Omer Hassam

Senior Support - Team Lead Reach150 Social, Inc
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Apr 2, 2021
Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Realty
Without fail, Omer Hassam exceeds my expectations in providing support at every turn. I don't remember ever saying my expectations were exceeded, so this is a pretty big RAVE! Omer is not only kind, pleasant and responsive, but he listens well, knows how to summarize our need to the lowest common denominator and clearly explains fixes, options for fixes and also why further investigation may be needed to afford a fix. It is one thing to be heard. It is another to keep good open communication. Yet is a VERY RARE mix of skills to be assured by a support supervisor that they want to make the platform work optimally for us as a customer, and to engender the necessary trust to ensure he is doing his best to make it happen; to have great working relationships with others on the back end to effect the needed changes; to have the intimate technical knowledge to set expectations, needs and priority to the internal team; and to explain the needed technical aspects with me as his customer at a level that meets my understanding. Bravo, Omer!
Nov 9, 2022
Broker-Associate Christie's International Real Estate
Omer is always willing and able to help with any questions or concerns. He is very knowledgeable and professional. A pleasure to work with!
Aug 23, 2022
VP of Career Development
Omer is always quick to respond whenever we have issues with Agent Reach150 accounts. He is helpful, courteous and patient. We appreciate you Omer!
Oct 6, 2021
Agent Training
Omer always responds quickly and is super helpful. Whenever we have an issue that comes up in the program, he is quick to resolve. We appreciate you Omer!
May 24, 2021
Administrative Assistant
I love working with Omer! He's reliable, friendly, and very knowledgeable of the product.
May 21, 2021
Vice President & COO
Omer is wonderful to work with.
So knowledgeable, professional and patient.
He is also very efficient and quick to respond to any needs that come up with our company account.
Realty World International is lucky to have him as our account representative.
May 21, 2021
Admin Assistant
Omer was very helpful in showing and explaining how to correctly use Reach150
Jan 21, 2021
CEO & Principal Broker
I have been a client with SmartZip for years. However, I had an ongoing issue with my website that was never properly addressed. In fact, it had become so frustrating I was considering just cancelling the account. That is, until my issue was escalated to Omer Hassam. Omer had the patience (I was a little grumpy about my issue during our first call) and more importantly, the talent, to fix the issue. Even though it took several weeks, Omer was on top of things every step of the way. I told him I had been forgotten several times when I tried to get this issue resolved several times over the last year (the reason I was a little grumpy), so he made a point to give me regular updates throughout the process to tell me he was still working on it, and had not forgotten about me. How refreshing! I give Omer an A+ here. I hope you guys give him a fat raise and a big promotion so he can start teaching other employees "how it's done".
Jan 12, 2021
Omer was excellent! Walked me through my troubles, very patience and polite. He was great to work with!
Jan 11, 2021
Omer was all around great. On time and knowledgeable. He understood the issue and went right to it and stuck with it until it was resolved!! Thanks,
Dec 22, 2020
Designated Executive Broker
Omer answered all my questions and is looking into some additional questions about the beginning of my service in May 2020. It is so nice to have a pleasant understanding customer service person! Thanks so Much!
Dec 10, 2020
Team Leader
Omer did a fantastic job of explaining my account and the new Smart Zip system. Showed all the features and how we can better use Smart Zip to attract and connect with sellers.
Dec 10, 2020
Director of Marketing
Omer was very clear and informative, he helped us understand a complicated billing issue, and proceeded to answer all our questions involving our mailers, databases, etc. Omer was courteous, patient, and helpful. 5 stars!
Dec 3, 2020
Very good job! give him more money!
Nov 13, 2020
Omer was great...he answered all my questions and was extremely helpful in getting me back on track with my smart zip/reach150 advertising. He truly took an interest in making sure I was able to achieve my goal. Thank you, Omer!
Nov 12, 2020
Director of Career Development/Agent Training

Thank you SO much for calling me back today! I’m sure you knew I was frustrated, as I first contacted Reach150 for assistance back on October 23.

You were kind and patient, but more than anything you fixed everything with which I needed assistance!

You were thorough and knowledgeable, and I couldn’t have been in better hands.

I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Thank you again and please stay safe, my friend!
Nov 10, 2020
Omer is always on point with his information and efficient! Thanks Omer!
Nov 9, 2020
Quick, efficient response!! Thank you for helping me today!
Nov 9, 2020
Sales Associate
Omer it was a pleasure speaking with you.

Thank you for all your assistance today, being new to the program a lot of questions and you answered them all.

Nov 5, 2020
Omer spent almost 2 hours trouble shooting my technical challenge with me. I appreciate his help and dilligence!
Nov 4, 2020
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Always appreciate quick responses.
Oct 29, 2020
Hello Omer,

I really appreciated your slowing down so I could understand you clearly on our call today. That said, you did a terrific job navigating this with me and helping me. I have a much better understanding of our system now and looking forward to more interactions and help if necessary from you in the future. I am sorry I left the call but I was able to complete what I was doing while you were speaking with your manager and then my employer called me so I needed to call him right back. Again, I really appreciate your help today. THANK YOU!

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