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Recommendations (336)

Oct 3, 2020

Ron Nalbandian recommends Vicky Santana

Ms.Santana did a great job for me on a recent sale of land, all went smoothly.
Sep 24, 2020

Tony Le recommends Vicky Santana

Vicky was a great to work with during the sale of my home. Vicky was able to answer all of our questions and made the process seemless and QUICK! Very professional.
Sep 18, 2020

Brianna Le recommends Vicky Santana

After having a great experience in the past with Cuco, we knew just who to call when thinking about selling our home. Vicky and Cuco make the process so simple and easy. They sold our home a few days after being on the market and handled everything. They are professional, reliable, and most importantly always have the clients back. I would 10/10 recommend the Santana team.
Sep 18, 2020

qiaozhen zhou recommends Vicky Santana

A very nice person. Help me buy a house. Business ability is very good, when you have a problem, always help to solve in time, without delay. Even if we use different languages, try to make me understand. Thanks
Aug 22, 2020

Anonymous recommends Vicky Santana

Extremely knowledgable.
Very efficient .
A pleasure to work with.
Definitely the person to have on your side .
Thank you Vicky.
Jul 14, 2020

Phillip Mimms recommends Vicky Santana

During the search and purchase of my first home, Vicky was absolutely amazing and patient. She walked me through countless houses and always replied within a couple minutes, even when she was sick! She has a real passion for what she does and will not stop until she finds a home that speaks to you. Can’t give her enough praise for the hard work she put in!
Jul 3, 2020

Eleanor Branch recommends John V. Pinto

John was fantastic. We had some tragedies happen and needed to move. John was very kind and compassionate. He could not have taken better care of us and made our move very painless, especially in these awful times. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house.
Jun 24, 2020

Ulices Zamarripa recommends Vicky Santana

Vicky Santana recently helped me sell my home I highly recommend her And her team . I was a first time seller not knowing a single thing about anything and she kindly walked me threw everything I will be be purchasing a new home shortly And will be using her service Again They are the best
May 21, 2020

Damon Lessler recommends John V. Pinto

College Baseball Coach

John is about as solid as they come. He was on point with just about every part of my search to find a house in a desirable location that fit my price point and other desires. He and his team, Ellen Pinto, were extremely professional and thorough throughout the transaction and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy property.
May 19, 2020

Mark Lessler recommends John V. Pinto

Buyer's Father

John and his team performed with excellent precision which was absolutely necessary to make this transaction successful for all involved. This was my son's first home purchase and there many needless twists and turns inserted along the way by sellers who wanted no responsibility and nothing to do with their property, and a listing agent who seemingly forgot how to perform her job. John's approach and guidance from start to finish made the difference for my son. Excellent job John. You are a real pro! Thank you!
May 17, 2020

Lawrence McMullen recommends Vicky Santana

Vicky and the Santana Team are phenomenal. First Vicky comes prepared with info to help you set a reasonable price point. Then the Team takes drone and interior pictures that are truly outstanding.
Once your property is listed Vicky follows up, shows concern, and is always available for prompt advise. The result is “SOLD”.
Vicky and the Santana Team will use all their resources toward that end goal. That is why I enthusiastically recommend them.
Thank You Vicky and the Santana Team!
May 12, 2020

Lorraine McMullen recommends Vicky Santana

Wow, Vicky and the Santana Team are fantastic. Vicky used her abundant resources to list our Condo. The drone and interior pictures left nothing to be desired.
Vicky listens, gives guidance, and is exceptional in her field. As a result we were able to sell our Condo in very difficult times, in the middle of the COVID 19 crisis.
Vicky is the “go to” woman that gets the job done!!
Thank You Vicky and the Santana Team.
Apr 6, 2020

John Munise recommends Vicky Santana

I could not have been happier with Vicky & her son, Cuco. They came & did the pictures & video the very next day & had my home on the market within two days. We had 8 showings of two a day & sold it in 9 days. I was out of my home in 3 weeks. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would like to sell their home. They kept me totally informed on everything, even during this pandemic that the whole world is going thru.
Mar 25, 2020

Erica Myers recommends John V. Pinto

Accounting Manager

This place is too big, that place is too small, but the house John got me into is JUST RIGHT! John's wealth of knowledge in real estate and willingness to work within my budget, wants, and needs helped me buy my first house in 13 years, and I was a bit gun shy from my first experience. This time around, I was never left in the dark, and could always rely on him for an honest opinion or explanation. I would recommend John Pinto to all my family and friends, and hope to work with him again when the time comes to sell and upgrade. Thanks John!
Feb 27, 2020

lubnatgab recommends Robin Simon & Jack Girvan

Robin and Jack have an incredible depth of knowledge and experience regarding the real estate market. Dynamic and dedicated realtors, they are experts at home valuation, presentation, and negotiation. Robin and Jack are also responsive and empathetic in their representation. I highly recommend them for all aspects of real estate purchase and sales!
Jan 19, 2020

Kenneth Gruett recommends Vicky Santana

Awesome lady! This is the second time Vicky has helped us with our real estate. The first time was to sell and most recently to purchase.
Vicky is all about helping you get what you’re looking for and getting it done.
If we ever need a realtor again she’s our lady.
Jan 17, 2020

Cheryl Gruett recommends Vicky Santana

Vicky has help us buy and sell several homes. She is always professional, helpful and honest. Never any pressure from her, just reassurance and guidance to us find just the right home. Her knowledge and experience make her one of the top realtors in the area.
Jan 14, 2020

