Victoria Ovieda

Realtor Intero Real Estate Union City 1756533
My record shows my extensive dedication to the real estate community and demonstrates my extraordinary commitment to the goals and objectives of my clients. My passion and enthusiasm for the real estate industry are matched by a genuine concern for my clients' well-being. My compassion and integrity distinguish me as a real estate professional who will exceed your expectations.

I strive every day to give my clients the best possible results, whether it be obtaining the best and highest offer on a traditional listing, purchasing a property at a stellar price, or negotiating a short sale. I also have extensive experience working in the real estate legal field, which gives me a deep insight into the housing crisis—a benefit for both seller and buyer.

I take a great deal of pride in my follow-through, organizational skills, and being accessible to my clients. I believe that a truly successful partnership cannot exist without trust, integrity, understanding, and clear communication. These principles must be present in every transaction.
Jun 21, 2016
Clinical Specialist, Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco
It has been a couple of years now since I have had the pleasure of Victoria in assisting me with the sale of my home in the East Bay, Victoria was wonderful to work with, extremely efficient in her job and knowledgeable with the sale/purchase of homes in the area. Hopefully, I will be in a position to buy a house soon and I would definitely call Victoria when this happens. Thanks.
Jun 18, 2016
T Melendez
Victoria was very knowledgeable and professional in handling my real estate transaction. She and her team did everything for me and kept me informed during the whole process. I would rate her service a 10 out of 10.
Jun 16, 2016
Vice President / Sales Manager
I have worked with Victoria Ovieda for over 10 years, I have worked as a co-agent with her as well. I have not worked with an agent whom gives better customer service than her. Her follow up and professionalism is just a few of her great assets to her clients. She takes pride in her work and always has her clients best interest at heart. Victoria also has many resources available to her, to deal with most any situation.I would highly recommend Victoria.
Jun 13, 2016
I worked with Victoria for close to a solid year to finalize my transaction. It was a painful process but she was sensitive to that fact as it was met with many obstacles and "surprises" but was handled efficiently and without lack of persistence to close this deal. She has a great balance of integrity but fierce enough to pursue an end result. She was a great communicator with what to expect, timing of signatures, and, knowledge with every step with what was happening and why. She was excellent with navigating the obstacles as they came up. Although I have never gone through this kind of transaction before with my home, I do, however, have no doubt that others would have showed signs of giving up. Fortunately for me, she didn't and took this difficult situation to the end with a great positive outcome for everyone involved. Thank you, Victoria!
Ruthann Cambra
Jun 13, 2016
Victoria helped saved our house and prevented it from going into foreclosure a couple years ago. She was very vigilant at pursuing our refinance and was very on point in keeping us informed on what is going on and set our expectations of what could potentially happen. The whole process took almost a year but Victoria was very patient and was able to continuously work with us on the issue. I am sure her patience and hard work will continue to serve well in her new real estate agent endeavour. Thank you Victoria!
Jun 10, 2016
Victoria Ovieda saved our home for us. She worked with us for several months helping us refinance. It came right down to the wire with forclosure notice on the door. Thanks to Victoria we have been in our home for 6 years now. Thank-you Victoria for all your hard work.
Jun 10, 2016
I'm not going to tell anybody how great a job Victoria did for me when she sold my house. I think together we came up with solid plan to do some minor improvements and price the home just right to receive a solid offer to purchase. That was the easy part of the process for her and what came next impressed me she stood firm on the price she told me to list it for even after the reports came in saying I needed to fix a few more things in the house. The two things I think Victoria excelled at is a great plan and believing the price she set was absolutely right on and not taking a penny less which happened in my case. I know it can't always go as perfect as mine went but if you have a good plan it will always tip the balance of the scale in your favor. That's the great part about Victoria she's got a plan and it's all in the plan.
Jun 9, 2016
Senior Loan Officer
Victoria is an expert in her market. In the most recent transaction we closed together Victoria represented the seller who was selling short. These transactions can be the most difficult and frustrating of all with out the resource of an experienced professional agent. Victoria was able to "manage a mile of red tape with a machete". Her forms were always completed perfectly, she had a grip on every detail down to a tax lien being released just prior to approval. We closed on time and the buyer was thrilled with how little difficulty they experienced. The seller received timely relief and avoided foreclosure. I can highly recommend Victoria for the most complex transactions.
Jun 9, 2016
"Ms. Ovieda is a true professional and dedicated to helping her clients navigate even the most difficult real estate challenges. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate her a 10+++. She not only saved us a great deal of money, our transaction was the least stressful real estate transaction I have ever experienced. I've owned many properties over the course of 50+ years and she was absolutely the best!"
Jun 6, 2016
Hello my name is Edgar Hernandez a few years ago when I was just about to lose my house Victoria Ovieda help me out to save my house she did a great job thanks God Victoria is great person wonderful human being and she always answer the phone for any questions she is very professional I will recommend definitely God bless you Victoria
Jun 6, 2016
Real Estate Appraiser
Victoria not only helped me get a loan modification approved but throughout the whole process she was with me explaining, encouraging and staying on top of the situation. I could not have come through sane without her. Then almost 2 years later, she was once again instrumental in getting information from the lender on exactly how my loan file was situated. The balance owed, obtaining written confirmation, etc. She is absolutely terrific and follows through with whatever she says she will do. I know I can always contact her with questions and know that she will be there for me.

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