Jordan Tarajano

Jordan Tarajano is an experienced Realtor with SimpliHOM. Driven by seeing others reach their goals and succeed, he takes pride in providing the best service possible. Jordan has become known for his development, investing, and zoning expertise.
Nov 2, 2022
Bruce Binkley
Jordyn worked extremely hard to make my dream come true. In the market that was very crazy he’s stuck with it. I cannot recommend enough. He is my hero
Jul 21, 2022
President of New Day Homes, LLC
As a developer, I will say that Jordan is one of the most attentive realtors which I have had the pleasure of working with.

When buying properties, not only does Jordan know how to price the market to best position New Day Homes for success, but he is also knowledgeable on the city codes.

When selling new homes, he understands the pricing and sales strategy. He goes over an above by seeing that every house is ready to show and make sure every detail is managed before the final closing date.


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