Marin Aleksov

CEO, Rosland Capital
Rosland Capital CEO/Manager

Rosland Capital LLC is a leading precious metal asset firm based in Santa Monica, California.

Founded in 2008, Rosland Capital strives to educate the public on the benefits of buying gold bullion, numismatic gold coins, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals.

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Jan 2, 2014

Tyler Haugen

Senior Portfolio Manager
Marin Aleksov is the definition of a great leader! Why? He has clarity in vision, thus perspective, tremendous heart, and knows the way because he's walked it and succeeded. This both earns him my respect, and furthermore my appreciation in being a part of the most reputable precious metals firm in the country; Rosland Capital. His belief in people is incredible, and really reflects his humanity. So when I say, It's really a pleasure and inspiration working with him and the quality company he's built... I meant it. With gratitude and respect... it's a joy to share kind words to a mentor/friend/leader; Marin Aleksov.
Dec 30, 2013


I'd like to thank Marin Aleksov for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work here at Rosland Capital for the past year. Both Marin and Rosland Capital are the benchmark in gold the industry and I'm grateful to be on the team.
Dec 30, 2013

Marty Pike

Senior Account Representative
Having worked at Rosland Capital the past 4 1/2 years and for CEO Marin Aleksov I realize what it means to be truly blessed.Rarely does one have the opportunity to work for a man with the vision,integrity,work ethic,transparency,loyalty and compassion this man posesses.
Dec 13, 2013

Nathan Sillyman

Account Representative
I've worked with Marin for some time now, and I have to say, the amount that I have learned and gained from my relationship with him is extraordinary. He's so informative and just a great overall mentor for myself and my colleagues. He keeps us on track and ensures that our clients are receiving the greatest performing products, most competitive prices, and the absolute best customer service in the market. There's no place I'd rather work and no one I'd rather work for.
Dec 13, 2013


Marin Aleksov created a solid Gold Brokerage firm. He respects his clientele, and staff. Rosland Capital Gold strives to become the most respected gold firm in the industry. If you are seeking a solid investment for your future Rosland Capital Gold is the right firm for you.
Dec 13, 2013

Matty Smith

I have been recently Blessed with the most amazing opportunity to work for Rosland Capital. I had no idea That the Man leading the way was such a man of integrity honesty incredible work ethic and kindness. Marin Aleksov is more than just a boss he is a leader and a friend. I have been in sales for 15 years never have I been so freely giving a opportunity like this to be successful.
Dec 13, 2013

Nick Hines

Hi, I want to take the time to compliment Marin Aleksov at Rosland Capital.
His leadership, patience and assertiveness has been very inspiring.
I have found out he cares for every deal no matter what size from beginning to end.
Dec 12, 2013

Leith Eaton

Marin Aleksov is the type of person who will always err on the side of caution and he will never cut corners in any way. He has had the great foresight to build a company that far surpasses other companies in the precious metals industry. Not only is he a great leader, her is also a very nice person and a very loyal and compassionate personal who has a great heart.
Dec 12, 2013

Bob Rothlin

Marin Alexsov and his company Rosland Capital has proved to be a reliable source for purchasing gold and silver and just as reliable for selling back gold and silver.
They're promises are not just verbal, but in writing.
Everything is explained in detail including all costs and risks. All questions are fully answered and phone calls are returned promptly.

Dec 12, 2013

Jason Burson

Senior Account Representative
I appreciate Marin as a boss/leader/mentor. He is a man with a vision to provide the highest quality of product and service to our clients. I appreciate his accountability and transparency. In this industry this is refreshing. I personally am comfortable to recommend Rosland to my closest family and friends mainly in part to what Marin has brought to our companies table in unparalleled customer service and products.
Dec 12, 2013

Robert . E

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to work for Rosland Capital. I really appreciate working with you, on both a professional and personal level. I have certainly learned a lot about the unique aspects of customer service and sales in the Precious Metals industry.
Dec 12, 2013

zach fisher

senior sales rep
Marin Aleksov is that rare combination of relentlessly hard working, at the cutting edge of industry knowledge and most importantly, though very serious on the exterior, consitstently fair and good hearted at the end of the day. It's a joy to grow at Rosland Capital primarily under his tutelage. I look forward to many more years to come.
Dec 12, 2013

