Cara Milgate

Realtor Intero Real Estate Union City 1044930
Cara Milgate embodies an extensive dedication to the real estate community. Cara began her real estate sales & lending career 28 years ago. Cara possess a passion and determination to assist her agents to accomplish their short and long term goals. Within the first meeting of Cara you will feel comfortable with her, as she will tap into what your wants and needs are. You will experience her confidence, knowledge, compassion and competitive nature.

She has distinguished herself as an expertise in the real estate field. Cara also dedicates herself to the real estate community and is part of a Real Estate Panel which educates and give seminars to other real estate professional in the community. Cara has resources and contacts that will only enhance your success as a successful realtor.

Cara is known for her marketing skills that result in the high volume at a pace that most managers would consider unachievable, with her direction real estate agents achieve astonishing levels of success. Cara provides coaching and high tech accountability that is cutting edge in the real estate industry. If you are looking for an exceptional Real Estate Manager, Cara Milgate is the one you want standing beside you and guiding you. Cara’s reputation speaks for itself and is well known in the real estate industry. Her agents are not shy and have provided many testimonials/recommendations.

Intero Real Estate Services is one of the elite real estate companies in the United Sates, with its strongest presence in the bay area. We currently have four offices that are seamless (Union City, Fremont, Pleasanton & Livermore).

Cara is backed by Intero Real Estate Services, with over 70 offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and an International presence in London, Hong Kong, and Mexico. Intero has grown to #1 in Market Share in the past few years.

Intero will ensure that your transactions receives maximum exposure on dozens of different local, national, and international websites.
Mar 15, 2023
Thank you, Ara . Thank you, Lesly, for shadowing and smooth flow of documentation. Thank you, Cara, for the great support that you provided as always. This is one is an important and great deal which gave immense satisfaction that not even a year as a realtor and even in this bearish market i was able to reach next level by handling the deal on Luxury homes as well.
Sep 19, 2022
Happy 3 Year Anniversary To Myself And The Pughsley Team ??
3 Years Ago Today I Made The Choice To Join This Amazing Real Estate Brokerage And Family ??
Thank You Cara And Rishi For The Amazing Support And Leadership! You Really Care About Your Agents And It Shows .
Thank You To All Of My Fellow Intero Agents And Family For Being The Best Of The Best To Work Side By Side With .
Debra M. Pughsley Realtor BRE #01382372
And The Pughsley Team ????
Sep 5, 2022
Hi Cara,
I just want to mention that Cedric is helping me so much since I started coming to the office. Since the first meeting we had he made himself available instantly. I told him that I needed to make calls and he encouraged me and also suggested we create a team of a few agents to make calls 3 times a week at the office. I really needed this and also gives me time to get to know other agents in the office. I got to meet Jigna Patel and Michelle Lin so far. Cedric brings a ton of knowledge to all who need it and want it. All the new agents including seasoned agent that need a push should reach out to him. I want to thank you for always thinking of us and how to make us become better and stronger. I will keep pushing forward.

Thanks again.
Jun 3, 2022
Joined Intero was the best decision I had made in my real estate career, and having Cara Milgate as my manager was a blessing. I almost gave up my RE career and thinking this path was not for me but Cara was helping me to change my perspective.

Her encouragement motivated me to do my best, and help me to have YES, I CAN attitude. Even in the midst of her busy schedule, she is always there for me and never hesitate to help when needed.

