Don Willis

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Lighthouse Point Office
A successful awarding winning Real Estate Broker that has been selling South Florida Real Estate for over 29 years. I have previously been licensed as a Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Instructor and as the Broker/Owner of my own Real Estate firm! Put my years of experience to work for you!
Don Willis is an accomplished professional in the Real Estate industry. The valuable knowledge that he continually shares, demonstrates his passion and leadership skills in fostering a culture for continuous learning and creating success. I am appreciative to be part of his team.
Sales associate
Awesome leader, guides you in the right path for an awesome career
Sales Associate
Don is one of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals that I work with. He provides excellent guidance and direction within a wide variety of real estate issues, including the most technically complex issues of all. He provides very useful assistance to the new real estate agents in our office. Don is always willing to try new software applications, and then shares his experiences with our office. It is a great pleasure to work with Don.
Sales Associate - Realtor
Don Willis is one of the best managers, he is very personable, friendly and knowledgeable.
I was referred to the Keyes office by a friend but Don was the reason why joined the Keyes Company at Lighthouse Point.
I really like working with Don. His positive attitude and experience help me in my real estate career a lot. I can reach Don with any question at any time, he will always support and educate me. Thank you Don for your great work!
Realtor Sales Associate
I am mighty fortunate to have Don Willis as my Manager and mentor. He has taught me so much about this industry, and about sales in general. I look forward to absorbing oh so much more knowledge here at Keyes under Don's tutelage.

Ted Burns
Realtor Associate
It's my pleasure to highly recommend our manager Don Willis. If their is a manager of the year award, Don would win hands down.
Don's tech knowledge far surpasses most RE managers and his eagerness to share this knowledge further exemplifies his managerial skills.
Don is always available to help any and all of the one hundred twenty nine plus agents in our office and admin staff.
Thanks Don
Colleen Murphy
Don Willis is the most hands on, experienced broker that I have ever worked with. IHis knowledge is beyond valuable. I can't imagine working with another broker.
Realtor Associate
Extremely knowledgeable and capable on all Real Estate transactions and management.
Realtor, Sales Associate
I am so happy to be working with Don, he knows the business inside and out. He is a great mentor and a wealth of knowledge.

He is an asset to the Keyes Family!
I have been with The Keyes Company for 7 years (came here right out of Real Estate School) in the Lighthouse Point Office with Don. Don has been very helpful with my questions regarding my transactions (believe me, there have been a lot). His training classes are key and I still come to them as a refresher to myself and to keep me updated with the times.

I feel I have grown as a better Realtor with all the training that Don and The Keyes Company have provided me. I am happy to recommend the Lighthouse Point office to any fellow Realtor that I encounter.
Real Estate Agent
From the day I came in for the interview to today Don has always been straight with me with everything. He answers all my questions and he is always available.
Realtor at Keyes
Don has been a positive influence on creating success through leadership and guidance with an integral knowledge in sales and has been consistently supportive and encouraging with every aspect of the process whether it concerns generating leads, obtaining clients, or completing the sale. His experience level is an asset to decision making and handling situations effectively.
Real Estate Agent
I have previously worked at Coldwell Banker, but I never found the support with my broker there. However, since joining Keyes, Don has been very supportive. He even tells us to send him our questions or concerns any time, day or night, and even if he is on vacation. Also, he has made Keyes like a family. We can find answers from any of the agents. We are a team.
Realtor Associate
Don is very Professional, knowledgeable and Trustworthy. He always had time for me when I had any questions or concerns regarding any Real Estate matter. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome Broker.
Before joining Keyes, Don Willis's office, I was with a different Real Estate company that made me many promises as to what they would do to help support me in my real estate career. They did not keep their promises.

Don truly cares about the success of his realtors. He is extremely hands on, knows the busines inside and out and gives incredible support to help you with whatever you need. I am extremly happy that I found an excellent broker to help me take my real estate career to great heights.

Thanks, Don

Dominique Graham
He is very knowledgeable, great skills and always prompt to help every one in the office.
Great manager.
Realtor associate
Don is always answering my millions of questions and concerns. Even when I call him on the week-end. It's been 9 yrs since I joined the Lighthouse point Office.
His knowledge and creativity make me a better sales Associate. He Also helped me to improve my English. Merci Beaucoup.
realtor associate
He has done a fabulous job in coaching us and leading us thru our business.

I feel very fortunate to be part of his team.

Thank you,
Bettina Siwek
Don Willis is simply the best broker!
I worked for 2 other companies prior to joining Keyes and I was referred to Don Willis at Lighthouse Point . I have found Don to be direct and always right to the point, I just love him and have been battling with myself thinking of the long ride from Boynton Beach to Lighthouse Point thinking on transferring to Delray office but having a hard time thinking of leaving Don Willis, he is just the best and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!!!

Kindest regards,
Realtor Associate
Don is a terrific mentor, has loads of experience with every aspect of Real Estate. He is quick to respond to texts or phone calls when needed.
Realtor Sales Associate
Don has outstanding leadership skills. He is always available to help the associates in our office. I would highly recommend any new Agent to Keyes Lighthouse Point.
Don is very knowledgeable and quick to answer our questions. He is a true mentor.
Sales Associate
I have been a real estate agent a very short time. During that time I have observed Don providing assistance to me and all the agents in our office, At any time he is willing to answer questions in person or by phone.
Real estate agent
Don is an excellent manager. He is willing to personally assist with questions or go hands on reviewing contract and paperwork for his team. Don is readily available via face to face meetings, phone calls, or text. Don cares that his team is knowledgable in all aspects of the business and mentors his team with ongoing trainings...he even asks for input on the topics. Great man to have as a leader.

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