Dawn was very professional and saw to our every need with the sale of our house. She gives amazing attention to detail. Her guidance through the process was invaluable.

Lisa Fierros

Oct 9, 2019

Dawn McGinn

Real Estate Professional NextHome World Class
287 Alcove Road
Mooresville, NC 28117
NC License #265176
Nov 9, 2022
Dawn McGinn was very instrumental in the sale of our house. Despite all the ups and downs with the property and potential buyers, she was able to guide us with clear understanding of difficult situations and complete the deal. We are very thankful for her service
Nov 7, 2022
Dawn has helped us selling our house with diligence and caring for our interests. We thank her for her time and help during the process and look forward to keep in touch with her
Aug 2, 2022
Dawn is an awesome person, and an excellent realtor. We would recommend her to anyone fir her realestate experience.
Thank you Dawn
Apr 13, 2022
Dawn McGinn has been very helpful during our process to purchase real estate. She’s been super dedicated throughout the entire process and has been very patient with us as we looked for our perfect spot! She’s always very professional and courteous, what a wonderful experience!
Jan 25, 2022
Dawn is exceptional! Despite the competitive market, she considered our needs and worked diligently to ensure our best interests. Dawn was very flexible with her schedule and always kept us in the loop during the entire process. We are so grateful to have her as our realtor!
Dec 24, 2021
Resident of Statesville NC
Michelle and I would like to share our home buying experience with Dawn McGinn and NextHome. As we transitioned from Indiana to North Carolina, we were blessed to be working with a realtor who kept us informed of possible homes, meeting us in different towns, helping us through the buying process and all the while with a positive sense that Dawn was working for us and our best interest. Dawn made our home buying experience welcoming and enjoyable. One additional note, we are now part of the same community and happy to have Dawn and her family as our friends.

Philip and Michelle Hynds
Dec 18, 2021
Dawn worked really quickly to get our house sold. Very dedicated to her job and easy to communicate with. Helpful in explaining anything you have questions on. Will work with her again.
Dec 8, 2021
She is the best broker that you can ask for, She works hard and gets things done really quickly. Moreover, she will share you tips that could make your house more valuable and sale faster.
Nov 2, 2021
My wife and I are new to NC. Our search for a new home covered a wide area, and no distance was to far for Dawn, and on short notice. She is very experienced and organized for a quick response, a must in this market. Dawn has a calming presence, is an honest and just all around nice person.
Sep 6, 2021
dAWN did a very good job , she was fast
Nov 17, 2020
Dawn kept us informed throughout the entire process. I want/need to know what’s going on, and she told me.
Sep 18, 2020
Managing Partner- J&E Construction
Dawn is an amazing realtor!! If your looking to buy or sell look no further, although my purchase wasn’t a typical transaction, I’m glad she was by my side. So give her a call and let her work with you!!
Oct 20, 2019
Dawn did an excellent job selling our home. Her guidance, professionalism and knowledge were invaluable. She made us feel comfortable throughout the process.
Oct 9, 2019
Dawn was very professional and saw to our every need with the sale of our house. She gives amazing attention to detail. Her guidance through the process was invaluable.
Aug 23, 2019
WMS Analyst
From the beginning, Dawn was very attentive and informative. I had a tight timeline and only had 2 weeks before I had to be in Houston, TX to start a new job. She never faltered in providing answers to questions and advising as we went along in the process.

She especially went above and beyond on July 6th, the first and only day it was listed. With 3 viewing scheduled by July 5th, it became clear early on it was going to be a busy day so she took over booking and managing the flow of people at the house. She met me to discuss offers as they came in but after they continued to mount, we met in the evening and chose the one that looked the most advantageous. In all 9 offers in < 12 hours of the house being listed. She stuck to my need to close on or after August 16th since I was coming back to Town for a wedding so I only had to make one trip back to complete the closing and removal of property from the house.

Once I left town, in my absence, she was the one who met inspectors, and others that needed access to the house. She kept me appraised of the progress and informed me when specific actions needed to be performed in a timely manner.

She also was able to recommend a Next Home agent in Houston, Jessica Harless, who called while I was enroute and pulled rental listings according to my specifications. By the time I arrived in town on 7/10, I had a list of over 61 properties to review and that Saturday we met and went to view my top 10 and put in an application with my favorite. She provided assistance with Utilities and also gave me an appliance warehouse where I could purchase a 'scratch & Dent' refrigerator for a lot less than at the retail stores.

Because of Dawn's attentiveness, I was able to focus on the next step in my transition and completed the house prep, contracted on house, and obtained a rental property in Houston in < 1 days time.

She was truly a full-service agent and made my quick move something to look forward to and be excited about since I was not weighed down by the stress of moving and all the it entails.

Nancy Silverthorn
Aug 13, 2019
Branch Manager
Dawn is AWESOME, she listens and really does her homework. Great agent!
Jun 21, 2019
Dawn was so helpful and made the sale very quickly and smoothly. Highly recommend.
Feb 18, 2019
Dawn helped us tremendously in building a house 2500 miles from where we were living and was our eyes and ears through out the entire process. Dawn helped my wife at closing and did not leave anything to chance she was a true professional.
Plus she loves what she is doing, very nice upbeat personality.
Nov 5, 2018
Dawn was very, very professional. She had all the answers to my questions, very knowledgeable and tolerated my ignorance of issues with calmness and a smile. She was very prompt getting information back to me, all deadlines were met with time to spare. Our dream house was acquired because of the dedication and hard work Dawn provided. Thanks Dawn!!

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