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I have been in the business field for the last 8 years starting as a consultant, followed by starting my own company. I have been a consummate learner and strong believer in that every hurdle in life is an opportunity to learn. I got the Real Estate bug during my MBA years and fell deeply in love with the profession as it appeals to my core passions - working with and for people, understanding and delivering their needs and wants, and more importantly building a lasting relationship. I truly believe that the only things that we leave behind are memories and why not leave pleasant memories while we are at it? My professional standards and cornerstones are honesty, authenticity, transparency, and integrity, which has helped me win life-long friendships with my clients and co-workers. With a Masters degree in Business, I have equipped myself with great skills in business management, economy, marketing, negotiation, and more than anything else creating value to my customers. I strive to deliver nothing short of excellence in guiding and helping you make informed decisions while you buy your dream house or sell your house. Thank You!
May 27, 2024
Girish Bangalore is not just a realtor, he was an amazing ally in facilitating the sale of our house! As the trustee of the house that was to be sold, Girish's guidance through this process was immeasurable!
He guided me with patience and professionalism... what a real gentleman! He made the process of selling the house much easier than I had expected. Girish is a real professional who exercises his skills with a very real knowledge of his job and the utmost importance of his clients.
May 12, 2024
Girish exceeded expectations as our realtor, navigating challenges seamlessly to secure our dream home. His exceptional service, expertise, and dedication made our first home-buying experience smooth and successful. Highly recommended.
Aug 26, 2023
I'm delighted to share my exceptional experience with Girish, our remarkable real estate agent. With over two decades of industry expertise, Girish proved to be an invaluable asset throughout my journey as a first-time homebuyer.

Girish's local knowledge is truly remarkable. His familiarity with the area's nuances and trends greatly influenced my decisions. His process expertise ensured that every step was smooth and well-informed, alleviating any concerns I had as a newcomer to the home-buying process.

Girish's negotiation skills are second to none. His strategic approach and attention to detail helped secure a deal that exceeded my expectations. It's evident that his wealth of experience played a pivotal role in this outcome.

I must highlight Girish's remarkable responsiveness. He was always available when needed, promptly addressing any queries or concerns. This level of dedication significantly eased the process, knowing I had a reliable expert to rely on.

While I didn't attend his seminars, I can undoubtedly vouch for his commitment to educating clients. Girish's willingness to go the extra mile to ensure clients are well-informed reflects his true dedication.

In conclusion, Girish is an exceptional real estate agent whose expertise in local knowledge, process management, negotiation, and responsiveness sets him apart. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a seamless and informed home-buying journey.

Aug 4, 2023
I can't thank Girish enough for his exceptional guidance and support throughout our home buying journey in the competitive Bay Area market. Hailing from our hometown Bangalore, India, Girish brought an invaluable perspective to the table. His expertise was evident as he expertly navigated the challenging deal-making process and impressed us with his strategic acumen during counter offers. Girish's deep understanding of the market dynamics and his ability to anticipate trends were instrumental in securing our dream home. Without a doubt, anyone fortunate enough to have Girish as their realtor will witness his remarkable experience translating into an incredibly smooth and successful home buying process.
Mar 20, 2023
Mortgage officer
Girish Bangalore is truly exceptional. I have been working with Girish for quite some time now and he has always been diligent, knowledgeable, responsive and perceptive to his client’s needs. He is a great source of information and knowledge a home buyer needs to make the right informed decision for them and their family. The best thing about Girish is his patience which makes any client comfortable working with him. I highly recommend Girish if you looking to buy a home in bay area.
Feb 16, 2023
VP, Sr. Loan Officer
Girish is very personable, detail oriented and professional. His expertise is evident in his work and he takes great pain to provide extensive details to help clients understand the local geographic markets and make an educated decision! He is very responsive and always gives great advise.
Feb 14, 2023
“We had the pleasure of working with Girish on our recent home purchase, and he exceeded our expectations. From the moment we reached out to Girish, he was attentive, responsive, and genuinely invested in helping us find the perfect home. He took the time to understand our needs, preferences, and budget and worked tirelessly to find homes that fit our criteria.

