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Brittany Morrison recommends Anita Aguilar

First time home buyer

My husband & I shopped around for a lender to help us with our first time home buying experience & Anita was by far the best! She's very knowledgeable about first time buyer options & the lending business in general. She was VERY pleasant to work with & was able to help us get a short escrow so that we could get the jump on the house we wanted which gave us just the right edge to get it. It's been 2 weeks since we closed & her & her team are still reaching out occasionally to see how we are doing/how we're settling in. They make us feel like they truly care.
2 days ago

Leslie C recommends Edgar Aranda

I am very pleased with our home loan experience from beginning to end. Anita and Edgar are both very professional and friendly at the same time. They treat your loan as if it were their own. They were equally excited as my fiancé and I during the entire process and made us feel in good hands. They found programs that we qualified for that we were not even expecting which made the experience that much better. Also, Our loan was closed in TEN days!! Everyone I share this with asks the same question .. how is that even possible when others are known to wait months to close?? Well I am living proof and I will definitely reach out to Anita and Edgar for refi, home loan needs.
Apr 3, 2019

Hortencia & Joaquin recommend Edgar Aranda

Estimado Edgar Aranda y equipo,
Queremos agrandecer todas las atenciones y asistencios que nos brindaron para poder refinanciar nuestra casa. No cabe duda que la decicacion a su trabajo y profesionalismo nos hizo sentir en confianza. Gracias a su ayuda Joaquin y yo estamos encaminados a corregir nuestro credito. Seguimos en contacto para continuar con un buen programa financiero. Los felicito por su profesionalismo en este ambito de trabajo.
Apr 3, 2019

Sergio Torres recommends Edgar Aranda

Everything came out perfect. I was treated excellently by Edgar and his team. I am thankful to God for all the help they gave me. Thanks to them, I will be able to move into my new home. Edgar will be the first person I think of when giving any of my friends a recommendation. His team guided me in every step of the way.
Mar 29, 2019

Blanca F. recommends Edgar Aranda

I want to thank Edgar and Anita for going ABOVE and beyond helping Ralph and I achieve buying our first home. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your hard work and effort that you all put into this. Can't wait to hang out sometime. God bless you guys.
Mar 29, 2019

Blanca F. recommends Anita Aguilar

I want to thank Anita and Edgar for going ABOVE and beyond helping Ralph and I achieve buying our first home. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your hard work and effort that you all put into this. Can't wait to hang out sometime. God bless you guys.
Mar 20, 2019

Rafael Aguilar recommends Anita Aguilar

Vice President

Anita and her entire team have been a pleasure to work with so I didn't think twice to use her again! Her diligence and exceptional knowledge of the industry made me feel confident that I made the right choice again. When it comes to home lending there is only one person I will contact in the future and that is Anita and her team, my first and only choice!
Mar 20, 2019

Missy H recommends Anita Aguilar

First-time Homeowner

Anita went not only the extra mile for me, but also gave me out-of-this-world service. Never have I ever experienced someone who is so diligent at her job, communicative through every step of the process, and a true advocate for her client’s best interests. Going into the homebuying process by myself seemed daunting, but I never felt alone working with Anita. She is empathetic to your fears and apprehensions and assuages them with her sage advice and gregarious personality. AND, she does the dang thing! I got pre-approved, closed escrow, and funded in a flash! Not only did I find an amazing home, but also have found an amazing friend in Anita. I would trust her with just about anything – but especially a home loan!
Mar 8, 2019

Alicia Sackrider recommends Anita Aguilar

Anita is the best! She was cheerful and positive throughout the whole process. She always helped us with anything we needed, and was extremely attentive. She made our first home buying experience less stressful and easy!
Feb 23, 2019

Melory Tsipouria recommends Anita Aguilar

Unbelievably smooth and quick process. Definitely would like deal with her (Anita Aguilar) and her team again. They are simply outstanding!!!
Feb 2, 2019

Karen I recommends Edgar Aranda

Anita & Edgar's team were awesome! Everyone was very helpful and they guided us through the process smoothly.
Since day one, we provided all the information needed for a fast and efficient pre-approval. We quickly found the house we were looking for and everything just went amazingly great.
If you want to ensure to get the property that you want in a short amount of time, definitely choose this team because they will be working day and night to make it happen.
As an extra, they are incredible people, easy-going, and fun to talk to.
Thank you Edgar & Anita! :)
Jan 29, 2019

