Vizcaya Sacramento

Vizcaya is Sacramento's premiere unique Wedding and Event Venue. With our Bed and Breakfast Mansion and event Pavilion, Vizcaya is truly a special event destination.

Vizcaya is a true full service venue, where we provide detailed event planning from the beginning to final stages.


Recommendations (82)

Sep 17, 2015

Lisa Lungren recommends Caitlin Frederici

My husband and I had a truly fairy tale wedding at Vizcaya. The grounds were so lovely - both on the outdoor patio where we held our cocktail and inside the reception hall. The atmosphere was light, airy, warm, and romantic. So many guests exclaimed how gorgeous it was and congratulated us for choosing Vizcaya. Caitlin was extremely professional, detail oriented, attentive, and helpful. She always answered our questions in a timely manner with grace and kindness. I was initially worried because Vizcaya is so popular they had events scheduled back to back during the entire weekend and I did not know if they could concentrate on ours. I had nothing to be concerned about. Caitlin and the staff are extremely organized and had everything ready to perfection - including the delicious food and bartender service. It was as if we had been the only ones holding our reception on Labor Day weekend! Thank you to Caitlin and the entire staff for your performance. We wish we could re-live our special day time and time again. We literally would not change a thing.
Jun 17, 2015

April and Damon Hirschensohn recommend Tess Sharp


I really appreciate the opportunity to tell everyone how amazing Tess and the entire staff at Vizcaya are! I have never felt more welcomed and at home then I have being there. They not only took care of me, the bride, but they also took care of all my friends and family including my pregnant best friend who has gestational diabetes and couldn't eat anything that was at the wedding. Thankfully they're also a bed and breakfast so my best friend was able to have her very own personal server for the entire day where she would go into the back rooms and be able to bring out the foods that my friend can eat. I have nothing but rave reviews over the competency and the actions of every single person there. The staff went above and beyond anything and everything I could have wished for. They always made me feel that I was the most important person and that I needed to be taken care of and all of my needs were taking care of. I really appreciate all of the vendors that I also had at my wedding. Not all of them were from their preferred vendors list but Vizcaya still treated them with kindness and respect. Also being a type 'A' personality myself it was very hard for me to be able to hand the reins over to Tess to be able to take care of all of my needs for the day and not actually handle them all myself. But again Tess and the entire staff at Vizcaya truly did go above and beyond anything you could've imagined. From mimosas in the morning and wine in the afternoon and then champagne before cake they were all there ready and waiting and leading the entire troop the entire time. I was able to have a very relaxed day without needing to worry about where my flowers were going or where my tables were set or freaking out over last minute things. When the wedding and ceremony were finally over and the reception I was grateful to find that everything that I needed in my room was there brought up by all of the help; and that everything was packed up on a rack ready to go into the car for my in-laws. Tess and the Vizcaya employees are a true testament of how you think everything is going to go crazy and be last minute and you might feel that you're going to be panicked but in the end at the end of the day Tess is there with a smile and a helping hand making sure that you have no worries that everything is taken care of for you, so you can enjoy your day, and enjoy your new husband, enjoy your family, loved ones and friends.I am so grateful for Vizcaya and for my day, and that it truly was a fun affair with no worries and everything was handled with grace and care!!
Jun 8, 2015

Camille recommends Caitlin Frederici

Happy Bride

We recently had a lovely wedding ceremony and reception at the Vizcaya. Caitlin was an excellent venue coordinator and day of planner. She was able to answer all my questions in a timely manner, provide great attention to detail and make perfect suggestions. Caitlin is very efficient and professional. The Vizcaya is an amazing venue and their staff is very catering every step of the way! We highly recommend using the Vizcaya and Caitlin for your next event or wedding!
Jun 5, 2015