Thank you, Cara for everything, and I am very grateful to become a part of Intero family.
Apr 10, 2022
Cara is very supportive and always a helping hand. Very responsive and attentive to all her agents' problems or concerns. This is what a manager- boss should be. I truly love working with her.
Mar 23, 2022
I NEVER get this kind of help from my previous brokers (eXp, C21). Thank you for all the help you are giving me, in setting up my website, for guiding me how to use all the tools INTERO offers, for helping me putting together my business plan to achieve my goals in my real estate career, even for ordering my business cards and name tag ????, to be honest, Thanks again. LET'S DO IT!!!
Thank you,
Oct 17, 2021
Retired Realtor
I pray in my next life I will have a broker/trainer coach like you so I can be like one of your successful top producer. Until then I am still forever grateful. You have a big deposit in your good Karma bank and please withdraw your good Karma in your time of need. I remember your kindness. Lots of love and hugs to you.
Sep 10, 2021
Hi Cara,
Just want to commend you on the excellent support staff you have at the office here in UC. Everyone is so helpful and I think it starts from the top because you lead by example. Thanks for everything you do.
Feb 25, 2021
Cara L. Milgate Thanks for your leadership and your mentorship! You are my first team leader that was hands on helpful and knowledgeable! You’ve taken my business to a higher level in a short period of time at Intero! Thank for YOU Cara! ??
Nov 26, 2020
Thank you Cara! What a beautiful message and in reciprocation, I and I'm sure all our UC realtor family, think you are a Rockstar Manager and we fully appreciate all you and your wonderful, incredible, jolly staff do for us!
Nov 26, 2020
Awe Thank you! Happy Safe Thanksgiving to YOU and whole team! Seat belt buckled. Thankful for you and all the great opportunities. Cheers to more goals to crush to be even more thankful. Hope everyone else also has a great Thanksgiving.
Nov 26, 2020
Victims of the Camp Fire
Dear Intero,
Thank you so much for the generous gift cards and check. They will come in handy as we get back on our feet after this nasty Camp Fire. We are currently living in a travel trailer in a friend's driveway. Not an ideal situation, but many we know are still in hotels or are running their trailer off a generator in a muddy lot somewhere. We are beginning to plan for our future and this donation will help resupply our new home. An ironing board is topping my list currently! Many thanks...
Nov 26, 2020
I honestly admire your dedication and hard work towards all the agents and Intero and wish to God I had met you 30 years ago I bet I would have been a millionaire. Oh well I still feel young at heart but the arthritis and is controlling my body specially when it’s cold. THIS TOO SHALL PASS God willing. I am staying away from socializing due to my age and pandemic for now. Thank you and I love you, respect you and admire you. You are my Hero. Thanks
Nov 26, 2020
Dedicated to Intero Staff and Realtors
I would like to wish a very special Thanksgiving wish to all of you..

First to our staff, Ara, Raquel, Cathy & Rachel, you are ROCKSTARS, without all of you our agents and this branch would not be where it is at today. I know personally I would not be as successful. So a HUGE thank you for all you do for all of us. Your dedication was so present through the first 90 days of the lock down in March. All of you worked from home, reported in daily and learned an entire skill set that you did not have prior. Your dedication and focus paid off for our agents as it kept them engaged and they saw their websites and marketing improving at an alarming pace. All I can say is that all of you work extremely hard, I have never seen a staff work harder. Numbers and results do not lie, I truly feel that this is one of the reasons we are setting record breaking numbers even during the 4th quarter. So this is a special thank you and wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

And now to our amazing Realtors as well as new comers, your dedication and loyalty towards Intero has been non-wavering. You have struggled and adjusted during this pandemic helping your clients throughout this year. What a year and we still have a month to go. You are definitely my passion, my motivation and one of my “WHY”s…I have always said if you succeed we all succeed. However success in life is not always about money. Money is definitely part of the reward, but the fulfillment of moving in the right direction and reaching new heights is really the exciting part. I am honored and privileged to work as your manager. I know I can be tough on you at times, just know it is because I care and I am 100% invested in your future, happiness and success with INTERO. Our branch is having our best year ever, and that is because of all of you. 2021 is going to be unbelievable so put on your sit belts and lets do this.

