Pia De Castro

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To future home buyers and sellers,
We recommend Pia De Castro of Intero Real State Services. She is a dependable and hard-working person, her knowledge and expertise made huge impact in selling our home. We are recommending her service. For people who are going through this route ( home buying/selling ), God bless to you journey!
Best Realtor in Bay Area!!! It has been an incredible experience having the support and advice from this awesome lady, when we purchase our home. As a first time home buyer, it was so stressful to find a house during this time as we all know it’s sellersmarket. It was a tough journey but because of her that made our dreamhome possible. We appreciate how you made an effort for an excellent deal on our behalf and words cannot express how grateful we are for having such an amazing real estate agent that is working not just for money but with a big heart who handled appropiately our concerns and interests. Thank you so much for you exceeded our expectations and going extra mile in helping us to buy a home. Wishing you continued success in your future transactions.
She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful to us, well organized, efficient realtor. SHE'S THE BEST in the Industry ! She SOLD OUR HOME TOP DOLLAR in our neighborhood. During the whole process, it was stress free! She takes care every thing! She is a very hard working lady .We love her! We highly recommend to anyone buying or selling
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What can I say, Third time around and Pia works as a charm. We got our house sold quickly, and the experience was so smooth. Pia always goes extra Miles to make sure everything is working properly throughout the entire process. Even after buyer removed all the contingencies and bought our house as is. At the ends of closure, they still requested things after things. Pia stepped in and helped us removed the rest of contingencies. We appreciate your kindness, hard work, and professionalism, Pia and Team. Highly recommend Pia and her team if you need to sell or buy houses. Pia has helped us buy two houses and sold one. She was a stranger when we worked with her 6 years ago and now we are good friend. Thank you Pia and Team!!
Pia de Castro is an excellent Real Estate Agent. She didn’t just help us get a house but also taught us of everything that we needed to know. Pia and her team worked really hard so they can get us our first home. Thanks to Mohammad who was also a great help in our loan.He gave us the BEST deal possible. What I love about them was they would always check up on us and gave us updates on where we were at in the whole process. They both are the agents that you can DEFINITELY TRUST. Highly recommended! Me and Gery are very grateful.
Ms. Pia is “the Best”. She is very knowledgeable in real estate. She has a great and effective marketing strategies. She worked above and beyond to get the best deal for us. After 5 days in the market, the best offer came and we’re in contract. Indeed, she is greatly, highly recommended.
Pia is professional, reliable and organized. The help she gave me in selling my house is invaluable. Selling my house was difficult for me emotionally, and Pia was very understanding about it. She guided me all the way and made the process so much easier. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell and buy a home.
Pia is a very experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated agent. She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients. She ensures the entire process runs smoothly. We highly recommend Pia for any real estate needs.
Pia is a very knowledgeable agent. She guided us smoothly through the entire home selling process. She has a lot of energy and is a born leader in her profession. She has initiative and leaves no stone unturned. She responded right away when we had questions. She fully explained contracts and made sure we understood all of the complicated real estate lingo. The way she advertised our property was nothing short of amazing! Even after the process was completed, Pia followed up with us to see if there was anything else we needed. We highly recommend Pia to assist with anyone's home buying or selling needs.
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Pia just recently help us bought our dream house AGAIN for the second time !!! We always go to Pia because there is no doubt she is the best at what she do and believe it or not, she has some kind of magic. LOL somehow we always ended up getting the best house possible out of all the houses we looked at. I highly recommend Pia for everyone. Her and her team are super professional and trust worthy. The closing process is super fast and smooth. We close a week faster than expected so one week of less headache. Love you Pia.
WE'RE VERY LUCKY to have PIA DE CASTRO handle both our home purchase and sale. After helping us get into our new home, SHE QUICKLY TURNED AROUND within a week to get our CONDO SOLD HIGHEST IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Our condo went from being listed to under contract. We trusted her with rapidly marketing the home and holding multiple open houses on the same weekend. Her plan was to specifically target the qualified buyers who would most likely competitively bid on the home. It worked perfectly. Beyond normal brokerage channels, she also methodically marketed the home to our local community and online through social and web media. She and her team also went door-to-door in our neighborhood to find the best prospects. She teaches an important perspective that realtors, in our opinion, should focus on: you need only one buyer-- The Buyer. You don't need to waste time or energy with large quantities of uncertain prospects or "window shoppers." Qualified buyers who are truly interested in your home are the main targets. The result speaks volumes. Our condo unit SOLD HIGHEST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD for significantly more than any other units in the building, and WENT UNDER CONTRACT QUICKLY, IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. We trusted her, and we couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. She's been not only a great professional to work with, but our lucky charm. She should be yours, too.
This was my second time working with Pia. We bought our home in 2014 with her as our Agent. Her diligence and persistence resulted in us purchasing for a great price in a tough market. We were FHA buyers at the time and she still managed to find us a home.
It's been 7 years since then and her work ethic hasn't changed a bit. Pia worked with us through every stage of selling that very house she helped us buy. We were ready to move to a larger home as our family grew and Pia took all of the stress out of selling.
Her help with staging, photographing, and listing the house was pivotal in bringing in top buyers. Her negotiation and advocation for her clients is bar none. In the end we ended up selling to a top tier buyer for $102,000 over asking price! We were blown away.
Diligent, determined, trustworthy, available, transparent, and legitimately good at what she does. Pia is and always will be my RE agent. If I ever sell my current home, you can bet she's the first person I'm calling.
Buying our own house was always a dream we thought we couldn’t achieve. We told her our price range and that we wanted a brand new house and just after our 2nd open house she helped us make our dreams a reality! Working with Pia, Ritu and her team has been such a pleasure. Pia is very passionate in what she does, easy to talk to, such a professional and is always readily available to answer all our questions. We now happily live in our dream house and will forever be thankful to Pia for helping us make this happen. Thank you so much ate Pia for our Christmas gift, thankful that we have you as our realtor, we are truly happy.
In the most frenzied seller's market of anyone's lifetime, being a home buyer is not easy. Having Pia navigate us through this difficult environment with determination and professional savvy was important.