Katrina Salumbides recommends Stacey Kitchell


I would need a novel to fully describe how wonderful and amazing our experience with Stacey and Vizcaya staff has been. Vizcaya is Sacramento's #1 wedding venue for all the right reasons. From when we first contacted Vizcaya and took our tour, before we even signed our contract, we already felt like we were being taken care of. Stacey is such a warm, caring, and sweet person; she always made things sound like it would all be ok (and it did turn out fine!). She was also easy to communicate with and handled my constant barrage of questions so well. I'm sure I asked her several questions repeatedly throughout the year because I couldn't remember what we discussed months earlier, but she always responded like it was the first time I was asking. She was also incredibly flexible with our requests, whether it was for wedding details or just scheduling meetings. We visited Vizcaya several times on our own, plus with family and friends, and each time she was always so sweet and cheery. And when we interacted with other Vizcaya staff they were also very welcoming; total service with a smile. I was a wreck when rehearsal day arrived, still trying to get so much done (the perils of a DIY wedding by a family of procrastinators) and we had so many people in our entourage, but Stacey handled it with ease and rehearsal went along smoothly. Our detail meetings were great; she knew just the right questions to ask us and what to discuss so we got a lot of things ironed out. It made us confident that Vizcaya was a great venue and the Big Day confirmed that even more!

The wedding was a blur; so many things happening way too fast in way too little time (I wish it could have gone on all weekend) because we were all having such a great time! Stacey and all the Vizcaya staff took such good care of us. As promised, they put up decorations, arranged all our props, constantly put out food, made sure WE ate, etc. They set everything up so well (despite my poor directions/mock-ups) and in almost no time since there was a wedding before ours. They handled all our last minute changes with ease and helped my sister and other family/friends with setting up our ceremony area (we did this ourselves) and whatever else they needed. And Stacey was always there to check on us and ensure things weren't going on too late. I'm sure we ran her ragged that day with our requests but she was as bright and cheery as always, getting whatever we needed. She was just a sweetheart; we loved her, my family loved her...everyone loved her! We were sad to see her go, but Josh slipped right in and took great care of us as well. He made sure we had what we needed and when the night ended our sparkler finale went off without a hitch. He and the staff took care of all the take down so well that the next morning we just had to move everything to our cars.

I could go on and on and on, but the bottom line is we had a wonderful wedding and we could never have pulled it off without Stacey and the rest of the staff. We really picked the perfect venue and we were blessed to have a great coordinator. Our guests were so impressed with Vizcaya we still hear about it! And my family/friends who helped with the wedding really appreciated Stacey and the staff as well. Even our vendors were familiar with Stacey and loved working with her. If I could do it all over again I definitely would. I would do some things in my wedding differently if I could, but changing venues or coordinators would not be on that list. We are eternally grateful to Stacey and the staff.
Jun 4, 2015

Maria recommends Caitlin Frederici


I loved my wedding at Vizcaya! My event coordinator was Caitlin Frederici, she was great. From the first meeting to the last she was very detailed and helpful. Everything turn out better than I had expect and she was there to help the day of the wedding.
Jun 1, 2015

Jon recommends Caitlin Frederici

We had the best time ever!!! Your place and staff are amazing!
Thanks for everything
Jon and Angela
May 31, 2015

Ashley Dosty recommends Caitlin Frederici


It was a pleasure working with Caitlin for our wedding. She would answer any and all my 50 thousand questions about the wedding. She was very prompt and on top of things. The day of the wedding everything was perfect!!! Including the staff that served us and our guest. The whole Vizcaya team was Wonderful!!
May 29, 2015

Heather Hui (formerly Nelson) recommends Stacey Kitchell


My future husband & I visited Vizcaya for their open house the end of January 2015 & we were immediately impressed with the facility. We recently got married May 10, 2015 with Stacey as our wedding event coordinator. WIth ~3 1/2 months to plan our wedding, Stacey was great to work with…she kept us progressing towards our big day with detail appointments along the way. Stacey is very personable & answered questions / helped us plan our wedding and as a result our Wedding Day went as planned & was very well coordinated by Stacey & the Vizcaya staff.

We had a small intimate wedding ceremony in the East Patio & our brunch reception was held in their Pavillion. I would highly recommend the food at Vizcaya - it was excellent; we were able to customize our brunch menu to our liking & our guests. We had mini cinnamon rolls & little quiche as our butler passed hors devours & they were delicious. The staff was very attentive to us (bride & groom) making sure we had enough food & drink so we could enjoy our wedding meal at our Sweetheart Table.

The Vizcaya mansion itself is a beautiful wedding facility…Stacey worked with us to create our Wedding Day as we wanted it to be, accommodating our requests. The staff at Vizcaya is excellent & very professional and they made our wedding day run smoothly. Stacey is excellent at keeping us on track (following our timeline we had set in place).

