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Recommendations (34)

Mar 22, 2024

Elena recommends Bella Grossman

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Bella Grossman for her exceptional work, patience, and unwavering commitment throughout our real estate journey. Her dedication and professionalism truly exceeded our expectations, and I am immensely grateful for her support.
Oct 24, 2023

Alex & Natalya recommend Alex Levin

Alex Levin helped a lot to sell our house and was very professional. He did an amazing job to make the photos and video of our house & property, so it was great presentation of the house. It was always easy to communicate to him as well as a pleasure working with him. He always answered calls and provided updates. We are recommending Alex for anyone who is going to sell or buy a house.
Oct 24, 2023

Ronda Pavlu recommends Bella Grossman

Bella was just amazing during the whole process of selling my parents' house. This came at a difficult time for me and Bella was there every step of the way with advice, compassion and patience. Bella answered all of my questions, even the silly ones, never making me feel that I shouldn't have asked it. She was always available to help with anything that came up and made this a seamless process. I would highly recommend Bella to anyone in need of any real estate stuff.
Jun 20, 2023

Yang recommends Alex Levin

best agent

Alex is a nice agent. My English is not good, but alex is very patient and helps me solve all the problems.
Jun 8, 2023

Maria Carro recommends Alex Levin

Had a wonderful experience working with Alex on purchasing a dream home. Highly recommend.
May 20, 2022

Marge Serrano & Robert Pesantez recommend Bella Grossman


Bella was extremely honest and upfront when we contracted her. After having a bad experience with a past realtor it was refreshing to see her professionalism knowledge. Always responsive and kept us apprised. We can’t thank her enough. We highly recommend her.
Apr 1, 2022

Zoya recommends Alex Levin

Highest level of integrity, professionalism, honesty, resourcefulness, knowledge of a local real estate market, confidence, willingness and ability to do what’s best for his clients are the most prominent traits and skills that I would use to characterize Alex Levin. We had an absolute pleasure working with Alex as our agent when we were buying a new house. From the first showing appointment all the way to the closing on the property Alex made the entire home buying process smooth, well coordinated, and stress-free for my husband and I. We highly recommend Alex as an agent for any real estate transactions!
Feb 5, 2022

David Flores recommends Bella Grossman

Very personable knowledgeable and always available
Oct 5, 2021

Eduard Prom recommends Bella Grossman

Bella is the best agent I've dealt with. I bought and sold my house with her and would highly recommend her. She always very professional and always oversees every detail of the sale to the end.
May 31, 2021

Loredana Giusta recommends Bella Grossman

Bella is absolutely a great Realtor. She has her heart in her business and consistently puts her clients best interests first. When she does, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations. Thank you Bella for your precise and dedication to selling my home.
May 4, 2021

Irina Dennelly recommends Bella Grossman

Buyer and Seller

I would like to thank Bella Grossman from all of my heart ! I have never ever seen, heard of nor dealt with such a professional. If we can consider and imagine that real estate business has a backbone, Bella IS that backbone. She brings all necessary people together so the business can be done and the dreams are fulfilled in the most professional, flawless way and in as short period time as possible. I do not have enough words to describe my gratitude to this wonderful human and an outstanding professional ! Many many many thanks !
Jan 8, 2021

donna and michael berg recommend Bella Grossman

Bella's expertise, guidance, knowledge and kind personality made every step in our journey a pleasant experience. Bella took care of us as if we were her own family. She was always available to answer and help us with any questions or concerns.

We highly recommend Bella and Thank her from the bottom of our hearts for helping us sell our home and move on to our next venture.

We definitely made the right choice when we choose Bella as our Selling Agent! All the best always love Donna & Mike
Nov 11, 2020

Irina P recommends Alex Levin

Alex was very helpful, honest and professional. He is highly knowledgeable of local market (Staten Island). He stayed with us through the whole process to make sure the closing was completed. Will definitely use Alex for our next purchase. Thank you so much!
Jun 22, 2020

David recommends Alex Levin


Amazing amazing!!! The best real estate broker with unbelievable knowledge of the business, was a great pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend it for anyone who’s trying to sell or buy a house
Jan 29, 2020

Christian Sanfilippo recommends Alex Levin

Property seller

First Alex has become a good friend and he did a great job with the photos of the property it was a great presentation . He had many open houses and brought many clients to see the house.There were many ups and downs and obstacles and Alex kept at it until it got done. Good job Alex
Oct 23, 2019

Sam Fox recommends Dennis Shteiman


Dennis is GREAT! his prompt responses and outstanding services made it a pleasure to deal with him. Thank You Dennis.
Jul 27, 2019

