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A mission. A promise. A formula for success since 1926.

The Keyes “family” is a powerful network of people, knowledge & services that work together to influence Florida real estate and attract business from around the world.

We’ve created a unique balance of autonomy and support that fosters the best talent and ensures each member of our family the greatest opportunity for success.

Our individual real estate model allows Keyes leadership, managers and Associates to feel as if they are part of something greater.
The Keyes "family" is an active network made of individual experts who bring a unique approach, with unique insights, ideas and
relationships. With the access to indepth collective knowledge and international exposure; The Keyes Company members work together towards the common goal of providing the best opportunities for success.

The Keyes Company offers world-class education, training and career opportunities. In addition, we support our Realtor-Associates with exceptional lead generation resources, marketing tools, and technology driven productivity tools.

Celebrating Collective Independence

Pinned Recommendation
Sales Associate
The Keyes Company is a family. The management of the company shows concern and empathy for all its associates, employees, family of service team members and its customers. The Company truly cares. The managers and management are constantly in touch with all of us. They run Zoom teleconferences to offer updates on Real Estate, training, and how to keep our businesses going. But to me, the most important thing, is the feeling of caring. Caring about us and our families, the caring about our livelihood and how we can continue our business. Although the sales associates are independent contractors and not specifically employees of the Keyes Company, we are all part of the family. I personally have had a full career before Real Estate and many life experiences. I have never felt as one with a company. I have worked for major corporations and small independent companies. The Keyes Company is the best place I have ever worked at. I can only recommend it with all my heart. Thank you to all at the Keyes Company..
Realtor - Associate
My biggest reason for coming to The Keyes Company was training. As a new agent, there are so many things I still needed to learn. The Keyes Company provided me with that through weekly trainings and enrolling me in a 2 week 80-hour course. The Keyes Company also utilizes great resources which we have full access to as being a part of the team. Lastly, the team itself is great. Everyone on the team is always willing to help and lend a hand whenever I have questions. As a new agent having tried a smaller brokerage before coming to Keyes, I couldn't be happier having made that transition.
Keyes has given me 100% of their full support. They help promote my listing, selling them faster. Its like working for a small company but with a huge backing!
Administrative Manager/Realtor
As an administrator and realtor Keyes has remained to make its employees and realtors a number one priority. It has the state of the art technology to help us all succeed. Whether working from home, on the road, or in the office. They have the tools for us to work anywhere anytime. Keyes is family orientated and has a strong leadership team. Which has been built from a generations of family leaders. With 90+ years in business they will survive anything and that is a team I want to be and are proud to be on.
Proud to be part of The Keyes Company more than ever. They are in touch with their realtors everyday with moral support and wonderful suggestions to keep my business flowing
I've been in the business for 18 years. 6 years ago I made the move to Keyes and it was the best decision I ever made. This family owned company treats all their agents like family. The tools and technology they provide to us is incredible and now that we have moved into this new normal of online showings and meetings, the additional training, guidance and support are unparalleled.
Broker Associate, N.A.R
Selling real estate is hard enough. Keye's full spectrum of services covers whatever your needs are as well as your customers. Support is always there when you need it. The training opportunities to learn and grow never stop. The online collection of training webinars are endless. You can learn in person or in a group setting as well. You can learn how to be the best from the best minds in the business.
Sales Associate, Field Trainer
Keyes provides unparalleled support and promotes professional growth every day and all day. There is no other company/family that reaches this same level. Being a part of this team makes the tough times bearable and the easy times even greater!
KEYES CARES! Throughout my 16 years with The Keyes Company/Realtors, Keyes has proven to be a friend, a support and professional to not only myself and its Realtors and employees but to all its customers and the neighborhood.
KLass Advantage Team
It is during tough times when you find out who people really are.. and unfortunately, these may be the toughest times ever. I always thought Keyes was a good company to be affiliated with, but now, during these times, I know that Keyes is the best real estate brokerage ever! Their Leadership, Education, Support and most important , friendship, during this difficult time , has allowed the KLASS Advantage Team and me to provide the highest quality of service from buying, selling, financing, moving closing and so much more, to all of our treasured clients. There is a new wave of real estate on the horizon, and Keyes co is way ahead of it all!
Broker Associate
I am thankful to be partnered with The Keyes Company especially during these difficult times because they have made our transition to a virtual world seamless. They have kept us up to date with all of the tools needed to move forward in these unprecedented times. Both business and personal they are here for us, they are not just a company but our family!
I am thankful to be partnered with Keyes - especially during these difficult times because of confidence in the leadership at all levels. Tools and training are important and plentiful but not the key to Keyes success ... the strength, commitment, and competence of leadership in this challenging period will be first and foremost in sustaining Keyes image and success in the market through this period. Great leaders put people first and have confidence productivity will follow. Our leaders care and are “there” for us at this time...and all the time. Hope you will take the time to talk to us.
The Keyes Company is a great company to work for. We have all the training, tools, technology and partnerships to take care of our clients in the best way possible even in these unusual times. At the same time I feel like I am a part of this family owned business that really does care also about all of the people working here. I am very grateful to be here.
In addition to Keyes truly being a family-like setting, the variety of paid products and services provided, the dedicated training support and constant effort to share information to make me more knowledgeable and an overall better Realtor are all important factors to my success.
Realtor, MBA
I am thankful to be partnered with The Keyes Company especially during these difficult times because their support for the growth of our individual businesses is absolutely something you don't find with other brokers. Keyes truly does care. Not just for our collective clients, but they care for us as Realtors trying to maintain and grow our business through the most difficult time any of us has ever faced. They do this specifically by providing top notch technology, smart business practices, and strong marketing programs. Our leadership team is not only the best in the business - but they have the biggest hearts as well. I wouldn't work with anyone else.
Broker Associate
Now more than ever I am so very grateful to be a member of The Keyes Company Family. Since the onset of my affiliation with them, I've been impressed with the abundance of tools, and partnerships that allow me to give every advantage available to all my customers and clients. With the Real Estate market evolving at warp speed, The Keyes Company stays ahead of the curve making sure it's associates are equipped with the information and technological advantages they need to be the front runners of their markets.