I would highly recommend Stacey as your Wedding Event Coordinator…with not much time to plan my wedding she really kept me going to get all the details planned & prepared for our wedding. I thought I had everything planned early on... until our 1st detail appt. - Stacey brought up details that I had never even thought of; but not to worry Stacey made it easy & stress-free to work through the planning process & it was fun!! Stacey is very organized & on-top of things, responding to our emails / phone-calls in a timely manner.

I want to thank Stacey & the Vizcaya staff for making our wedding day special & a day we will remember forever. My husband & I were very impressed with Vizcaya & the staff & would highly recommend Vizcaya as a great place to have your wedding & make sure you request Stacey as your event coordinator…she is the best & will make your event run smoothly and as you planned!!

May 21, 2015

Lynda Henke recommends Tess Sharp

Mother of the Bride

Dear Tess,
I asked my daughter if I could comment to you and your staff, so here I am.
I have never had or been to a function that was so Right On.
You and your staff were so kind and took care of all our requests.
The food was outstanding, complements to the wait staff and the Chefs.
We had a blast.
To have the hall set up and cleaned up for us was such a pleasure.
Our guests were full of great things to say also.
Thank you so much for making that day so pleasurable.
Lynda Henke (Mother of the Bride)
May 21, 2015

Maryanne Henke recommends Tess Sharp


Viscaya and Tess Sharp were easy to work with, listened to what we wanted and carried out the most perfect Wedding celebration for my partner and I. The food was delicious, our compliments to the chef/s!!

On the day of, my only worry was getting myself ready to be there. We did not do any set up or clean up and the next morning all we had to do was load our car with the left over supplies.

Would recommend Viscaya to anyone who wants a low hassle gig.

Thank you to Tess & all the Viscaya staff!!
Apr 30, 2015

Alejandra Mayorga-Brown recommends Caitlin Frederici


The following is a letter of recommendation for the exceptional services provided by Caitlin Federici as our Wedding Coordinator before and during our wedding day. A wedding should be known as the most memorable time of two people’s lives, and for us on April 10th, 2015 it was, with the help and guidance of Caitlin Federici. Caitlin took the time and efforts to relinquish every detail that made this day so special for us. Her organizational skills were impeccable, which took a lot of pressure and stress off me and the groom when there were numerous other matters to be tended to. Caitlin took the time to meet with us on numerous occasions before the wedding, and making herself available without hesitation. Her easy going attitude and attention to detail is strongly noted, as it created a sense of relief to both of us with each meeting. Her caring embrace and demeanor along with her organizational sense made each meeting eventful and successful. The day of our wedding, she took the time to make sure that every detail was presented in the most perfect way and in no way could we have ever asked for a better day. This recommendation has not even begun to show the appreciation that both Rocko and I have for Cailtin's services.
Thank You! Caitlin you are exceptional!
Apr 28, 2015

Ashley Corona recommends Caitlin Frederici


Vizcaya is, hands down, the absolute best place to have a wedding reception in the Sacramento and vicinity area. From the moment we walked in on our first tour, we were treated with such kindness and grace by Caitlin.
From the bridal suite and grooms lounge to the courtyard and reception hall, Vizcaya does it right. The service staff is so impeccable, that you hardly even notice them (a good thing in my eyes).
For what you get from the venue, it was worth every penny spent!
Thank you again for such a wonderful and memorable day!
Apr 27, 2015

Erica recommends Stacey Kitchell

Bridezilla, according to my husband

Stacey is professional, courteous and has a sweet personality. I found her wonderful to work with and very accommodating. I was grateful that she oversaw the events for my entire reception. I also found the entire Vizcaya staff a pleasure to work with. As an event planner myself, I appreciated how smooth the day ran, knowing first hand how often things can and do go awry. I would work with Stacey again without hesitation and definitely recommend her to any bride.
Apr 24, 2015

Alicia williams recommends Stacey Kitchell


I am rarely the one to ever leave a review but I couldn't help myself because my experience with the Vizcaya was absolutely amazing. Stacey was beyond what I could have imagined for a coordinator, she made my day flow so smoothly all of my guess complimented how kind she was and how she kept everything flowing perfectly. Sadly, the day was over to fast, but it was the best day our our lives! This Vizcaya had the perfect layout for our vow renewal and it was simply beautiful down to the simplistic details like the night lighting. Sharing this day with our family, friends and and children made everything worth it!
Apr 13, 2015

Yassi recommends Stacey Kitchell


Stacey was amazing! She was very prompt in contacting me back, or giving me answers. She dealt with my caterer, DJ, insurance papers, decorations, and on the day of the wedding was very accommodating to our needs. I really felt like at home on the day of my wedding. She walked me through everything and explained anything I needed clarification on. She was also very good at calming a nervous and exhausted bride! All in all, an excellent experience. She was on top of her work and did an outstanding job to make me, her customer feel well taken care of and appreciated. Excellent job to her and her staff at Vizcaya. Thank you Stacey for making my day a little easier and this process a little less stressful!

