Chris Zastrow

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3409 Ocean View Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91208
CalDRE #01210464
Dec 31, 2021
I had a very positive experience with Chris Zastrow when we sold my 91-year-old aunt’s property in Glendale. Chris is a Glendale native that has been in the real estate business for over 30 years. She is a broker, a landlord and an investor. She has deep experience with the Glendale real estate marketplace and long-term relationships with the real estate broker community. She has great time management skills and is a tireless worker. For any RE transaction that has a zip that begins with 912 I would definitely work with Chris again.
Jul 14, 2021
I had a once in a lifetime experience with Chris Zastrow acting as a real estate agent for a family member. Smart, but humble, so very kind but not, in any way, acting superior. Chris is the only agent that will forever be in my memory. This statement is coming from a person who is living in home number 10. Yes, I have bought, lived in and sold nine other homes, in my lifetime. This assignment was tough for Chris, but you would never have known it. She exhibited such style and grace which is so unknown in today's marketplace. I count my blessings as to have
had the distinct honor working with Chris Zastrow. Sincerely, Evelyn Corder
Jul 7, 2021
Chris helped us tremendously in buying our first home, in what's to my recollection the toughest market for a buyer. For months we combed the LA valleys for candidates, and we were able to get somewhat close a couple of times. She was very patient with the process, and never pushed any kind of agenda, she always let us make up our minds and gave information for us to consider.
We were finally able to get a beautiful mid century home through her extensive network in the Glendale area, and we can't be happier. We're looking forward to working with her again in the future!
Mar 16, 2021
Property owner
Chris Zastrow and her team are phenomenal. They never over promised anything and were very straight forward.

She and her team were consiment professional during the entire transaction. Chris would always give me advice on the properties for sale and what she thinks they need to be top notch sellers.

Chris and her team will always be hired when its time to buy or sell a property of our choosing.

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