Beatris Z recommends Vicky Santana


On the 1st day we met Mrs. Vicky I was a bit sceptical
(oh man they going to tell me everything I want to hear just to sell me something etc). But Both Vicky and Cuco quickly turned into more then just our realtors they turned this whole experience more like family friends showing us our future home making the process alot easier then I imagined it to be. It was quick and easy thanks to their hard work cant THANK them enough!
Dec 16, 2019

Claudia Lindo recommends Vicky Santana

Vicky brings a completely different definition to her profession as realtor. She is awesome, then there is the team that she brings with her, that is what makes working with her truly a unique experience.
Great job!
Nov 26, 2019

Lorrinda M Dekeyrel recommends John V. Pinto

Americas Business Operations - Western Digital

Look no further - you can't do better!

I first had the opportunity to work with John back in 2002 - and from that initial activity he told me that he considered me "family". I laughed to myself thinking, "yes, well that is a nice thing to say" ... but it is now 2019 and I can firmly attest to the fact - that once you work with John - you ARE family to him...and he is devoutly loyal to his family.

John will go above and beyond to insure his clients get the best service and response. He did not rest until I (well - actually my entire family) was happy.

I have bought and sold a few properties since that first transaction - many due to life changes - and each encounter John met me where I was - he listened - he evaluated - he devised an action plan - and in every instance he executed that plan flawlessly!

Whether I was downsizing anticipating starting a business where I needed liquidity, upsizing to accommodate starting a family, adjusting to accommodate divorce, adjusting again to accommodate new marriage, or now - resizing to accommodate a multi-generational living scenario - John was able to work with me to help me realize my needs.

His reputation and his strong network of relationships (also of the highest caliber) play in his clients favor. Be it having past relationships with many agents, sourcing special or unique financing, or a myriad of home services - John was able to support me/my family - no matter what presented itself.

For John it is not just about finding the right property or finding the right buyer - he leaves nothing to chance - and had his hand in every detail (and there are a TON of details). One scenario called for extended rent back - which he negotiated at no cost to me. Another scenario required a unique loan product that he had to "educate" each party on - an no one was scared off the deal! Yet another scenario called for 3 different transactions to all be orchestrated (or else parties would walk form the deal). Though I am sure other agents could also navigate these waters - I feel confident that John does it better and achieves the best outcomes for his clients. In fact, we story boarded almost every option and alternative - so that he goes in prepared - giving him the best position to maneuver in my best interests.

When friends (who were also purchasing) were complaining of being outbid time and time again or losing out to all cash buyers - I cannot remember a single instance of that when working with John.
When friend's properties sat on the market for weeks to months - my properties were listed and sold within a week (and all over asking price). Even in a tough market with a niche property - John and his team were able to find a buyer!

Needless to say - though I feel this is my LAST new home... if life presents a twist that requires another move - I am calling John.
Nov 24, 2019

Thomas B recommends Robin Simon & Jack Girvan

Robin is an excellent agent to work with. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things real estate and clearly has a passion for her work. Robin is our go-to agent and has helped us buy our condo (and eventually rent it out) and buy our first house. You won't regret working with Robin!
Nov 24, 2019

Saundra S recommends Robin Simon & Jack Girvan


Robin Simon has been thorough, precise,relentless for us and completely knowledgable in all the facets of real estate. Besides the above she has been so comforting when anxious feelings creep up during the selling process.
We would surely recommend Robin Simon to future house hunters and home sellers without hesitation. She helped us stage, coordinate contractors for much needed updating and sell our home of 39 years for top dollar.

She made downsizing so easy for us. Jack and Robin found us the perfect condo and not having to maintain a large home has reduced financial concerns and has saved us about $20,000 per year in expenses. It was a total pleasure working with them. So comforting, patient and professional.
Oct 15, 2019

Richmond Appleton recommends John V. Pinto

Application Analyst

John is truly super hero. At least that's how my wife TaLeiza and I would describe his ability to guide first time home buyers like us through the home buying process. We had no idea but we had John. He helped us every step of the way, responding to emails and text at anytime of the day or night. As new home buyers we need someone with experience and John was that person. If we had to do all over again, John will always be our super hero.

Richmond Appleton.
Aug 16, 2019

Rafael Betancourt recommends John V. Pinto


I have used John's services for 3 transactions so far, starting with buying my first home 15 years ago. This month John helped us sell it, and everything went very well. His advice on getting the property ready was invaluable, not just physical issues, but lining up early all the documentation, inspection reports, etc. On the Marketing side, he mounted a massive campaign that included his extensive mailing list as well as Facebook, etc. On the sales side, he personally contacted every person who showed up for open house/viewing, and once we got an offer, guided skillfully our negotiation process very quickly. Closing was also extremely painless. Have someone like John Pinto on your side with so much experience and insights of the local Silicon Valley market, I guarantee you will be pleased,
Jul 30, 2019

Shayne Lotito recommends Robin Simon & Jack Girvan

Business Development

Robin was great at taking what I was looking for in a new home and finding that for me! It was a unique situation as I was not in state and she went above and beyond through video walk throughs, FaceTime meetings and was so thorough. She had homes lined up and worked extremely hard! She was knowledgeable about all the areas, what would be best to buy as the housing market is increasing in those areas, safe neighborhoods, good rental neighborhoods and so much more!

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