Ryan Sala

Senior Account Representative Rosland Capital
Ryan Sala has assisted Rosland Capital since its beginning. After working as a broker of bonds and stocks, taking that knowledge to the Rosland Capital was the obvious choice. With the uncertainties and risks that exist in the global economy, Ryan has often said that he believes precious metal will be the final frontier when it comes to investing. As a seasoned investor, his information and answers are highly regarded. He is available to the public anytime for questions.


May 25, 2015
I received excellent service from Ryan Sala. His integrity and his commitment to doing all the work needed to get a job done deserves only the highest praise.
Jan 8, 2014
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
It has been my privilege to experience the professionalism and overall service oriented approach Ryan takes in dealing with his customers.
He believes that service is in fact one word, not serve us as so many others in the field do.
I would highly recommend Ryan as a precious metals consultant to anyone interested in diversifying their portfolio.

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