Keila and Alberto Martinez recommend Anita Aguilar

We couldn’t have picked a better person to work with. Anita and her team are the absolute best! Anita made our experience as first time home buyers so easy, fun and exciting, it was definitely not what we we’re expecting at all! The first time we tried applying for a home loan, it was through our Credit Union but of course, they turned us down. After that, we just felt completely discouraged and lost hope of ever being home owners. We waited almost a year before we decided to give it another go cause we thought to ourselves, “Why not?! It doesn’t hurt to try again.” This time, we had the pleasure of working with Anita. From the first time we spoke on the phone I could tell already tell that this time around, it was going to be different. She has such a positive vibe and is so passionate about her job, it’s hard not to love her. She set up a meeting and sat down with us and she saw how nervous we we’re, but she made us feel so comfortable. It literally felt we like having a conversation with family member. She gave us an exact breakdown of what we needed to accomplish our goal and most importantly, she gave us back that hope we lost. She got us pre-approved for a loan and began looking in December. Now, we finally found our dream home and decided to close escrow earlier than we had anticipated. Anita and her team made it happen for us! We get our keys on February 1st!!!! Thank you for making this experience the best! I would highly recommend Anita to everyone that I know!
Jan 23, 2019

Happy Homeowner! recommends Anita Aguilar

Anita Aguilar is the best. She would always respond to any questions I had and made paperwork a lot easier. Her personality is definitely a plus. She’s so heartwarming and has a great attitude. Getting a house during the holidays wasn't easy, however she made it possible. Best of all she’s bilingual.
Jan 10, 2019

Farzad Nooraie recommends Edgar Aranda


Edgar team were able to close my loan in 21 days right in the middle of Christmas and new years holidays. It was unblieveable. I got my keys on the 8th. Fast, effective and yet friendly and helpful describe this team. Especial thank to Victoria who was always there for me to ask all my silly questions. And thanks to Edgar himself who helped me out to understand the whole process and treated me as he knows me for years. And off course thank to all the members of the team who acted behind the scene
Jan 7, 2019

Ann R recommends Anita Aguilar

Retired Educator

Anita and her team were super easy and extremely pleasant to work with and they were very knowledgeable about the process. They were always just a text, email and/or phone call away and even corresponded during nights and weekends. They guided us through everything and were always quick to answer all our questions never making us feel bad about asking them, and they made sure we would meet deadlines by sending us friendly reminders of what we still needed to do. I would definitely recommend using Anita to others.
Jan 2, 2019

Vivian De Vera recommends Anita Aguilar

Vivian De Vera Gonzales

We loved working with Anita and her team.. Anita was on top of all our paperwork what we needed and we hustled along to get everything in order! I have to say she is an easy going enthusiastic and gets the job done along with her team! I recommend Anita and her team for your home loan needs! Not only did she get us in our home she made it happen fast 3 weeks.. very sufficient and organized.. Just texting back and forth with her was just like texting with a good friend!! I love her she’s great!!!
Dec 21, 2018

Daniel Herrera recommends Anita Aguilar

Data Analyst

Anita and her team helped my wife and me so much in purchasing our first home. Let me give you a breakdown of how it all went down, just in case you're feeling as trepidatious as we were about the whole process:

-My wife and I have been casually looking to buy a home for about a year but we had no idea where to start.
-November 10th: On a hunch I called Anita Aguilar (saw her listed on a website) and I told her straight up I did not know where to start. She assured me starting with her and getting a pre-approval for a loan was a great beginning. She was not wrong! From this point on we were working on getting our pre-approval.
-November 19th: We met up with Anita in person to discuss the home purchasing process. We asked her a ton of questions and she answered them all. She broke down all the numbers in an easy to understand way. She even helped guide us in a good direction regarding Real Estate agents (we had no idea what to look for in one!).
-November 20th: We had an agent and made an offer on a place we wanted. Some negotiating took place.
-November 22nd: Offer accepted!
-December 9th: We got the place.

Of course there are lots of steps and lots of other players in between but Anita and her team were great facilitators at all steps and she continued to (and still continues to to this day) answer my questions in a timely, patient, and thorough manner. They are the main reason we were able to get the house we wanted as quickly as we did and at the price we did. I highly recommend working with Anita and her team!

Thank you again so much Anita!

