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2 days ago

Arturo Shivers recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed


Abdul is very helpful when I need technical support. All my requests are handled with speed and efficiency.
Aug 7, 2020

john stadler recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed

sales agent

abdul was very helpful and was able to resolve my concerns quickly
great customer service
Aug 6, 2020

Lorraine Jones recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Reverse Loan Consultant

I was having a fit of "stupidity" and could not recall how to upload a video my my
Reach150 website and I was really annoyed with myself for not remembering the steps to getting it done.

Mohd was extremely patient with the idiot "me" and helping me through the steps when i had an "ah hah" moment and realized the button for doing it was right in front of me the entire time.

He was great. Very patient and helpful and now I feel really dumb. lol.
Jul 22, 2020

Nadia C recommends Khawaja Hashim

Member Services

Khawaja was very helpful, uploading reviews for one of our members who has transferred Recommendations platform. This is the 2nd opportunity I have had to work with him and he is very helpful, as well as knowledgable.
Jul 17, 2020

Mike Chinn recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed

Loan Originator

Abdul Hai Mohammed was very helpful. He was responsive and professional. Thanks for your assistance!
Jul 13, 2020

Wayne Henry-Green recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Broker Associate/Realtor

Mohd was very professional. He asked the right questions and was able to solve the issue in just minutes.
Jul 7, 2020

Brent Ross recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Marketing Director

Mohd was very helpful in showing me how to handle the process of re sending activation links to users. I feel that he handled the situation very patiently and that his answers were very thorough.
Jul 1, 2020

Camarco recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Recruiting Manager- Realty Home Advisors

Excellent service. Immediate response Bravo.
Lynne Camarco -Realty Home Advisors
Jun 30, 2020

Nadia C recommends Khawaja Hashim


K. Hashim was very helpful and insightful. I appreciated his quick responses!
Jun 29, 2020

Nicole Fetters recommends Sai Kumar

Loan Officer Assistant

Sai helped me very quickly, thanks! I really appreciate your fast help!
Jun 25, 2020

April Hughes recommends Sai Kumar


Sai did a great job uploading my recommendations very quickly! Thank you so much!!
Jun 24, 2020

Andrew Singleton recommends Felicia Tapia

Managing Broker/Realtor

I came into contact with Felicia during my mid 2020 Lead Generation Budget Audit. I was sent to her after my conversation with a client services rep with Smart Zip came to standstill. She was very professional and realistic in representing her company, while still hearing what I was looking for in my return on investment. I would highly recommend her to any Smartzip Clients needing to sort out any differences. Thank you Felicia
Jun 22, 2020

Teddi Alyce Segal recommends Felicia Tapia

Real estate Broker

You will never want to say “Bye Felicia!” She goes over and above expectations and makes sure that the trains are running on time. Always. She manages to do the job of three people and always has a smile and laugh. If you need a service-driven problem solver, it’s Felicia.
Jun 22, 2020

Carol Wright recommends Felicia Tapia

Branch Manager, Managing Broker

Felicia was very helpful and took the time to listen to our wants and needs and helped us take care of what we needed to right away.
Jun 16, 2020

William Chea recommends Khawaja Hashim


Help with my reach150 account. Thank you and great job.
Jun 8, 2020

Kathleen Gaylican recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed

Abdul works so fast. keep it up.
May 26, 2020

Marcia Gonzales recommends Sai Kumar


Sai was very prompt about editing a recommendation that had my name misspelled. I continue to be impressed with Reach150
May 21, 2020

Michelle recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed

Broker Assistant

Appreciate your help. Thank you for excellent customer service!
May 19, 2020

Mark Hausherr recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed


Helped me with a mailer that now is set to go.
May 18, 2020

Anica Milberger recommends Vishal Varma


Vishal quickly answered my questions and helped with the issue I was having. Thank you!
May 18, 2020

Marcia Gonzales recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed


Abdul was very helpful and responded quickly!!
May 12, 2020

Taye Cozine recommends Mohd. Abdul Vadud

Administrative Assistant

Abdul was very helpful and quick to respond! He helped me through an issue I was having with mailers and was kind and courteous the whole way. I can't recommend him enough!
May 11, 2020

Debbie Roos recommends Vishal Varma

Real Estate Assoc. Broker

Vishal was helpful in resolving my problem, very quickly! thank you so much!
May 11, 2020

Sandy Ohyama recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed

Realtor Associate

Very clear explanation for all my questions. And I appreciate that the answers were very fast also. Thank you again.
May 11, 2020

Loura Caffey recommends Abdul Hai Mohammed


Prompt attention to get my problem fixed fast!

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