Throughout the entire process, Girish displayed exceptional professionalism and expertise. He kept us informed every step of the way and provided insightful advice and guidance that was invaluable in helping us make informed decisions. In addition, he was always available to answer our questions, whether by phone, email, or text and went above and beyond to ensure that our home-buying experience was smooth and stress-free.

We were also impressed with Girish’s in-depth knowledge of the local market. He was able to provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhoods we were interested in, as well as provide valuable insights into local schools, transportation, and amenities. In addition, he went the extra mile to ensure we found the right home in the right location.

Girish is a top-notch REALTOR who truly cares about his clients and will go above and beyond to ensure they have a positive and successful home-buying experience. We highly recommend reaching out to Girish if you are in the market for a home. You will not be disappointed.”
Dec 30, 2022
We had a great pleasure of working with our fantastic realtor Girish Bangalore. From the beginning, Girish has been professional, knowledgeable, and completely attentive to all our requirements and clarified all our small and big doubts.

The uniqueness of Girish is that he educated us well in advance, starting from his initial presentation. He ensured that we understood all the detailed steps in buying a home, what to expect at each step, all the different aspects to consider, and how to list & prioritize our requirements in selecting a home.

What we appreciated most about Girish was his vast experience, comprehensive knowledge of the realty market & providing a holistic approach to handling any complex process. He answered all our questions, provided valuable insights, and helped us to make informed decisions at every step. He was always available to take our calls and respond to our emails, and he made sure that everything was moving along smoothly.

We can't say enough good things about Girish and his valuable services. We highly recommend him to anyone in need of a top-notch realtor. Thank you! Girish, for making our home-buying experience stress-free and enjoyable!

~Madhu & Anu
Jul 5, 2022
Home owner
If you need a customer service oriented realtor to advise you above and beyond just the property, Girish is the person. He will begin by orienting clients before onboarding them. Based on a sound understanding of the client’s expectations, he will flexibly get the transaction closer to the deal. After a decision to go ahead with the transaction is made, Girish will help you understand the dynamics, and nitty gritties of the deal because he is detail oriented. By going above and beyond, Girish maximizes opportunities every step of the way in the whole transaction sequence, making it successful.
Jun 7, 2022
Girish is the goto Real Estate agent without a doubt. He helped us both in buying and selling a home. He is very knowledgeable in the work he does. If he does not know anything he makes sure to research and get back to us. He is very professional and very honest. He does give us all the reports of his research before hand so it makes it easier on us to decide.

Girish does not work with the goal of making money, his clients best interest is his goal. We could not belive when he suggested us to make an offer 100k lower than asking price while we were thinking of going above the asking price. We were very doubtful if his strategy of lower offer will work, but it did. The main reason was he had done his research he was confident it will work. The other thing about Girish is he is very respectful of other peoples time and makes sure to be there on time. Also Girish did not push us into making any decisions in buying, he wanted us to be comfortable with our choice and make sure it fits our needs. Throughout the process of buying/selling Girish was very patient to answer all our questions. After all this process now Girish has become a member of our family.

I highly recommend Girish if you’re looking for an agent with integrity!
Jun 4, 2022
A long time and very close friend of mine introduced Girish to us and we really feel lucky to have Girish as our realtor.
Girish is very friendly, understanding of the overall situation and needs, highly knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy. He made sure he we have all the important details that we should know for decision making in simple terms (needless to say, behind that ton of work involved). One impressive thing about Girish is, he is super responsive and make sure he is available and sincerely dedicated his time for us. We clearly felt he is a well-wisher of the people whom he does business with and truly cared about our financial situation, all our key interests in the house purchase. He is very smart in the highly competitive market and guided us in many aspects. He was always patient, listening to our needs, and never rushed us in anything. He got us a good deal in this tight market. We are very satisfied and Happy with our recent home purchase. As a matter of fact, we are happy to see that few of our other friends too with our referral worked with Girish became happy home buyers. I highly recommend Girish.
Apr 16, 2022
Very highly recommended!