Timothy Raschdorf

Senior Portfolio Manager
I am excited to go to work every day for Marin. He leads and manages his team with positive motivational encouragement, daily, in a way that you just don't want to let him down.
Dec 12, 2013

Terry M.

a gold affecionado
Having personally dealt with many of the top people in the precious metals industry, I can say, without reservation, Marin Aleksov, ist he most professional, fair and upstanding individual in the gold and silver business. His Rosland Capital not only has the most competitive prices, but the best customer service in the industry, bar none. Mr. Aleksov is incredibly knowledgeable and someone who can be completely trusted. Moreover, his company's TV commercials blow away any and all competitors, which speaks to his level of class and sophistication. If you're thinking about gold or silver, this is the man to trust.
Dec 12, 2013

Ocean Evans

Senior Account Executive
I haven't worked for Mr. Aleksov for very long but in my experiences with Marin I have seen him as both a motivator and a realist. It can't be easy running a business in these market conditions while thinking towards the future of the said business- all the while keeping the lifeblood of that business (i.e the brokers) focused on the big picture.
He has managed to keep us informed and holds us accountable- but he doesn't let us forget that ultimately he wishes success for us and our families.
Dec 12, 2013

Andy W. from West Covina

I did speak with a Rosland employee several times but after talking with Mr. Aleksov I decided to go with Rosland instead of any of their competitors. While the markets have not always made every move with my best interest in mind, my dealings with Marin's company have insulated me FAR better than if we did not do business.
Dec 12, 2013

Nick Peyour

Definition of integrity, ethic, and experience...what he brings to Rosland Capital as a CEO.
Dec 11, 2013

David Y. in Florida

And I like his Company's commercials.
Dec 11, 2013


banking compliance
As a banking professional, I have always avoided hard assets. After I read some scary news, I decided to diversify into metals. Marin's employees were the most professional I found, with kudos going to hiring experienced and seasoned professionals.
Dec 11, 2013

Kathleen Y., Florida

My son has advised me for years in re my finances because of his decades in finance. When I asked his opinion of hard metal assets in hand, his first knee-jerk reaction was negative. After he did his own independent research, he and I both bought gold. And I think you can tell with whom we chose to do business. Keep up the good work!
Dec 11, 2013

Erik J. Abraham

Student and public employee
I love my silver!
Shipped on time, exactly what I ordered.
Thanks for the safe too.
I think Ill get gold next time.
Dec 11, 2013


Hospital administrator, Santa Clarita, Ca
My husband has been in contact with several of the gold companies. We went with Rosland after the rep with whom we were speaking at Rosland make things perfectly clear. Hats off to Mr. Aleksov for having such a fine and nuance-obviating team!
Dec 11, 2013

Andy Wilson

Gold enthusiast
Since I started doing my gold business with Marin and his company, I have not dealt with another. My reason are simple; By comparison, my former favorite seemed...... well, less desirable.
Dec 9, 2013

Micah Reed

Senior Account Representative
Marin Aleksov follows the financial markets with a very close eye and he provides the tools necessary to help his employees succeed. With a well known economist, numismatist, and professional shipping department on staff, his employees are able to service their clients to the best of their abilities.

I have worked for several financial institutions and the environment is incredibly stressful, not at Rosland Capital. Marin Aleksov makes his employees feel important and he motivates you instead of putting you down. I come from a sports background so I know the importance of criticism, but I also know how essential it is to reward and encourage people. Marin provides us with the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and a variety of updated financial material to maximize our potential as brokers.

Marin is a great boss and an amazing human being!
Nov 25, 2013


Mr. Aleksov, is a fine example of the american business man! He is always going above and beyond at all times for his employee's and for Rosland Capital. His work ethic is unfathomable. Marin is motivational and is always thinking outside the box to come up with new advertising ideas or simply fine tuning the way Rosland Capital operates.

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