Most other realtors we met were in a rush, pushy, unorganized and in our opinion often careless. Pia is the exact opposite. She is patiently there with you through the entire home buying process, carefully presenting all the relevant details and allows you time and space to make the critical decisions that are important to you in the purchase of a family home.

From the price you can afford and be comfortable with, to the type of home and features that make your family happy, she knows what is for you to decide and what she needs to educate you about.

She provides you with the proper amount of encouragement and information, and at the right times the perfect psychological nudge to get through the bidding process on a home. And we had to beat sixteen other offers while keeping within our budget, and with Pia’s guidance we got our offer accepted.

It took us about a half year of driving-by or visiting more than sixty listings to come upon exactly the right home for us. During the process, we fully expected this to take years in the current low-inventory market. But Pia was not only easygoing and encouraging about this process, but she was proactive at every step along this journey.

In our case, she was observant and helped find us the home that met all our criteria: newer home, in a great neighborhood, safe, accessible, and convenient. She and our family all knew this was the right home. That type of intuition was very valuable to us.

Overall, Pia is extremely personable, and it is clear she has the work ethic and hustle that you want in your realtor. She is straightforward, focused, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Absolutely professional.

We bought the best house for our family with Pia's help, and we could not have done it without her. We bought our dream home with smashing success because Pia had the right balance of positive energy, friendly character, and deep experience as a realtor.
Patient, positive, compassionate, keen listener, vibrant and most importantly reliable- Pia is all of this and more!!! As first time home buyers my husband and I were very overwhelmed with the process of house hunting and closing! Especially because we had a two month time frame before which we had to find a place and move. Pia, stood beside us rock solid, motivated us not to lose heart when we lost a couple of homes we loved and made sure we stayed positive and patient until we landed in our current home! You NEED her in your life if you are looking to purchase a home. She is knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. One of the best!!!!
Pia was a great help in our search for a home! We were first time home buyers and trying to navigate the current market was extremely difficult. Pia helped make the process seamless so the only thing we really had to worry about was looking at the properties and deciding if we wanted to put an offer down. She was also very helpful in managing our expectations and provided insight based on her expertise and experience. I would highly recommend working with Pia to anyone looking to purchase a home!
This is the 2nd transaction that Pia has worked for me. She is consistently outstanding in her performance surpassing the excellent bar at a very impressive short period of sale time.

