I recently sold a home that was used as a rental house. Unfortunately, I was emotionally attached to the home and the renter was a nightmare. Ann was so patient and helpful through the entire process. She used her vast experience and know how to make it as easy as she could. I would recommend highly recommend Ann.

Janette Barclay

Feb 5, 2020

Ann Banos

Real Estate Professional NextHome ATX Realty
7500 Hwy 71-W, #104
Austin, TX 78735
TX License #466810
Jun 14, 2022
Ann Banos is one of the best realtors I worked with. Her expertise of the market is excellent. She cares for me as a buyer and gives recommendations based on my needs. Her judgment is fantastic. She is dependable and easy to reach. I would always use her and recommend her services to my family and friends before she is the best. It is hard to find an excellent realtor nowadays and I am grateful to have known her.
Apr 20, 2022
Property owner
Ann advised us over several months to prepare our home for market. We accepted an offer over our asking price after an open house event. Ann's advice returned great dividends for us. We would hire Ann again without reservation.
Oct 11, 2021
The home buying process can seem pretty overwhelming as a first time home buyer. I was very thankful to find an experienced real estate broker that understood the housing market. That experience matters especially in a housing market as competitive as Austin. I couldn't be more happy with the Town home that Ann helped my find in the Northern Austin area.

Here are some of the great things about working with Ann:
- She is well connected with the real estate community and has well formed relationships with inspectors and real estate agents in the area.
- She knows what to offer a seller and when (We somehow managed to beat a cash offer)
- Ann has great communication skills and responds quickly to calls/texts/emails
Jan 6, 2021
Managing Director, Chase Consulting
Ann is an exceptional realtor and did an outstanding job selling our property. Because of the pandemic, properties in and around UT were moving slowly. Ann’s diligence ensured we were able to find a buyer and close the sale.
Nov 11, 2020
We love working with Ann! My husband worked with her when he bought a townhome several years ago and had a great experience at that time already. Ann most recently helped us close on a new family home. She was such a key partner with us in our house-hunting journey. She was supportive, responsive, patient, and educated us along the way. By the end, it almost felt like having a close friend or family member in the process with us. We really appreciated that she wouldn't just tell us what we wanted to hear, but gave us very helpful advice along the way. She never projected her own personal home style preferences either, but allowed us to develop our own opinions of what we liked best. She's incredibly knowledgeable due to her wealth of experience in the real estate industry. You're working with The Best, when you're working with Ann!
Nov 9, 2020
Ann is FANTASTIC! This was my 2nd time Ann has helped me buy a home and the experience was A++++ just like the 1st time. Ann truly cares about her clients and has our best interests in mind. Unlike most realtors who look for the quickest sale, Ann is focused on finding you the right home, even if that means pointing out things you might not have thought of and had thought you found the perfect home. Ann has been in this business for a long time and knows Austin and our real estate history better than most -- she truly is an expert at Austin real estate! Ann is someone I greatly trust and would use her services again and again! Don't hesitate to give Ann a call when you need a professional and friendly real estate agent!
Oct 12, 2020
New to Austin
Ann is an incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and effective Realtor. Balancing our tight schedule with a limited housing inventory (where homes are selling within days) is no easy feat, but her guidance and expertise got us an amazing home. We couldn't be happier with our experience with Ann and highly recommend her to anyone needing a true real estate concierge experience.
Jun 15, 2020
Ann is absolutely fantastic! We had a really specific set of criteria that made it very , very difficult for us to find a home, and for months Ann just kept digging, looking around and asking questions until we finally found the perfect home! Ann also is so attuned to her clients that we were comfortable having Ann go ahead and look at homes to tell us whether she thought we should make a several hours trek to see a home or not - after just a few meetings she not only knew our criteria, but she also got what our aesthetic was enough that we trusted her opinion implicitly. Further, she is a delight to spend time with. Some days we would see house after house, and Ann made what could have seemed like an arduous task into one that was fun. I absolutely recommend Ann, and I know we will be working with her again in the future!
Feb 5, 2020
I recently sold a home that was used as a rental house. Unfortunately, I was emotionally attached to the home and the renter was a nightmare. Ann was so patient and helpful through the entire process. She used her vast experience and know how to make it as easy as she could. I would recommend highly recommend Ann.
May 17, 2018
After helping us to stage, price and show our home, Ann helped us to understand and navigate the offer consideration process and get our home under contract after only a single weekend of showings.
While at first we decided to rent, we realized halfway through the process that we wanted to buy a new home instead. Ann took our decision in stride and exhibited her calm, friendly and professional demeanour throughout even though we were very anxious at times.
In the end, we found a wonderful home that met all our criteria and more, in a beautiful area and closed the deal on time and within budget!
Ann is a top caliber individual, both personally and professionally, and we are very grateful that she was the one who shepherded us through this daunting process that concluded in a happy ending.
May 8, 2018
Ann was great in helping my family and I find a great home, yet again. We trust her with every home we have bought or sold. Her ability to understand what we were looking for aesthetically, backed by her professionalism makes her unrivaled in many ways as a great agent. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who will make an otherwise stressful event into a smooth transition. She works hard, and it shows.
Mar 11, 2018
Area Coordinator
Ann did a great job negotiating our home purchase. She was "on top" of all the details and helped us get what we wanted. Her experience helped us win the deal when there were a number of other offers.

