of customer delight

Do you know when a client is doing research on you? Do you know how they searched for you to find you, or how they got to you?

  • Get analytics to see how people are finding you through search, social, or referrals.
  • Know who your best salespeople are at delivering delight and driving sales to your business.

How business and Professionals are being promoted with Reach150

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