She possesses a very positive attitude, is knowledgeable, dependable, and very creative to which she delivers with great results.

Looking forward to the next deal Pia!

Highly recommend! Very helpful! Thank you so much Pia for all your efforts.
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we are truly happy with the purchase of our new home. Pia de Castro is such a blessing to us. She is passionate with her work, very helpful and patient to us. Highly recommended.
I've been wanting to write a recommendation for Pia but was busy trying to set up my FIRST HOME! All THANKS to her! If I could give her all the stars in the universe, I would; 5 is not enough... Now that my internet is hooked up, here it goes.
P - Professional, Proactive and Passionate
I - woman of Integrity
A - Assured, Above and beyond
She's the kind of real estate expert that you want to be on your dream team!
This review is long overdue. Not at all a reflection of Pia’s help. In fact, the whole house purchasing process felt like a blur, because it all happened so fast, with a ridiculous amount of things to do in such a short period of time. There were documents flying through your desk every minute, it felt like, and written in a language that is not conversational. Thank goodness Pia essentially held our hand through the entire process - answering my texts and emails (I had A LOT of questions) at all hours of the day, getting her to explain what things meant, best/worst case scenarios, and for her advice for everything (including folks who could eliminate asbestos from old houses!).

We weren’t even planning on purchasing a house, but we saw an MLS listing that got our attention. This was in the middle of the pandemic, prior to even any glimpse of any covid vaccine. Regardless of all the extra paperwork and precautions (she was literally carrying a basket of Lysol, gloves, booties, and sanitizers, ha ha!) and our purchasing state of “just looking”, she still gladly helped set up the site visits, and worked hard at wooing the sellers to choose our offer. We will forever be grateful for her help - it is so inundating making a house purchase, and Pia and team made it so easy. And we now live in the house we fell in love with.

We cannot thank Pia enough, and we absolutely recommend you to reach out to her should you be in the house market.
Pia assisted me with my first home purchase in 2010 and is currently assisting me with the sale of that home and the purchase of my new home.

She is very well organized and efficient. She explains the process and timelines involved in selling and buying my home.
Pia works tirelessly to help you achieve your goals of owning a new home. She has a great team working with her, they are always there to support you from start to finish.

I highly recommend Pia for your Real Estate needs.
CEO Jamison RS Inc.
Finding the right person should be most important to anyone thinking about buying or selling a home. I did some research and was lucky enough to find Pia De Castro.

I though about saving some money and selling my home in a cheaper way; however, once I weighed out the Pros and Cons of doing it cheaper it didn't make sense. I am completely confident by having a season professional like Pia represent our home, guaranteed a better outcome than if I chose the cheaper route.

I chose Pia because she is highly skilled at what she does and in the sellers market in 2021 there are many ways to leave money on the table that doesn't need to happen. Pia guided us to strategically setting the stage for a huge bidding war that worked for our advantage. Money well spent for having the peace and mind that everything was covered to avoid any future issues.

Thank you Pia for doing an Outstanding job at selling our home.
Pia is truly inspirational!! She goes above and beyond expectations. I admire her for hard work and dedication. She is very professional yet fun to work with.

We were ready to give up already because It seemed impossible for us to find a home in this very competitive market. Thanks to Pia’s positivity and encouragement; in 5 days, we found our perfect home.

Who you work with really matters! I highly recommend Pia together with her team! They will work with you up to the very end!!
I highly recommend Pia and her team they are very professional. As a first time buyer they help us a lot. I really appreciated Pia and her team how they kept us informed every step of the way. Thanks to them, We are now the proud owners of the perfect home in a beautiful neighborhood.