Thuy Tran

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With my client first approach, I will work with you to understand your situation, your needs, your goals and your expectations in order to exceed them. Whether you’re a first time home buyers/sellers or experienced investors, I’ll advocate for your best interest and help you get the best deal. I am also avid about educating you about the process, the pitfalls to avoid, and arming you with the right tools and information so you can make informed and best decisions. You have the right to expect the best, and I am passionate about giving you the best.
Nov 26, 2019
Mechanical Engineer
I was introduced to Thuy through my lending agent.  Simply put, Thuy is an amazing realtor.  Her friendliness and knowledge about the Silicon Valley market helped ease all of the concerns I had as a first time homebuyer.  Rather than settle for less, she helped me find the perfect starter home.  She's always professional and is in constant communication throughout the homebuying process, and I cannot thank her enough for helping me navigate through the first time homebuying process.
Sep 10, 2019
I have known Thuy for a couple of years now. When I first moved to bay area I was introduced to her through a family friend. I instantly liked her. She is very friendly and always has a welcoming attitude. She quickly helped get my feet wet with the home buying process. First, she sat me down with a loan agent and helped me understand the financial aspects of home buying. For someone new to bay area, I thought this was a really crucial first step because bay area is like no other housing market. Then, she started showing me around for houses. But I soon realized that (a) I wasn't ready (b) I was not sure about buying in South Bay. I told Thuy about this and she couldn't have been nicer about it. She told me to take my time. Over the next year or so, she would regularly check-in with me - not in a pushy way but in a very friendly manner. When I was eventually ready to buy, it was not in South Bay but in San Francisco but the first person I thought to contact was Thuy (though her speciality is South Bay). Within a week, she set me up with an SF agent. When I met up with the new agent, Thuy was also there by my side which made me feel very comfortable. Thuy continued to be involved while I shopped for houses. She would call me immediately after open house visits and discuss the houses. She was also in constant communication with my SF agent. As I went through the process, Thuy was a brain trust I could bank on. My SF agent worked out so great for me that she found a house that fit all my requirements in just under two months. And I have Thuy to thank for that - for finding me another good agent.

Once I decided to make a serious bid on the house, it was uncharted territory for me as it was my first bid ever. I never thought I was actually going to to get the first house I ever bid on. But once I placed my bid, I saw a completely new/different side of Thuy. She sprung into action. It looked bleak at one point but kudos to her after a day or so of negotiations, she made it happen and I got in contract. I still remember when Thuy called me to tell me the news - I was not expecting it, it was definitely a pleasant surprise. On the day I got my house keys, the seller's agent said that if its not for my agent, I would not have gotten the house.
Aug 22, 2017
Design Engineer
We just want to extend Our gratitude to Thuy Tran for being such a great realtor. Being a first time home buyer, We had a lot of questions and doubts. Thuy was always there to assure us that everything was fine and to answer all our questions. We always felt that we were important to her and she always had time for us. She was there every step of the way. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest, kind, patient, helpful, and determined. We had the privilege of working with her. she helped Us to find the perfect first home for us in less than 30 days :) . We are so grateful to have worked with Thuy Tran. We would definitely recommend Thuy Tran to anyone who is looking for a great, hard-working realtor.
Oct 17, 2016
Thuy was very earnest and dedicate in helping us find the perfect home for our first investment property.
Thuy spared us the trouble by doing a decent filtering of the house that is within our price range and the condition of the house that will work perfectly as an investment.
We could not have made the purchase so swiftly and smoothly without her help. Her responsiveness and knowledge of the area is the keys in helping us purchase our house within 2 months of house hunting.
Oct 16, 2016
Happy Buyer
This review is long overdue, but Thuy helped our first home purchase a few years ago. We’re very glad we chose to work with Thuy! She was very patient throughout the whole process and always available to answer our questions. You can tell from talking to Thuy that she is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the real estate market. We had a general idea of what we wanted in terms of size, location and budget, but haven’t quite made up our mind on the other aspects. She took the time to show us a variety of homes ranging from fixer-uppers to fully remodeled and pointed out the different characteristics and floor plans. While house hunting can be a very stressful process, Thuy did not pressure us and when we were ready to make offers, she negotiated for our best interests like she would for her own house. At the end, we got the house we wanted with a price below the asking! We would definitely work with Thuy again for our next purchase!
Oct 10, 2016
I met Thuy in 2014. Since then, I had gotten to know her personally as well as professionally. Thuy always talked about her passion for real estate. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she pursues her passion full time. While I had the pleasure of dealing with Ms. Thuy in other capacities, this year I got to see her do what she loves first hand. In a casual conversation I mentioned I was considering selling my rental properties and without me asking she immediately offered to do some of the work for me. We talked about doing the 1031 exchange which I knew nothing about, but she educated me accordingly. Since my properties are located rather far away from Thuy, she immediately put me in contact with all the necessary people, so I can carry out the process as smoothly as possible. I am happy to report that thanks to her amazing work one of my houses is already under negotiation.