Jeremy Nuese

Mortgage Loan Officer AmeriFirst Financial of Texas 858029
Nov 15, 2021
Continuous Improvement Manager
Jeremy has been our go to Loan officer for the past 8 years! My employer relocated my family from MN to TX, and one of the benefits to that relocation was using their preferred lender which would have saved us some money in fees. However, we opted to stick with Jeremy as we understand the value of working with someone who has a passion for what they do, and will do whatever they can to put you in the best financial position you can be in when doing something as important as buying a house.
Oct 13, 2021
I highly recommend Jeremy to help you out with your mortgage needs. We purchased our current home six years ago and Jeremy was the mortgage person that assisted us at that time. Now with all of the great opportunities to refinance at a lower interest rate we thought it made sense to take advantage of that situation and actually dropped our 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage which will save us around $147,000 in interest over the term of the loan. Like most of you we were inundated with snail mail and e-mail offers from companies offering refi assistance. My preference is to always do business with someone I know I can trust and that I can reach and talk to personally if I have questions. When we decided to refinance our current mortgage there was no question that Jeremy would be our mortgage person of choice. We started the process on 9/20/2021 and just closed on our refi on 10/11/2021. The process was painless, fast, efficient with everything being sent and signed electronically with the exception of the actual closing. We went to the title company for that. We had the option to have a mobile closer come to our home but we live close to the title company’s office so we made that choice. It couldn’t have been any easier. So if you are looking for someone you know you can trust and is honest, reliable, efficient and a pleasure to work with, reach out to Jeremy. We also found that the people on his staff that we worked with were a pleasure to deal with as well!