Pia De Castro

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Pia De Castro very professional, we could see her passion, dedication and love for her craft. She took care of us very well. In less than 2 months we got our property without a single stress. Thanks to her and her team they make our life easier especially this time. 1000% not only a realtor but a realtor with a genuine heart to her client.
Again Pia and to your team I salute all of you and I pray that you continue to help people like us to make our dreams come true. God Bless you so it can be a blessing to others. - Joel and Eliza
I can’t say enough about Pia De Castro and her representing me for the sale of my condo. Extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable of the current market conditions. Would highly recommend her to others.
Greatful to have Pia’s team helping us to get the house that we wanted in Hayward. Within 2 mos, I was able to find the home for my family, and I did not have to leave our home city. Thank you so much for the help.
Pia and her team are excellent! Their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication made our home buying process a breeze. Always responsive, they answered all our questions, no matter how small, and guided us through each step with patience and clarity.

Even when we weren’t ready, they were there to help guide us into the right path to homeownership!

Their expertise helped us find the perfect home in our preferred location and within our budget. They listened carefully to our needs and priorities, always keeping them in mind during the home search. We never felt pressured but rather felt supported in making a decision that was right for us.

What we appreciated the most was their honesty and transparency. They were upfront about potential issues and always advocated for our best interest when negotiating with sellers.

Pia and her team truly went above and beyond for us. We could not have asked for a better home buying experience. Thank you for turning what could have been a stressful process into a joyful journey. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home. Thanks to them, we are now happily settled in our dream home!
Pia was referred to me by my two sisters whom she also helped purchase homes for. We scheduled a Zoom meeting in June and I honestly was not planning to buy a home right then and there, I just wanted to see what I can afford. From the day of the Zoom meeting everything happened so quickly, we had the meeting, got our pre-approved loan, looked at homes and now we are home owners. In a span of 1 month, we went from renting a home to becoming first time home owners. Pia and her team made the process so seamless and easy. We got a great deal on a beautiful home. Even though we had the lowest down payment and 5 other offers, Pia did her magic and got us in. I 100% recommend her! She’s great, straight to the point and well known. It only takes one meeting to gets things started. Thank you Ateh Pia! We appreciate you and your team so much!
Field foreman

I highly recommend Pia as a realtor for anyone seeking an exceptional home-buying experience. As first-time homebuyers, my spouse and I had the pleasure of working with Pia, and her professionalism, expertise, and dedication truly exceeded our expectations.

From the moment we met Pia, it was evident that she possesses a remarkable level of thoroughness and meticulousness. She took the time to understand our specific requirements and standards of living, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to find us the perfect home. Pia's attention to detail was truly impressive, as she made sure to address every aspect of our needs and preferences, ensuring that we were fully satisfied with the options presented to us.

Beyond her outstanding commitment to meeting our standards, Pia provided unwavering support throughout the entire home-buying process. Her positive attitude and reassuring demeanor made us feel at ease, even during the most stressful moments. Pia's vast knowledge and experience in the real estate field instilled confidence in us, allowing us to make informed decisions with conviction. She patiently answered our numerous questions, providing clear explanations and guidance every step of the way.

Pia's expertise proved invaluable in our search for the right home. She demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the local housing market trends, ensuring that we were aware of all relevant information to make sound investment choices. Her keen eye for value and potential allowed us to explore various options while staying within our budget.

Moreover, Pia's dedication to customer satisfaction was remarkable. She was always available to address any concerns we had, promptly returning calls and emails and going above and beyond to meet our needs. Her commitment to ensuring our happiness and finding the perfect home for us was truly commendable.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Pia as a realtor of the highest caliber. Her thoroughness, meticulousness, and dedication to meeting our standards of living were outstanding. Her unwavering support and expertise in the field gave us the confidence we needed to navigate the home-buying process successfully. Pia's professionalism and genuine care for her clients make her an exceptional real estate agent. I am certain that anyone who chooses to work with her will be as grateful and satisfied as we are.

-Ephraim Fernandez
I am thrilled to write this recommendation for Pia de Castro, a realtor from Intero Group. Pia is an exceptional agent who goes above and beyond to provide outstanding service to her clients. From the moment I started working with Pia, it was evident that she genuinely cares about her clients and treats them like family.

One of the most impressive aspects of Pia's approach is her dedication to meeting her clients' needs. She takes the time to understand your preferences, requirements, and budget, and then she works tirelessly to find properties that align with your search criteria. Unlike my previous two years of house hunting with a different realtor, where I constantly got outbid and couldn't find a suitable home, Pia's expertise and resourcefulness made all the difference.

Within just two days of house searching with Pia, she managed to find a property that not only met my requirements but also exceeded my expectations. Her in-depth knowledge of the market, combined with her vast network and proactive approach, enabled her to locate a place that perfectly matched what I was looking for.

Pia's professionalism and attention to detail are truly commendable. She guided me through every step of the buying process, ensuring that I had a clear understanding of the procedures involved and answering all my questions along the way. Her excellent communication skills and responsiveness made me feel supported and informed throughout the entire journey.

Moreover, Pia's commitment to her clients extends beyond the transaction itself. Even after the purchase, she has been readily available to address any concerns or inquiries that have arisen. Her dedication to client satisfaction is unparalleled, and it is evident that she genuinely wants her clients to be happy and satisfied with their real estate decisions.

