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Jul 10, 2017
Cindy is a dream to work with. She is on top of everything and makes sure her clients are taken care of at all times. She's a wonderful asset to your organization! I hope I never have to move again, but if I do I will definitely be giving Cindy a call!

Jul 10, 2017
The Baker team went above and beyond my expectations with specific recommendations and suggestions on getting my house sold and they were spot on! Sold it in 2 days!

Jun 22, 2017

Would not use any other agent

Knows of houses for sale before they are on the market

Cindy ensured a smooth transition from sale to purchase. She is an asset to BH. More importantly she secured us a great house & has the contacts for any improvements/repair to the property. Closing was easy & painless. Overall a very good experience.

Jun 7, 2017
Our realtor seemed very knowledgeable. There were a few things that we would have been better prepared for if we had more information up front, but I guess that's why you have a realtor.

Cindy is always really great at getting back to us.

We love Cindy. She is helping us to buy our new home also.

Mar 29, 2016
Agent found us our house before it hit the market.

Mar 2, 2016
Wanted someone who knew the area.

Can't say enough good things about Cindy and her associates. 5 star plus.

Would be glad to talk to anyone about Cindy and her knowledge of the Ballwin area and getting the job done.

Feb 29, 2016
Presuming you mean Cindy Baker, not me.

Cindy helped me through a particularly sticky situation. I can never thank her enough -- I now have my dream home. RE #5: While browsing real estate sited, I saw Cindy's smiling face beaming back at me. I instantly felt a connection and thought she'd be someone I'd like to work with. I was SO RIGHT!!

Jun 4, 2015
Already have, several times.

Apr 16, 2015
Cindy was incredibly knowledgable. There were a lot of twists and turns as we went through four buyers. Each had unique issues and Cindy plowed through each. On the one occasion where she did not know the answer, she went right to her broker for assistance. I think that is really important because she is a very experienced agent. Still, she had the confidence to not try and bluff her way through but instead, she immediately sought assistance.

Always responded promptly. Note that we live in Michigan so all interaction with Cindy and her team was by phone, email, text etc. We were always in contact.

The best.

Excellent at communicating - both listening and explaining issues to us as they arose.

Again - outstanding - and with this house there were a LOT of details.

There were a ton of problems and, because we were in Michigan, Cindy had to take the lead representing us on every issue. She did a terrific job.

We have bought and sold a total of six homes in Texas, Missouri and Michigan. Cindy is the best agent we ever had!

The sale of our home was extremely difficult due to a whole series of issues, none of which was Cindy's fault. She plowed through each issue as it arose, was open with us every step of the way, and somehow was able to keep the buyers coming long after my wife and I had become discouraged. I recommend her to everyone. To repeat, she is the best agent we ever had !!!!!!!!!

Jan 24, 2015
We purchased this home while moving from an apartment. This was our first time selling a home after failing to sell this home with other agents in previous years. Cindy was key in making sure we understood the value of our home and negotiating during tough circumstances.

There is a reason Cindy sells so many homes. She responds whenever news happened. It didn't matter when. It may have been hours that most agents wouldn't work, but Cindy was eager to pass on information or respond to our inquiries.

Cindy educated us on comps in the neighborhood and let us know how to make the proper decisions in pricing/negotiations based on the current market. She also helped us see what the past/future may hold based on market trends.

Call, text, and emails. It always fit our needs based on our schedule. She quickly addressed the best way to communicate with us during a specific time of day.

I don't know how anyone could be more on point when it came to the details.

I can't even begin to touch on all the issues the buyer provided yet Cindy had the answers to each one. So awesome.

You bet!! We tell everyone

We had an older home on a busy road with no basement. Good luck right. Not with Cindy. She said she could sell it and did. We knew we had few buyers that fit the home and had to be aggressive. I remember sitting with my wife one evening during negotiations and saying Cindy is awesome, we have to follow her lead. We did, and it worked out. We now live in our dream home and our kid is loving her new school. Thank you Cindy and team!!

Dec 26, 2014
Either knew little or misled us. See below.

Either knew little or misled us. See below.

Misled us often for the purpose of pushing deal through. See below.

Her tactic in resolving issues was to tell us what she thought we wanted to hear to make the problem go away.

The first property that she showed us, it was obvious that either she had no market value knowledge of the property, did no research before showing the property, or simply misled us and told us that the price was fair to encourage us to make an offer (we had done our research prior to the showing and knew her information was inaccurate). We had additional properties that we wanted to see but she did not call us back. Regarding the property that we ultimately purchased, when it came to discussing the selling price, she again either knew little about the market value, or misled us to push the sale through. She also told us that only one property had sold in the neighborhood in the past year, but our research showed five properties. When negotiating through the house inspection repairs, she misled us and said she had sent pictures to contractors to obtain quotes, but we later discovered that she had not. While we felt that ultimately we got a fair deal, it was only because we advocated for ourselves and did our own research, and had our own knowledge due to past experience buying and selling homes. (Between the two of us, we have experienced 15 home purchases in the past 25 years.) Also disappointing was the fact that we never received a thank you note, card, phone call, gift, or any acknowledgement that we put $9,000 in her pocket in commission. The happiest day of this whole process was the date that we closed, knowing that we would never have to deal with her again. We are currently looking at additional income property, but Cindy Baker and Berkshire Hathaway will not be getting our business. We have never had such a disappointing experience.

Sep 5, 2014
Cindy dominates the sales in the neighborhood.

Definitely in that neighborhood.

I told Cindy we wanted to sell fast and it sold in 1day.

Aug 8, 2014
Cindy was very patient with me and showed me countless homes/condos. When I found a condo in a complex that I liked I lost it when someone bid more for it. Cindy found another condo owner in the same complex who was getting ready to sell but hadn't listed yet. She helped me negotiate and ultimately buy the condo. She was there for me through the whole process. I would definitely reccomend her to my friends and family. She was great!

Jul 3, 2014
Cindy has sold homes in our current area for years and all our neighbors who sold through her were very satisfied. When we called her to say we were about ready to sell she had it so,d before we listed!

When we began looking for a condo to move into she showed us numerous places with most helpful information and found us just what we wanted. She "held our hands" as we went through the inspections for both places and any/all questions we had.


Answered every email we sent with one question or another almost immediately.

When looking at condos, she would find details we would never have thought to look at. She has had all details all along the way very organized such as The listing or closing.

Really never had problems

She is the only one we would recommend.

Think that is enough. We are very happy customers.