J Tim Guy

Branch Manager Open Mortgage LLC NMLS#347868
I grew up in Southern Maryland in a small town of Clements Maryland. Spending the summers in the tobacco field, I learned early what hard work meant and I saw the reward of this hard work through out the County I grew up in. After high school I worked in the family business small engine repair shop a few years. I eventually left to go work with Frito Lay as a route salesman. I traveled to Capitals Height Md which was a good hour from home. Again hard work dedication created reward. From selling chips I was fortunate to move to the new wave industry cellular phone sales. With a lot of determination and training, I received great reward with this position. I also learned a great lesson. The coworkers that helped make me successful. In every job I had co workers behind the scene helping me grow and promoting my efforts. I soon was introduced to the Mortgage industry which some 30 years later its truly is about your support staff and the co workers behind the scene. That is why I am at Open Mortgage. The programs, products and the support staff behind the scene. The dedication to making my customer dreams come true. From my first closed loan here at Open Mortgage, I have seen this support again from behind the scene's. If you have a dream of home ownership Please consider Open Mortgage.
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