In summary, I cannot recommend Pia de Castro highly enough. If you are looking for a top-notch realtor who will treat you like family and go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met, Pia is the perfect choice. With her expertise, dedication, and genuine care for her clients, she will make the process of finding your dream home an enjoyable and successful experience.
Another smooth sailing home purchase with Pia! There were other bids higher than ours but she made it happen for us. Our SJ home is a dream, can't wait to move in!
This is the second time I worked with Pia. As always, she has been efficient, well-communicated, and super helpful during the process. She is my forever agent.
Graphic Designer
Pia is a professional person who will help you get the house of your dreams. She has a lot of experience and will guide you step by step to get the house that best suits you.

We are renting an apartment for more than twelve years . Just like many people we also dreaming to have a place of our own.. a house that we can called ours.At first we are reluctant to go through on purchasing a home since it is inflation and the houses price are high. We did not allow the situation kills our dream. Pia and Mohammad help us to make the impossible be possible for us. They assist us from the beginning up to the closing . I remember the one thing that Mohammad requested to me and my wife, it is to trust them and so we did!
After five weeks of smooth transaction with them we are now a homeowner. To those who are looking for an agent and lender I highly recommend their team.

I was quite nervous about the process knowing its our first time buying house, but Pia doesn't fail us. She work hard and walked us through step by step from negotiations until the last part of the process. I highly recommend Pia’s magic.
Home owner
Pia is an excellent agent, she went over and above for us and sold our property within a month of going on the market.
Highly recommend her professional services to anyone wanting a swift sale of their family home.
Pia did a great job because less than one month we get our house!! She has amazing communications, she gave us all the details and paperwork that we needed for the house
Miss Pia is always available whenever you have questions and she is very accommodating. Her team exceeded our expectations. Got us a great deal on our new home. We are very thankful for all the services she’s done for us. Highly recommend!
System Admin
My wife and I were so blessed to have met Pia De Castro - 10 stars for her ofcourse- She is very professional/Fantastic /knowledgeable/diligent - and very good negotiator/ Hyper duper super energetic person to answer all questions!
As a first time home buyer- we have too many questions and she was able to provide us and explain all info. Thanks for being patient Miss P.
We were impressed how she made the process easy and smooth from start to finish! It was all unexpected she got the deal so quickly offer accepted! Believe it or not we were already in the contract before we knew! Then We got the house before the closing date! Such a wonderful experienced! Very satisfied!
We highly recommend Miss Pia! Best of the Best!
Thank you much Pia!
Pia is a very great agent to work with! She answered all our queries without delay. She protected our best interest at all times buying a brand new home. We can’t do it without her! She made us feel 100% confident & treated us like family. Highly recommend.
Very efficient, professional and positive person.Responds immediately to any inquiries we had as a first time buyer.It was really great working with her team.Very smooth transition in owning a home.Indeed 25 days to close.Thank you for making our dream home into reality.
Pia is super good on doing her jobs but what makes her so special is that she has a passion to help people. I experienced how hard is it looking for a house but she always listens, on time and giving a positive feedback makes me to believe she is meant for this job and everyone who works with her will get the benefit of getting the right house, location and price too. I thank you Pia for the great work that you did for me to be the owner of these beautiful house.
Pia was recommended to us by my son’s friend after having a hard time looking for a house to buy on our own. Our experience with her is one that we would say as a highly professional relationship with a heart. We put it that way because she treated us not just a client but more of a family. Her knowledge and expertise with regards to real estate/property business is exceptional and we sincerely felt her willingness to help us make sure that the whole process of searching, buying and owning a house will be fun, stress-free and successful one. She’s always available to answer questions beyond office hours and patiently explain real estate/property matters that we don’t understand. Eight months after moving into our new home she is still following up on us from time to time to see if everything is ok and asking if she can help with anything. We can honestly say that with Pia’s help, we were able to successfully transitioned from renter to a very satisfied and happy homeowners. And that is why she deserves to have a 5 STARS from us.
Office Manager
Pia never stopped amazing me with her dedication in achieving the BEST possible outcome in any transaction. She does her due diligence with passion, ensuring that her client gets the BEST result! She is always at her BEST!

I am speaking from experience as Pia has been with me through all my three (3) properties tradings. She is the only person I know who can handle the dealings professionally and in perfection. It is her extensive experience in real estate that brings out the BEST in her.

Pia is the BEST real estate agent. She is extremely and highly recommended!
Pia is the best. She is fast, very responsible, quick when responding to you, Always sincerely trying to help and very knowledgeable. She sold our investment property RECORD BREAKING HIGHEST PRICE. Pia De Castro is the Best Real Estate Agent ever! Highly recommend!
Pia has helped me buy a couple of property through the years… actually this property, was our first purchase working together.

She helped me a lot, gave me recommendations on what to do so that I can maximize the sale of the property.

She worked hard and did a good job negotiating the sale. A+++++ across the board!!

If you guys are thinking of buying or selling a property, look no further Pia is the “Realtor” you’re looking for.

Great job, Pia!! Thanks again for all the help. ??
Pia was referred to us by a friend and all the positive feedback that they have shared about her and how great she is to work with was true and exceeded our expectations! Her marketing strategies and negotiation skills helped sold our home at such a premium that we have never imagined! We are grateful and blessed to have her represent our home!