Apr 4, 2015

Eric Fracisco recommends Caitlin Frederici


Caitlin did a fantastic job for our wedding, we couldn't have been happier. She paid attention to all of the details we wanted, was a great help to our guests, and was a true professional. Overall, she was great to work with.

We are truly thankful for the help that Caitlin and team provided, and would recommend working with her and the Vizcaya staff for any event. Thank you Caitlin!
Apr 3, 2015

Katrina Garcia recommends Caitlin Frederici


After touring ~30 wedding venues in Sacramento and the Bay Area, we chose Vizcaya for the excellent venue itself, full-service offering of the venue, and beautiful location. We were so happy we made the choice, as the people at Vizcaya who helped us plan and run the wedding day were an absolute pleasure to work with, and did so flawlessly.

Vizcaya Sacramento was simply a dream come true for our wedding, and we could not have imagined the extent to which the staff over-delivered.

The venue itself is absolutely beautiful, and the full-service of hotel, bridal suite, groomsmen lounge, ceremony space, cocktail hour area, and reception hall had an excellent flow for the event.

The staff at Vizcaya are absolute professionals in every sense of the word. One of the most common comments from our wedding was how impressed they were with the service of the wait staff. Literally every time a water glass was slightly empty, someone would be there to fill up. All tables were bussed incredibly quickly and every special request was handled flawlessly. Hors d'oeuvre's and drinks were served efficiently, and the staff was both polite and accommodating.

We were incredibly lucky to work with our wedding coordinator Caitlin, who handled every potential issue with speed and ease to make sure all of the small kinks were worked out.

And the food! I could have never imagined that you could please such a large group, but everyone raved about the food served; it was quick, hot, better than we even had hoped (even better than the day of our food tasting!). We'd heard previously that the food at Vizcaya was well-known, and were not disappointed.

I would encourage anyone to visit Vizcaya for any type of event, and be thankful if you will be attending a wedding or event here!
Mar 6, 2015

Joy & Robert Murdock recommend Stacey Kitchell

Bride & groom

100% recommend Stacey as a wedding coordinator! We planned our wedding in a very short time period and I felt is was stress free, she was always there with a smile and kind words and we could always reach her when we had questions and she was with us the whole day of our wedding making sure all went well. Her and staff at the Vizcaya are awesome! Thank you Stacey!
Mar 6, 2015

Joy & Robert Murdock recommend Stacey Kitchell

Bride & groom

100% recommend Stacey as a wedding coordinator! We planned our wedding in a very short time period and I felt is was stress free, she was always there with a smile and kind words and we could always reach her when we had questions and she was with us the whole day of our wedding making sure all went well. Her and staff at the Vizcaya are awesome! Thank you Stacey!
Mar 2, 2015

Raquel Salinas recommends Stacey Kitchell


Where do I start...
Stacey by far was the best coordinator we could have asked for. My husband and I booked our 10 year vow renewal with her and from day one she was the most wonderful person to work with. She was so sweet and organized. She made sure EVERYTHING was taken care of for us. We had absolutely no worries when working with her. I thought I had everything planned out but she thought of things that I didn't even remember or think of doing. She planned everything so well and made that special day for us so smooth and easy going. Stacey is a hard worker and definitely get the job done. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a wedding or vow renewal she's the best! Oh and did I mention not only was she was this great but we only gave her 6 weeks to plan this whole venue! We had an attendance of about 90 people that she prepared and accommodated for. She was so polite to us and all of our guest and I even got a ton of compliments on her and the Vizcaya. I will be coming back here to have her coordinate our 25 year anniversary party for sure! Thanks Stacey you made our day a memorable one!
Mar 1, 2015

