Tess Sharp

Sales Manager/Event Coordinator Vizcaya
I graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management emphasizing in Event Management. Since planning my best friend’s wedding 8 years ago, I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I love working with excited couples and making there dreams come true. When I see the couple glowing with pure joy after that first kiss as husband and wife, it makes me feel so satisfied that I was able to help make that happen.
Jun 17, 2015
I really appreciate the opportunity to tell everyone how amazing Tess and the entire staff at Vizcaya are! I have never felt more welcomed and at home then I have being there. They not only took care of me, the bride, but they also took care of all my friends and family including my pregnant best friend who has gestational diabetes and couldn't eat anything that was at the wedding. Thankfully they're also a bed and breakfast so my best friend was able to have her very own personal server for the entire day where she would go into the back rooms and be able to bring out the foods that my friend can eat. I have nothing but rave reviews over the competency and the actions of every single person there. The staff went above and beyond anything and everything I could have wished for. They always made me feel that I was the most important person and that I needed to be taken care of and all of my needs were taking care of. I really appreciate all of the vendors that I also had at my wedding. Not all of them were from their preferred vendors list but Vizcaya still treated them with kindness and respect. Also being a type 'A' personality myself it was very hard for me to be able to hand the reins over to Tess to be able to take care of all of my needs for the day and not actually handle them all myself. But again Tess and the entire staff at Vizcaya truly did go above and beyond anything you could've imagined. From mimosas in the morning and wine in the afternoon and then champagne before cake they were all there ready and waiting and leading the entire troop the entire time. I was able to have a very relaxed day without needing to worry about where my flowers were going or where my tables were set or freaking out over last minute things. When the wedding and ceremony were finally over and the reception I was grateful to find that everything that I needed in my room was there brought up by all of the help; and that everything was packed up on a rack ready to go into the car for my in-laws. Tess and the Vizcaya employees are a true testament of how you think everything is going to go crazy and be last minute and you might feel that you're going to be panicked but in the end at the end of the day Tess is there with a smile and a helping hand making sure that you have no worries that everything is taken care of for you, so you can enjoy your day, and enjoy your new husband, enjoy your family, loved ones and friends.I am so grateful for Vizcaya and for my day, and that it truly was a fun affair with no worries and everything was handled with grace and care!!
May 21, 2015
Mother of the Bride
Dear Tess,
I asked my daughter if I could comment to you and your staff, so here I am.
I have never had or been to a function that was so Right On.
You and your staff were so kind and took care of all our requests.
The food was outstanding, complements to the wait staff and the Chefs.
We had a blast.
To have the hall set up and cleaned up for us was such a pleasure.
Our guests were full of great things to say also.
Thank you so much for making that day so pleasurable.
Lynda Henke (Mother of the Bride)
May 21, 2015

Viscaya and Tess Sharp were easy to work with, listened to what we wanted and carried out the most perfect Wedding celebration for my partner and I. The food was delicious, our compliments to the chef/s!!

On the day of, my only worry was getting myself ready to be there. We did not do any set up or clean up and the next morning all we had to do was load our car with the left over supplies.

Would recommend Viscaya to anyone who wants a low hassle gig.

Thank you to Tess & all the Viscaya staff!!
Jan 27, 2015
Our private wedding at Vizcaya was just beyon amazing. With only 2 weeks to plan our wedding I thought it would be very stressful but Tess and her team was just wonderful and they were always there for us from the beginning to the end, I'm so happy they were a part of the process and planning of our wedding. Were looking forward to having our bigger wedding @ Vizcaya 2016. Can't wait!!!!!

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