Anonymous recommends Bella Grossman

We cannot sing Bella Grossman's praises loud enough! She is a true professional and such a hard worker. Our road to the sale and the purchase of our dream home was one for the records. It took about seven month to finally close due to  many obstacle and trials. Bella spoke up for us when necessary and gave us the best advice! She looked out for us every step of the way! I would recommended her to everyone! You won’t regret it!
Jul 26, 2019

Igor recommends Dennis Shteiman

Wonderful! Real pleasure to work with.
Dennis goes above and beyond. I recommend him highly! He is helpful, patient and easy going. He wasn't looking out to be a shark, like many agents I have encountered. Dennis helped us to negotiate the RIGHT price for the RIGHT home, and we are very thankful to him for it. Highly recommended!!!
Jun 11, 2019

Yulia recommends Bella Grossman

I would like to THANK YOU Bella for helping my family to buy a home of the dream. Bella is very knowledgeable and patient person. She will spend time to talk to you, listen your wishes and make sure that every house she shows will align with your wishes. She will stay next to you through all complicated process of house purchase and will help to make make smooth and easy.
Apr 9, 2019

Boris Katsnelson recommends Alex Levin

Alex Levin did a great job
Jul 19, 2018

Ella Sushchevich recommends Alex Levin


We were fortunate to use Alex's services in connection with our house selling.
He showed us an excellent knowledge of the Staten Island Real Estate Market, made an impressive analysis of the comparable houses on market and gave us an honest and valuable advise. After our house was masterfully advertised, a huge traffic of potential buyers was created. As a result our house is sold for a Top Money. I would recommend Alex without doubt.
Jun 14, 2018

George Zhang recommends Bella Grossman

Software Engineer

You may think as a home buyer, we just need an agent to help us find a house to purchase, that everything else you can do on your own and with some help from others. I thought like this until I met Bella. I would never have met her without a recommendation from a colleague of mine and I intend to keep her as my agent for any real estate I may purchase/sell in the future for as long as she is in the business.

The best thing I loved about Bella was her genuine personality. Not once did I feel like she tried to take advantage of a situation to just get the sale. She was patient with us and was very informative with every single home we visited. When there was something unclear about a home we saw, day or night she was there for us to find out the answers. She got a feel for what we liked in a home and gave us her opinion on how we may or may not fit in a house.

She was very knowledgeable of the area of each home and gave us great insight on each home we saw. She never pushed us to throw in an offer we were uncomfortable with which was great. Her opinion on the value of the home and what our offer should be was extremely helpful especially when you enter a bidding war for a home.

Honestly, Bella was not our first agent and finding her was a blessing. We had agents that kept telling us to offer $30k-$40k over asking right off the bat on a home selling at $500k. We had an agent that told us that he could sell a home for way above what we thought we should offer on a house. That home is still for sale today for what he thought he could sell it at.

We have a home today because of Bella. My only regret is not being able to afford a larger home to give her what she deserves! We will forever be grateful and can’t thank her enough for her efforts helping us through the entire process.
May 7, 2018

Anastasia and Michael recommend Alex Levin


Alex Levin is a great real estate agent! We just bought our first home and he helped us from the very beginning to the end. We found our house, it was a foreclosure. We fell in love with it and we gave an offer. Alex suggested one price, we went a bit lower and we loose it. And since then he kept an eye on this house and later the house became available again. This time we discussed the price together with Alex, we rely on him and we placed an offer again and we won!
We had some problems at our closing (it was bank’s fault) and Alex was here for us right away. He helped us a lot.
He is knowledgeable, good negotiator, he has a very good follow-up skills. He is not just a professional but a very communicative and a good person with sense of humor. He is very punctual, he was always on time. We appreciate people who value our time and his own time. It was really easy to talk to him and it was pleasure to work with him. Also he gave us recommendations for a broker (Felix Gitsin) and a lawyer (Alexander Khenkin) and we were so happy with this team! Thanks to these people the whole process went fast, nice and smooth. And now we couldn’t be happier! Finally we have a place to call home! Thank you very much! Michael and Anastasia.
Mar 29, 2018

Vadim Benjamin recommends Alex Levin

Staten Island NY

Alex, you are the best. He knows what he is doing. Nice personality, communication, helpful.
Mar 23, 2018

Jane Levitt recommends Alex Levin

We are happy to know Alex and had a great experience working with him for the past year. Alex helped us find our dream home after few painful and frustrating years being house hunting and working with numerous real estate agents. Highly recommended.


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