Since the Coronavirus crisis, they are making sure that their agents, as well as homeowners are connected and protected while creating all the necessary partnerships needed to navigate the art of virtual selling, virtual contracts, virtual closings and beyond. This is truly a family business and I am proud and honored to be a part of them.
Sales Associate
I am thankful to be partnered with The Keyes Company especially during these difficult times because they care about their Realtors. They have the latest technology to keep us going during these challenging times. They truly want to help you in any way that they can. They want you to be successful!
I am thankful to be partnered with The Keyes Company because during these unprecedented times they have given full online support not just to the realtors, but our customers as well. The Keyes Company has adapted rapidly on how to meet the consumers' need through top transaction management software, CRM and social media marketing. Great group of people!
I am thankful to be partnered with The Keyes Company especially during these difficult times because they support me as a unique individual person. My Keyes team cares about me and my business as if i were a dear friend or family member!
The Keyes Company has made available to me so many tools to market myself and the company. I am so grateful to be associated with such an amazing family that is so willing to go above and beyond for their agents. I've been in the business for 18 years in South Florida and the Pappas Family and their family of companies have gone above and beyond what any other brokerage can provide. During these difficult times; I would not want to be associated with any other company.
Good Day!

I am very grateful to be associated and represent the Keyes Company in our professional world. The keyes company is like one big happy family that does everything in its power to support and encourage all of its members, not just the top producers, but everyone regardless of your status or ranking! Every possible tool, with complete training, is provided for our success by The Keyes Company !

It is in times of crisis that the heart and soul of our company shines above all other ordinary Real Estate Companies. I know this because I was with another Real Estate company for my first fifteen years, and there is very little comparison.

Mike Pappas, the Management Team and all the Realtors are one big incomparable happy family in this crazy time and will shine like the brightest star when life returns to normal!

Thank You
Rich Otten
Northern Regional Director
I have been with Keyes for decades and seen many market conditions. As the
# 1 Brokerage in the State and a TOP 30 in the Nation we can and do adapt to ANY MARKET as we have with the Covid 19. We went virtual almost overnight allowing our Realtors to continue helping Sellers & Buyers fulfill their real estate needs safely!
Last but not least, our owner/CEO, Mike Pappas is caring, compassionate, smart, well connected & respected throughout the Real Estate World. This provides us with a winning formula!
Realtor Associate
I am thankful to be partnered with The Keyes Company especially during these difficult times because I have the technology tools that allow me to take my business virtual. From virtual training classes & a fantastic CRM, to providing daily content that I can use on social media platforms, Keyes invests in their agents, setting them up for success, regardless of market conditions.
Realtor Associate
I am grateful to be a part of The Keyes company because they are professionally and sensitively navigating COVID-19 to ensure both the safety and support of colleagues and clients. Keyes maintains a positive, forward thinking strategy. They support agents with tools, training and market updates so that in turn we can provide thoughtful, real-time, effective solutions to our clients.
I am thankful to be partnered with the Keyes company during these difficult times because of the new and innovative technology they have provided me to improve my business.

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