Amy and Michael Spencer recommend Stacey Kitchell

My husband and I recently had our wedding at Vizcaya and it was more than a dream come true. The venue itself was elegant and beautiful. Our wedding planner, Stacey is amazing! Stacey exceeded all expectations and most importantly made the planning as stress free as possible. She responded to all our emails and questions promptly and was efficient with all communication. Stacey is easy to talk to and very understanding when it comes to all the stress that wedding planning comes with, having her lifted a big weight off of my shoulders. If we could do it all over again we would definitely love to have Stacey by our side. For any future couples we truly hope you take this recommendation into serious consideration. To Stacey: Thank you again for making this such an experience, we will never forget. It was perfect!!
Feb 24, 2015

Virginia Broughton recommends Stacey Kitchell

Quality Systems

This is a bit overdue, but what a wonderful experience it was to work with Stacey Kitchell and the Vizcaya team!! My husband and I couldn't have been happier with how our vision of our DIY wedding came to life through the support of Stacey! Wedding planning can be so stressful, and putting all of the responsiblility on someone you've met with a few times can be nerve wrecking. There is so much detail that goes into each person's special day, and its a difficult task to put to life someone else's vision. The day of the wedding I had planned to come into the reception hall to ensure everything was perfect, but like most brides there just wasn't enough time! I was overwhelmed with joy to see everything exactly as we expected it to look when we made our grand entrance! It's been almost a month and I still have my guest telling me what a wonderful wedding it was!
I highly recommend planning a special event here and working with Stacey. Her positive attitude, professionalism, and knowledge of weddings makes it so easy to plan and not be stressed. As I reflect back on all of the planning, there wasn't a moment where I felt overwhelmed, Stacey ensured through our meetings that she would have all the details taken care of making me comfortable leaving everything in her hands!
The venue itself is beyond beautiful, the food is so tasty, the staff are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, and the cost for all of it is more than just competitive! We would do it all over again in a heart beat with the same team! Thank you Stacey, for making our wedding unforgettable and perfect!
Feb 9, 2015

Monica recommends Stacey Kitchell


Our wedding at Vizcaya was beautiful! From the moment I decided to have our wedding there Stacey Kitchell was by my side. She was very open with my ideas and provided great feedback. Stacey was very attentive to all my questions and responded quickly. Our ceremony and reception was amazing! I did not need to worry about anything, Stacey and her stafftook care of it. I would highly recommend this venue! It is beautiful and the staff is great. Everyone at our wedding was pleased with the appetizers, food, and their rooms the night of our wedding. Thank You Stacey!!
Jan 27, 2015

Mr & Mrs Moreno recommend Tess Sharp

Our private wedding at Vizcaya was just beyon amazing. With only 2 weeks to plan our wedding I thought it would be very stressful but Tess and her team was just wonderful and they were always there for us from the beginning to the end, I'm so happy they were a part of the process and planning of our wedding. Were looking forward to having our bigger wedding @ Vizcaya 2016. Can't wait!!!!!
Jan 23, 2015

Yahnee C recommends Caitlin Frederici

I chose Vizcaya because of their great reviews and I totally loved Liz, we just "clicked" right away. I knew she'd be the perfect coordinator for our Halloween themed costume wedding. After months of corresponding with Liz and everything going smoothly, 5 weeks before our wedding Liz tells me she's put in her 2 week notice and that Caitlin Frederici would be taking over. Of course I was a little freaked out but my father had passed away 1 week prior to this so I figured the worst that could've happened, already did.
I met with Caitlin right away and I was absolutely thrilled that she was on top of her game and had already done her research, gotten familiar with our plans. Although I had adored Liz, I felt Caitlin was a better fit for me.
Day of... it rained. We had to move our ceremony from the patio to the pavilion.
While our guests enjoyed cocktails, Vizcaya had to turn the room back to the dining seating. It took longer than expected but the tables looked amazing, everything was done as I had requested.
Due to nasty weather one thing led to another and our wedding ended up running an hour behind schedule. This whole time Caitlin kept her cool and kept things moving rather smoothly. I give her a lot of credit. She has a hard job but she's great at what she does! I highly recommend her as a coordinator. She's a great listener, detail oriented and can stay calm which in turn helps the bride to remain calm as well. Thank you Caitlin, although the weather messed with our plans, you did an excellent job and I wouldn't have changed a thing!

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