Girish is Very friendly, helpful, and dedicated. He has deep knowledge of home buying process and he has excellent knowledge of the locations in and around Trivally, so you get the best.

Being new to the US and new to the home buying process, we had several queries and doubts . Any thoughts or questions, he provides details readily or finds it for you and surely stays on top of the game! He has great listening skill and patience to understand your need, so the process of search becomes productive. Not only he helped us to find our home, but was with us end to end in the home buying process.

We got our home in the US and at the same time got a good friend and guide.

Girish, Please keep up the excellent job!
Mar 25, 2022
Product Manager
Girish guides you through every step of the journey with his extensive research and market knowledge. He understands your needs and gives you everything on a platter making the process of home buying/ selling experience smooth.We were based out of a different state and  bought a great home in a week. This could happen only because of Girish's perseverance, strategy and recommendations. Highly recommend him especialy if you're a first time home buyer. 
Mar 23, 2022
Girish helped us purchase our first home in the Bay area and I would refer him to any other buyer with absolutely no hesitation. He was very thorough in explaining the process to us, diligent in his research, and very prompt in all of his responses (and we had so many questions and anxieties as first time homebuyers!). In this extremely competitive market, we were able to "win the bid" for two homes at a fair price due to his diligent and thorough research and communication with the other realtors. When we backed out of the first home after the inspection report came back (a lot of water damage, needed new roof, potential foundation problems), he guided us through the whole process and was very patient, weighing the potential costs and benefits of each action without judgment or pressure to go in a certain direction . Even after the closing date on the house that we did purchase, he continued to provide exceptional service. The sellers had a 60 day rent-back after closing and they wanted to extend their stay. When I reached out to him to find out what the next steps would be, he was very to reply and helpful in sending us a lease extension template and advising us what to do next when everyone else (i.e. I called escrow to find out what to do) told us their part of the job was done.
Our neighbor actually referred Girish to us as a realtor and I am so happy that he did. He is honest, patient, and measured in his responses and I truly always felt he had our best interest in mind.

Aug 21, 2021
It has been our pleasure working with Girish as our realtor. He is a very knowledgable professional who provides exceptional service. We came in with barely knowing anything about the process, and ended with successfully purchasing our first home, stress free.

One of the first things Girish did was to spend time on the entire process and provide a detailed overview of the home buying experience. He provided us the resources to figure out the actual cost of property buying based on various parameters. This helped us get better understand the big picture of our investment choices, and what might be our short term and long term returns. This was such an eye opener and is a must for any new homebuyer.

On the tours, Girish would help us asses the locality and different aspects of the house itself. He would provide all the information to help us make the final decision on the offers we were going to extend. Girish was always available when we needed him and did not mind explaining things multiple times and with great examples.

Girish has a great network of professionals who can help you through out the process from inspections, lenders to contractors for the work.

Girish has been in touch with us several months after our purchase to see if we still need any help and we appreciate him for that.

