Johnnick Porcuna

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My name is John N. Porcuna a.k.a Johnnick Porcuna. Raised in the Bay Area my whole life I gain extensive knowledge of what the community each cities offer. The value I bring is my passion in serving others. Having experience with Business Management, Operations,marketing and real estate experience. I’m confident that I can help with your Real estate needs. Graduating from Provizio “The Art of Real Estate” The skills I gain will take your experience on the next level. Advance with Technology, software, and marketing will seperate me from other agents.

Working with Intero have been more than a blessing. Setting a proper foundation for my career I’ve been Mentored by the best coaches in the real estate field.

The Most important part in looking for an agent is too see if they have the P.U.N.C.H

P= Passion

U= Unstoppable

N= No excuses

C= Courage

H= Happiness

If you have any type of questions at all please feel free to CONTACT ME.
Aug 3, 2016
Smart, motivated, and truly a great friend to have. If i needed a home in California he will be my Go to guy for it ! #yourockbrother
Aug 3, 2016
Recruiter at Google
Can't be happier for Johnnick. I met him while he was trying to obtain a job at Google but declined it because he realize that his skills are worth more than a steady pay check. Out of Thousands of people i recruit at one of the best place to work at, only very few decline the opportunity. That very few who declined the opportunity create a better opportunity for themselves and i can see you achieving it.
Aug 3, 2016
senior accountant
We go way back, The only person that stood firm when i was feeling down was Johnnick. A little to personal but it's one of the most important side people should see in him. He not only inspired me to do what i love but he made me realize that there are great people out there thats willing to help people. :)
Aug 3, 2016
software engineer
Johnnick!! glad you are doing what you love in life. always so passionate in what you do. I know you will dominate soon !
Aug 3, 2016
senior marketing
Worked with him in the past with his other ventures since he was 20. Having a strong desire in what he does, i can guarantee you that working with him will not only be filled with smiles but you will gain creative ideas out of this world.
Aug 3, 2016
Founder/ Web developer
Where can i start of with Johnnick? aka Big J. I contacted him through Linkedin since we have very familiar background. I have a plan to move out from my country to california by the next 6 months and man is he one of the best Real estate agent who's personality can not be match with. Out of 20 realtors i reached out too help me, Johnnick was the only one who made it really fun and exciting. He guided me through the process in a different type of way. I'll see you soon buddy!
Jul 5, 2016
Freelance Filmmaker
From the get go, you can tell Johnnick is extremely passionate and motivated. He was able to answer all my questions regarding the city, community and even recommended some eating spots to go to around the area. The great thing about Johnnick, is that he talks to you like you're a family member and makes you feel very comfortable. Personally, I don't like to ask questions because I get easily embarrassed, but luckily with Johnnick I didn't feel that way at all.

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