-daniel and marissa
Dec 10, 2018

Alexander Anicete recommends Anita Aguilar

U.S. Navy Sailor

My wife and I are so greatful that we found Anita and her team. They made finding our first home seem like such an easy process. Any time we had a question or needed something done, they went out of their way and beyond to meet our needs. They were always so caring and professional through the whole process. I’m so honest to say that I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.
Dec 10, 2018

William W recommends Anita Aguilar

Anita takes the stress out of buying a home. We purchased our first home several years ago and since have also refinanced. Anita took on all of the work herself and made the entire process effortless. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or refinance a home.
Dec 10, 2018

Eliezer A recommends Edgar Aranda

Edgar and Anita's team were fabulous to work with from beginning to end. They were always courteous, friendly and patient. They always answered every single one of our questions and always made themselves available. Their staff is absolutely amazing, and they work quickly and efficiently. Even though we were prompted by others to shop around for lenders, we didn't because Edgar and Anita's team were just so friendly, approachable and honest. We couldn't be happier with our choice of working with them!
Dec 10, 2018

Eliezer A recommends Anita Aguilar

Edgar and Anita's team were fabulous to work with from beginning to end. They were always courteous, friendly and patient. They always answered every single one of our questions and always made themselves available. Their staff is absolutely amazing, and they work quickly and efficiently. Even though we were prompted by others to shop around for lenders, we didn't because Edgar and Anita's team were just so friendly, approachable and honest. We couldn't be happier with our choice of working with them!
Nov 8, 2018

Robert Joseph Welch recommends Anita Aguilar

Software Engineer

Working with Anita and her team has been an absolute pleasure from day one! The entire process of buying my first home went extremely smooth. We were even able to close in less than 21 days; I was amazed at how quick they made it happen! Every step of the way they kept in close contact with me and answered all of my questions upfront. Anita was very personable and warm when we communicated. She also maintained a high level of professionalism and transparency with me.

Anita came beyond prepared to our first in-person meeting with documents outlining my potential mortgage options, how much equity I would gain over time, and a wealth of other information. She showed me cost comparisons of buying a home immediately versus waiting to pay down my debt. She also thoroughly explained the process of getting a home loan and going through escrow, which was especially helpful for me being a first-time home buyer.
Anita was quick to put me at ease with her confident attitude and extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. Her experience really shines through when you talk with her. I was impressed that she took the time to study my financial situation well enough to speak off the top of her head about my personal loan options. It showed that she really cared about getting a home loan that was right for me.

Before coming to PHE, I had spoken with several other mortgage lenders. PHE by far gave me the best options for a new home loan. I did not have much money saved up for a down payment or closing costs, but Anita was able to get me access to the GSFA down payment assistance program and I received a very generous grant!

Anita was also able to put me in contact with an excellent real estate agent (Andrew Hall from eXp Realty) who masterfully negotiated with the seller. He was able to write a compelling offer in which the seller agreed to pay for most of my closing costs. I put very little money down and got most of it back in the end.

I would highly recommend Anita for any first-time home buyers out there, especially if you do not have a large down payment saved up. You can own a home much sooner than you think! They made my dreams come true when others told me it was not possible at this time. I am so very grateful to them! Thank you Anita, Victoria, Joel, and everyone at PHE; you are awesome! :)
Nov 7, 2018

Ana Burke recommends Anita Aguilar

Escrow Officer

I just wanted reach out and say what a pleasure it is to work with such an awesome team!

I am always so excited to work with folks in buying their dream home whether first time Buyer or returning Buyers. We all strive to make their experience a POSITIVE one.

When at the of our transaction we can say we have new friendships... we know we did a great job and this such a awesome feeling :)

Thank you Anita and your fabulous team!

See you on the next one!
Nov 7, 2018

Adriana recommends Anita Aguilar

Anita was amazing, including her team. They were always on top of things and made this whole process/experience easy and non stressful for us. Anita and the team were always so pleasant and it a great mood which is awesome! Great costumer service. I would highly recommend them. Thank you Anita and team for all your help and making our first time home purchase a great experience.
Nov 7, 2018

Susie Pascua recommends Anita Aguilar

Thank you so much Anita and your team. We closed escrow in 15 days, and that’s because of your hard work and perseverance. Everything was smooth and done in a timely manner. You're the best! You and your team are highly recommended.

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