Overall, Girish has provided top notch service and would highly recommend him.
Jul 17, 2021
We have been searching for a home in the bay area for a long time as it is a hard and very competitive market for buyers. We got a recommendation through a friend about Girish Banglore. When we first met with him, he explained to us the buying process and the current market situation. He set our expectations as per our budget and current market condition and what to look for in order to get our offer accepted. We started searching for homes and open houses. He used to come with us to every open house we used to go to and help us understand what to look at and how much we can pay for the house. Every house I selected, Girish used to give us the comparative details with the homes sold in the same area and how much this house might go up beyond asking price and if that is worth or fit into our budget as per that we use to put an offer. He used to follow up with the seller agent as well after putting our offer. After Girish had our buying agent, we found our dream home within a month. He also helped us get good references in loan as well as house remodeling work. We are really thankful to Girish for finding us a house in such a tough market.
Mar 2, 2021
Girish helped us find our first home. He is well informed about the market. He was very patient with our endless questions and always gave us honest answers. He spent a lot of time and energy in providing us all the necessary information about the market and the process of home buying. His professional contacts got us competitive rates. He assisted us at every step of the way, beyond the call of duty, and made the complicated home buying process very simple for us. As first time home buyers, we couldn't have asked for a better real estate professional!
Feb 15, 2021
Girish is a fantastic realtor! He was my biggest support throughout the entire process - guiding me through every step in the process, fielding all my questions and putting me in touch with bankers, contractors, etc. He truly had my best interests and is always willing to help. I had an extremely pleasant home buying experience, and I largely attribute that to Girish, who is greatly knowledgeable about the Bay Area housing market. Aside from being knowledgeable, he is extremely responsive to emails, calls and questions. The thing I love the most about Girish is how easy he is to work with and I would strongly recommend him to any Bay Area buyer and would engage him for my future real estate needs.
Feb 13, 2021
Girish helped me buy my home in the trivalley when the markets were soaring high . Girish goes above and beyond to meet the expectations of his clients . He tries innovative ways to make a deal work such that all parties involved are happy and satisfied . He is sincere , honest , trustworthy and provides the right guidance and direction . With his expertise and knowledge of the market , one can never go wrong . He ensures the house closes on time and stays on top of end to end process . With Girish , you are rest assured to buy a home of your needs without fail .
Sep 25, 2020
Program Manager
I brought My home through Girish recently, Over all a very pleasant experience, he is very professional, makes sure he understands the client requirements and provides the list of properties meeting the requirements. He provides good analysis and adequate data to make appropriate decisions based on the area and the market of the property. He patiently answers all the questions and is very approachable and flexible. Surely a person to rely and do business with.
May 25, 2020
Girish is someone you can depend on to navigate you carefully through a tough real estate transaction. He is a thorough professional who does his homework and pays attention to every last detail. The sale of my house was severely impacted due to the pandemic and buyers were in panic mode. He helped me successfully sell the house during such challenging times.
Jan 15, 2020
Senior Director Engineering
Girish was our listing agent, he strategized well to not only quickly sell during off season, but also with his excellent negotiation skills created a win-win situation to both parties (the seller and buyer). He kept us appraised on the status every step of the way proactively, never hesitated to take calls, returned our calls promptly, and went over and beyond to ensure his clients get top dollars and a quality service.

Overall, Girish is an incredibly talented and motivated professional. He is meticulous, dedicated, and trustworthy. Sold our house in a record time. I highly recommend Girish to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Thank you Girish, for making our home selling a memorable experience.
Jul 21, 2019
Girish is very detail-oriented and knowledgeable professional.
His advice on investing in a few repairs and staging really helped.
He found a very nice contractor and took care of managing the repair process.
Took care of staging, having professional photographs taken, and a lot more.

He is always available for any questions.
When we saw our listing we were blown away. His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off - our listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. House was tagged as Hot home in just a day.

Our house went under contract within 8 days after we put it on the market at asking price. We accepted and Girish walked us through every step of the closing process and took care of almost everything by himself. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience.

I've recommended Girish Bangalore to everyone I know. He's a true professional and a genuinely friendly realtor.
Highly recommend him to anyone that is searching or selling home.
Dec 26, 2018
Mortgage Consultant
I have worked with Girish over the last 6 months and have assisted him with his clients for loans. He is very thorough, knowledgeable about the real estate market and provides great service and value to his client base . He has strong communication and negotiation skills . If you’re looking for a strong realtor to work with I highly recommend him .
Dec 20, 2018
Girish is professional, attentive, and an excellent communicator. The transactions that Girish and I have worked on, have been smooth and uncomplicated. I look forward to working with Girish many more times in the future. I highly recommend Girish Bangalore.

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