She was a pleasure to work with and very responsive to all of our questions and concerns.

My wife and I were very happy with our home buying experience and would highly recommend Ann - whether you are purchasing or selling a home.
Mar 10, 2018
Ann Banos recently assisted my husband and me in the purchase of our home, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her! She is very personable yet professional and we always felt she was working hard to represent us well. Her experience and knowledge as a seasoned realtor really made a difference and we highly recommend her!
Feb 5, 2018
Ann was amazing when she helped us buy and sell our home. T
Jan 8, 2018
Director of Design, BioWare
I have worked with Ann Banos for more than a decade. She is amazing and professional. She handles everything and is savvy to any issues or concerns a home buyer/seller might have. Out of all the professionals I've worked with, Ann is at the top.
Sep 11, 2017
Ann was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding our new home. We told her our price range, preferred area, and features we were looking for and she made sure to look for those type of homes. We were first time home buyers so some things were a bit confusing for us until she explained it all in great detail. She was very patient with us as well throughout this process. I would recommend her to anyone.
Aug 4, 2017
Ann did a wonderful Job helping us with our home search and purchase here in Austin. We move often and have experienced good and bad realtors. She is very knowlegeable about the market here. In addition, she was attentive and responsive to all our needs and questions. We would highly recommend her and would definitely use her again.
Jan 7, 2017
I was a first time home buyer. Ann was helpful and explained every step. She was able to work with me around my odd work schedule and helped me find a wonderful home. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Thanks Ann.

I couldn't recommend Ann more.

Dec 16, 2016
Thank you Ann for helping us through the buying process of our home. We couldn't be happier that we found Ann . She took great care of us throughout our purchase process.
I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home.
Dec 2, 2016
Austin home owner
I first met Ann Banos in 2005 when I and three other partners (who were planning a rental investment in Austin) called upon Ann to assist us. Her friendliness, graciousness, and easy manner immediately appealed to each of us.

As she drove us through areas of Austin, she suggested properties in communities that had potential as foreseeable home rentals and that fit the limits of our price range. Since we lived out-of-state, she knew we had a small window of time to view properties; and thus, made every effort to end our searching in a timely manner and to quickly settle any necessary paperwork after we had made a decision to purchase.

During our time with her, it was obvious she had a vast knowledgeable concerning all areas of Austin-- especially those that had excellent school systems (a demand we requested of her), and those whose neighborhoods would attract serious buyers. We finally settled on a home in Leander; and with her expertise and invaluable experience, we were able to procure a home that both she and each of us fit the criteria that we had discussed.

After ten years of owning the home in Leander, we decided to sell. We again called upon Ann to assist us, and we found that she was as accommodating and helpful as she had been years before. When we requested that she handle the sell of the home, she set about mailing any (and all) necessary paperwork (disclosures, documents, etc.); evaluated any necessary repairs or improvements needed for the home; and hired whatever personnel would be needed to do those improvements. She was always available to answer questions—day or night--and give advice or provide clarification . She often kept long vigils at the Leander home as she patiently waited for deliveries, potential buyers, or workmen.

Indeed, she proved invaluable to not only purchasing this rental home, but a valuable asset to the often tedious tasks of selling. We will always be grateful to her ethical standards, expertise, and dedication to her work.