Frank P. Gerbes JR

Aug 4, 2018
A good agent can help his clients successfully navigate the real estate process. He can make his clients feel they are part of his team without the client having to chase down information. A good agent will provide substantive and useful information that enables informed decision making and streamline the real estate process. A good agent will act with his client’s best interest in mind when communicating with other professionals in the real estate process in order to deliver the client the best possible outcome.

Frank Gerbes was not a good agent. As a first time landlord I found that contracting with Frank Gerbes was the biggest mistake I made when deciding to rent my condo.

After contracting Frank Gerbes to represent me in a real estate transaction, I discovered that in order to get updates and or clarity on various issues it was necessary to chase him down with multiple calls or emails that sometimes were never answered. When I did speak with Frank the information he provided was often lacking in substance and sometimes misleading.

In the end, seemingly in an effort to expedite the receipt of his fee, Frank approved the movement of furniture into my condo by a temporary housing company I’d never heard of before I even signed a rental agreement or any fees were paid for security or leasing.

When I learned about the furniture agreement from the potential tenant who arrived for a walk through I called Frank to find out what happened and why I hadn’t been informed. I never heard from Frank Gerbes again even after I entered a leasing agreement with the tenant.

In my opinion, if Frank Gerbes was the last licensed real estate agent on the planet I would strongly advise against contracting with him to negotiate a real estate transaction.
Feb 20, 2018
New Windsor
I (we) found Frank to be very a energetic and highly motivated real estate agent. My wife and I had gone through two other realtors before we found Frank. By the time we got to him we already had a house in mind, and we had already made an offer on it and got turned down. We used that house as an example of what we were looking for.
Frank took the ball and ran with it. He was able to get us that same house for a lot less than we had previously offered for it. Frank was able to suggest a great closing lawyer and was even there after the closing to help guide us through the rest of the process of making the house we just purchased into a home. We highly recommend Frank for all your realty needs from finding the perfect house to making your dream home. HE IS THE BEST!