I wish all of you a very safe and relaxing Thanksgiving….
Nov 13, 2020
You definitely deserve it. Always willing to lend a helping hand to ANYONE, you are just so genuine and want the best for everyone, and will do what it takes to help people reach their goal. Rishi Bakshi provides sooo much value to the agents, not just with technology and tools, but we are sooo blessed to have the best management team and resources around. That is why we are able to do what we do, and WE THANK YOOOOUUUU ??????
Nov 13, 2020
Past Employee/Seller/Buyer
CARA that is so sweet. So nice to be appreciated!!! You have always been a go getter and when one area slows down you think and go in another direction! You truly are a good leader and always willing to help others. 😘
Nov 13, 2020
Thank you Cara L. Milgate, I couldn’t have done it without your superb hands on supervision and support! That’s why I recommend you to every real estate agents I know because you not only go an extra mile for your agents but also take everything personal like every transaction is your own! You really are the BEST manager one could ever have! Cheers ?? to 2021 & beyond!!!
Sep 3, 2020
HI Cara,
I am filled with gratitude for having you as my Manager and helps me to succeed in my business. You are so knowledgeable in what you do. You are also a great teacher showing us the tools to be able to know more of the website, marketing tools and a time to meet with you with your busy schedule. You always update us with the latest technology. Thank you so much for all your help.
Aug 5, 2020
The Costales Team
Hi Cara, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say come your birthday and The reason I waited until the next day to message you is because I wanted my message to have all of your attention. Now that everyone has said what they needed to say to you, I can have this time to share with you. 3 years ago my wife made the decision to stay with Intero after she left the San Carlos office and chose to interview with the Eastbay offices. Joraine felt very strong with you. Every single moment since she joined your office we have been on the incline and it’s because of your guidance and heart you give to your agents. You don’t take any BS and are hard on your agents but give it to them raw and real. With all this being said, Joraine and I are appreciative of you and we want to wish you the best and most fun filled birthday!!! We love you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Intero! Thank you so much for what you do and continue being the bad ass you are!!!! Cheers 🍻
Aug 3, 2020
Hi Cara,

Sorry, I didn’t respond. I was so busy last week and things were crazy. I appreciate what you are doing for me and that pushes me to work harder and not let you or myself down. I am so happy here at Intero with all the resources, support, training and motivation I get from so many people. I currently have something I didn’t have at the beginning...true understanding of motivation and my true why. I feel it! Thanks for being part of my life and journey since I set foot at Intero. Most importantly I am happy and I love what I am doing!! Time to get to work!!! No excuses!

Ps. The book you recommended “Feel
The Fear and Do It Anyway” was amazing!!!

Jul 27, 2020
CEO of Home Services of America
Happy Hour with Special guest is Gino Blefari, who is the founder of Intero and now the CEO of HomeServices of America he answers directly to Warren Buffett he is a brilliant speaker with great insights well worth your time in addition he oversees 55,000 agents who did 350,000 transactions last year. We are lucky to have him today
May 19, 2020
First a hello from me to you and making sure you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy.

A big THANK YOU to all of you for offering all the support one needs during these times. Amazing work by all of you updating websites, adding blogs, updating active pipe and many other things that you are doing to keep us all up to date with technology.

I am trying my best to learn and get myself familiar with all these and appreciate your hard work.

I may have questions and bother some of you so I am requesting to please be patient with me and not give up on me. 😊
Sincerest thanks to all of you once again.
Jan 22, 2020
So I met with my new broker, Cara L. Milgate yesterday morning and it was everything I ever wanted with a broker. I told her all of my crazy ideas. Big ideas.

She mapped them out for me and discovered the best way to use technology and resources to elevate me to my next level in each. Also, we both share similar mindsets in what motivates us which is always encouraging.

I’ve never raved about a broker I’ve hung my license under, I’m raving.
Nov 14, 2019
There are many things which I am thankful in my life and all of you are at the TOP OF THE LIST. All of you always give me supports. Thanks so much to Cara L. Milgate, Greg Nasol, Rishi Bakshi, Arash Safai, Sonika L Raniga, Raquel Tayo, Rachael Abusaidi, Cathy Lee. Thanks so much for All my LOYAL CLIENTS, I am sure you know who you are.
Nov 13, 2019
Thanks Cara for always having my back and understanding this past year. You kept me from getting stressed out when things were so overwhelming. You are Awesome, and I'm grateful for all you do.